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Considering Buying? See how a duplex specialist can help you get a better deal

Considering Buying?

While every Realtor can sell you a home, not every agent can do the necessary financial analysis to find a duplex that is a good investment. Click here for a neighborhood duplex specialist who can help you meet your financial goals.

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Considering Buying? See how a duplex specialist can help you get a better deal

Considering Buying?

Unlike single family home owners, duplex owners facing foreclosure must also contend with potential tax consequences. Whether you are an owner occupant or duplex investor enduring the stress of being behind on mortgage payments, or needing to sell even though you owe more than your duplex is worth, a short sale can help reduce damage to your credit and tax obligations.

During this stressful time, let one of our Realtors who is an expert carry the load.

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What If I Need To Sell? Regardless of market conditions, learn the tips and tricks to maximize your equity!

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Featured Articles

Should You Sell Your Minneapolis Duplex Now or Wait Til Spring? 10.03.16

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There’s a nip in the air, the leaves have begun to change, the Vikings still have a winning record and you’d really like to sell your Minneapolis duplex.

And because you’ve lived here a while, if not your whole life, you know snow is just around the corner.

Is it even worth it to try to sell your duplex now? Or should you just wait until spring?

After all, who wants to move in the ice and snow, right?

Lots of people. In fact, they’re looking — and starting to look, right now.

For the last two to three years, we’ve had more Minneapolis and St Paul duplex buyers in the market than we’ve had sellers. That’s due largely to low vacancy rates, which have resulted in higher rent and more cash flow for most duplex owners.

Because the supply of duplexes for sale is lower than demand, prices have risen. This has largely not deterred buyers, as historically low interest rates, coupled with higher rent, has meant the properties were still affordable and/or made financial sense.

As more and more duplex owners hear prices are up, however, the amount of inventory has inched up ever so slightly. Come spring, this trickle may become a deluge.

With more inventory, duplex sellers will face more competition. Buyers won’t feel quite the same sense of urgency to pounce on a great listing, as they become confident another one will come along.

Worse yet, if interest rates go up as little as one percent, prices will change. That’s because a one percent raise in interest on a $300,000 mortgage means an increase in payments of $3000/year or $250 a month. That can take a property from a positive cash flow to a negative, or from affordable to expensive in an instant.

Of course, none of us can know the future.  And the more certain we are of things as they are, the more likely they are to change.

If you’ve been thinking about selling your Minneapolis or St Paul duplex, now is a great time to do so. Feel free to email or give me a call to talk about it.


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One More Way To Exchange Your Captial Gains: Without The Management Headaches 09.30.16

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As many seasoned investors approach retirement, they become less interested in dealing with the down sides of duplex investment; mainly tenants, trash and toilets.

The problem with long term real estate investment is when you no longer wish to be a landlord, the IRS believes you should compensate them for your exit strategy – through capital gains tax and depreciation recapture.

Of course, there is a way out through a 1031 or Starker Exchange. But what, if like so many others, real estate is such a great investment and you have so many properties that you can’t find a property with no to little management to exchange your money into?

Enter tenants in common (TIC) investment, which we detailed last week, and Delaware Statuatory Trusts (DST).

A DST are derived from Delaware Statutory law as a separate legal entity which is created as a trust, that qualifies for a 1031 exchange. A real estate sponsor firm simply buys a large property under the DST umbrella and opens up the trust  to potential investors, who may purchase an interest.

Because up to 100 investors or more may be pooling their money, the assets in a DST are usually large institutional properties that most investors could not afford on their own. For example, a DST property may be a 500 unit apartment complex, a large shopping mall, or a large, prestigious office building in a desirable location.

There are a couple of advantages to investing in a DST, rather than in a Tenants in Common property. First, because DST’s may have more than 35 investors, the size and quality of the property may not only be greater, but the cost per investor may be considerably lower as well.

Lenders prefer DST’s as well. With a TIC, each investor gets their own loan for their share of the property. In a DST, however, there is one loan, which gives lenders greater security.

Of course, with any type of investment, you should be sure to do your due dilligence on not only the financial performance of the property, but also the sponsor of the DST.

As always, be sure to talk with your tax advisor before you sell a duplex, triplex or fourplex so you know the potential tax ramifications; if any.


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How To Sell Your Duplex And Own Investment Real Estate — Without the Headaches of Property Management 09.26.16

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Where to Invest?Things in life change.

For many long term Minneapolis and St Paul duplex sellers, those changes include coming to a time when children, grandchildren, or a simple desire to simplify life mean an interest in selling their investment property.

The challenge in doing so, however, is the often substantial capital gains tax and depreciation recapture, which can leave many duplex sellers with very little to show for decades of toil.

That leaves you with a 1031 exchange into another piece of real estate. That is, if you can find one that makes financial sense.

Aren’t there alternatives?


We recently discussed NNN properties, which afford investors rental income with stable tenants and very few management demands.

That isn’t the only option available however.

In recent years, a popular real estate investment alternative has become tenancy in common investments, often referred to as a TIC. This is a property that is co-owned with a pool of other investors. And, since the taxpayer gets a deed to real estate as a tenant in common, it qualifies for a 1031 exchange.

With the pooled resources of multiple investors, many TICs are able to purchase larger commercial properties with established tenants, while management responsibilities are handled by management companies.

Syndicators of TICS are called sponsors. Investment opportunities can be made directly by the sponsor or by brokers. Most sponsors treat TICs as if they are securities, as they meet the definition in the state or states the properties are located in. In spite of this, TICs still qualify for 1031 exchanges.

It’s important to know that while TICs are a great real estate investment that don’t require hands on management, they aren’t as liquid as a property you own alone. It’s also crucial you check on the credibility of the sponsor and his or her track record.

If you are thinking about selling your duplex, call or email me today. The market is hot, and there are ways for you to continue your career as a real estate investor, without the day to day responsibilities of property management.

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