Stock Up Now on Twin Cities Duplexes

BoxesIf you’re planning on loading up on 1-4 unit investment properties during the down market, you’d better do it now.

In May, Freddie Mac made changes in its lending guidelines. As of August 1, 2008, a borrower may no longer have more than four financed 1-4 unit properties, including the one being purchased. What’s more, in order to refinance, the borrower must have owned the property for at least six months prior to getting a new loan.

Present Freddie Mac guidelines allow an investor to have up to 10 financed properties.

Until now, neither Freddie Mac nor Fannie Mae required a loan to be seasoned. This change will likely have the greatest impact on rehabbers and others intent on purchasing the property with the intention of refinancing to pull cash out.

The announcement of this change may help explain the recent run on properties priced under $100,000.

This will also effect owners who hold title as an LLC. If you own your property as an LLC, but need to qualify for a loan as an individual, you’re going to need to hold title as an individual for at least six months prior to a refinance. I know, I know. That appears to contradict what I said yesterday. You’re going to have increased liability exposure during this time frame; which you may want to address via an umbrella insurance policy.

So just get a loan from a lender who doesn’t resell conforming loans to Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae, right? Ha ha. That requirement eliminates almost all of them. Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are privately capitalized, government sponsored entities that purchase the majority of conforming loans. They then repackage these loans and sell them as mortgage-backed securities to investors. This helps replenish the money supply of available money for mortgages.

Commercial loans will not be effected by this.

As the money supply grows ever tighter, I see the rebirth of the contract for deed on the horizon…