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10 Great Reasons To Work With A Duplex Specialist

It might seem like a stretch, but Realtors are like doctors. Every doctor has a broad, basic knowledge of the human body. And yet, they aren’t all qualified to perform […]

10 Reasons It’s A Bad Idea To Sell Your Minneapolis Duplex Yourself

If you’ve been thinking about selling your Minneapolis or St Paul duplex, you may have heard they seem to be the hottest thing going in the real estate market. And, […]

10 Reasons Real Estate Investing Beats The Stock Market And 3 Reasons It Doesn’t

It’s been tough to avoid the headlines the past few weeks that the stock market’s been riding a bit of a roller coaster. In fact, many advisors are cautioning clients […]

10 Reasons St Paul’s Rent Control Proposal Is A Bad Idea

While rent control itself isn’t on the ballot in Minneapolis (just giving the city council permission to craft it is), a full-blown proposal IS up for voter approval in St […]

10 Reasons The Holidays Are A Great Time To Sell A Duplex

On the surface, it doesn’t seem like the holidays would be a great time to sell your Minneapolis duplex. And yet, nothing could be further from the truth. Especially this […]

10 Reasons to Buy A Duplex Using Seller Financing

Almost every real estate book, podcast or guru I’ve ever read or listened to has said seller financing, also known as a contract for deed or land contract is a […]

10 Reasons To Sell A Duplex During The Holidays

Many investment property owners have the mistaken belief the holidays are a terrible time to sell a duplex. Here are 10 reasons the holidays are actually a great time to […]

10 Reasons Why It May Be A Long Wait For Another Real Estate Crash

Every single day it seems I talk with someone who’s either worried about overpaying for a Twin Cities duplex or home if they buy now or who has decided to […]

10 Steps Every Real Estate Investor Should Take While Waiting For A Deal

Between the media hype and collective scar tissue from the Great Recession, many would-be real estate investors find themselves sitting on the sidelines waiting for the moment when Minneapolis duplex […]

10 Ways A Duplex Specialist Can Help You Get A Better Deal

With a MLS full of deeply discounted duplexes and continued low interest rates, there’s never been a better time to invest in real estate. But as many wonderful investment real estate opportunities […]

11 Reasons Duplexes Are Better Investments Than The Stock Market

On news of yesterday’s discouraging stock market sell-off, I found myself thinking of all the reasons duplexes are a safer place to invest money than Wall Street. Yes, I know […]

11 Reasons Now Is A Great Time To Invest In Real Estate

If recent good news about real estate values have made you think you’ve missed out. You haven’t. Here are 11 reasons it’s real estate is still a great investment. Leverage […]

13 Inexpensive Ways To Improve Your Minneapolis Duplex

The spring housing market begins one week from today. If you’re thinking about selling, that’s important information. However, it’s equally important if you’re a landlord facing a spring vacancy. Why? Many […]

16 Reasons Real Estate Is A Better Investment Than Stocks

The last week, the roller coaster of the stock market has not only reminded me why diversification in any portfolio is important, and also, that real estate is still a […]

16 Reasons Your Duplex Qualifies For A Short Sale: Even If You Haven’t Missed A Payment

I want to dispel an urban myth. No, not the one about alligators in the sewers. The one I’m talking about is you have to be behind on your duplex payments […]

2014 Minneapolis Duplex Market Full Of Promise And Shortages

While I usually blog on Tuesdays about the most recent data we have on listings and sales in the Minneapolis and St Paul duplex market for the week that just […]

2022 Twin Cities Loan Limits Updated

For many homebuyers owner-occupying a duplex is not only a way to reduce their own housing expenses but also to build long-term wealth. One of the greatest appeals of taking […]

3 Facts About Minneapolis Duplex Sales

I went out of town for a few days last weekend. While I was gone, I managed to help two clients write offers on Minneapolis duplexes. Neither was  an active listing on the […]

3 Reasons Not to Hire A Duplex Property Manager

Many new duplex investors think the first thing they should do when buying a duplex is hire a property manager. While I believe in property management for experienced and out-of-state […]

3 Silver Linings For Minneapolis & St Paul Housing Providers In Tuesday’s Elections

On many levels, Tuesday’s elections in Minneapolis and St Paul were heartbreaking for housing providers. In St Paul, the single most restrictive rent control measure in the nation was passed. […]

3 Ways To Attract Buyers Who Will Pay More For Your Minneapolis Duplex

In today’s Minneapolis and St Paul duplex market, the buyers willing to pay the most money are the first time home buyer owner occupants. This group is typically looking for […]

4 Reasons Owning A Duplex Is A Great Hedge Against Inflation

Last month, the U.S. reported an annual inflation rate of 8.3%. There are very few places in our lives high rates of inflation don’t impact. Our groceries cost more. So […]

5 Factors That Impact Your Ability To Buy A Duplex

We’ve all heard how important your credit score is when buying a duplex. After all, the way the bank sees it, the higher your score, the more likely you are […]

5 Reasons Now’s A Great Time To Buy A Minneapolis Duplex

With the challenging economic news in recent weeks and months, it may be tempting to decide to wait for the real estate market to crash (which isn’t going to happen) […]

5 Reasons Short Sale Duplexes Are Best Buys

A client wrote an offer last week on a Fannie Mae owned duplex in south Minneapolis. His offer was one of eight. Needless to say, his offer was well above the list […]

5 Reasons To Buy A Minneapolis Duplex Now

Come winter, most duplex buyers turn their thoughts to the holidays and devising survival tactics to make it until spring.  After all,  icey sidewalks and knee deep snow are hardly inspiration for […]

5 Reasons Why You Lost Out On That Minneapolis Duplex

I know it’s hard to believe in light of what the media’s been saying, but my duplex buyers and are actually running into multiple offer situations in the investment property market. […]

6 Great Reasons To Sell Your Minneapolis Duplex Now

Chances are if you’re a Minneapolis or St Paul duplex owner who’s been wanting to sell once the market rebounded, recent good news has you thinking about doing just that. […]

6 Reasons This Real Estate Market Isn’t Like 2008

Are we in a real estate bubble? I get that question a lot lately. Having been a licensed real estate agent for twenty years now, I also know the asker […]

6 Reasons To Buy A Minneapolis Duplex Instead Of A Single Family Home

People who are thinking about buying a duplex often ask me what the advantages of occupying investment property are over living in a single family home. I can think of […]

7 Dangerous Myths About Minneapolis Short Sale Duplexes

In today’s real estate market, many duplex home owners feel like Sisyphus: doomed to roll the boulder of their property up a hill over and over again only to watch it […]

7 Reasons Minneapolis’ Rent Control Ballot Question Doesn’t Make Sense

Next Tuesday, voters in the city of Minneapolis will go to the polls to decide whether or not to give the Minneapolis City Council the authority to draft a rent […]

7 Ways To Make Sure You Get A Minneapolis Duplex

I don’t state it publicly very often, but I’m frustrated.  It isn’t from the state of the market. The market’s fine thank you. People are buying and selling properties every day. […]

8 Reasons A Minneapolis Duplex Is Still A Good Investment

In today’s turbulent real estate market, it’s easy to dismiss the idea of real estate as a long term investment strategy. On one level, this makes sense. Prices are down; […]

8 Reasons To Sell Your Duplex Short

Let’s face it, there were a lot of duplexes sold during the real estate boom. Today, most of those properties aren’t worth anywhere near the prices they sold for. And many of […]

8 Things To Consider Before You Sell Your Minneapolis Duplex Yourself

You may have heard there’s a shortage of inventory on the Minneapolis and St Paul duplex market and as a result, it’s a sellers market. As a result, the thought […]

8 Ways to Sell Your Minneapolis Duplex and Avoid Taxes

Long-term Minneapolis and St Paul duplex owners often come to an age and time in their life when the hands-on management of owning investment property becomes less and less appealing. […]

$8000 First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit Benefits Singles

The closer we get to the December 1 deadline for the $8000 first time home buyer tax credit, the more complicated the questions about it get. Today I had to […]

$8000 First Time Minneapolis Duplex Buyer Deadline Looms

On my way in to the office, I pass several auto dealerships. This morning, I couldn’t help but notice big rows of older cars line up along the back of […]

$8000 Minneapolis Duplex Tax Credit Dates Lindsay Lohan

Not to be outdone by TMZ, the $8000 tax credit rumor mill is buzzing that the on again off again monetization of the credit for use as a down payment mentioned earlier […]

A Cartoon Explains Credit Crisis in the Minneapolis Duplex Market

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0zEXdDO5JU[/youtube]I came across a simple, two-part explanation of the credit crisis this morning that I thought I should pass along. The video was done as part of a Media Design Program […]

A Duplex Investor’s Moment of Truth

I spent much of my weekend doing the final cleaning on a rental property. I have been working on it in earnest for three months. And as I thought about […]

A Grammar Lesson For Duplex Owners

Maybe it’s just Minnesota duplex buyers, sellers and owners who need help with this, but after hearing a Minneapolis attorney speak yesterday, I realized everybody might need a refresher. The […]

A Little Sunshine Brightens Minneapolis Duplex Market

While the warm days of summer may have yet to arrive in the Twin Cities, the real estate market looks as if it might be time to break out the sun screen. […]

A Minneapolis Duplex Isn’t Always About The Numbers

One of the reasons I specialize in helping people buy and sell duplexes is that each and every one, whether it’s strictly an investment property or a place for the […]

An Unnecessary Fourplex Tragedy

I looked at a familiar fourplex this morning. I knew the building because I showed it to a client two or three years ago when the owner was trying to […]

And Then We Could Buy A Minneapolis Duplex at 4.5 Percent!

I’m beginning to think the economists charged with leading out of this economic abyss are like a bunch of little kids. Every day, they have a new idea; almost as […]

Another Duh! Landlord Moment

It’s spring. For a Realtor, that’s a synonym for busy. As such, I am so focused on my career that sometimes I forget to do things in my own life. […]

Another Lap Likely For Minneapolis Duplex Tax Credit

For those hoping for more time to get around the track in order to take advantage of the $8000 first time home buyer tax credit , it looked like Congress […]

Apartment Sector Has Good News For Minneapolis Duplex Owners

The research firm Marquette Advisors reporting the vacancy rate for Minneapolis and St Paul duplexes and apartments dropped from 6.1 percent in the first quarter of 2010, to 3.1 percent in the first […]

Apartments Vs. Duplexes: Which Is Worth More?

When it comes to determining value, what’s the difference between an apartment building and a duplex? Income. The value and ability to finance an apartment value is determined by how […]

Appraisal Rules Change for Minneapolis Duplex Investors

As if things weren’t already challenging for Minneapolis duplex investors, along comes the news that on May 1 the national rules for real estate appraisals will change. Lenders will have […]

Are Duplex Prices About To Stabilize?

By all accounts, the Minneapolis duplex market is recovering from the real estate crash nicely. All year, here and elsewhere, there have been reports of increased sales activity and, more […]

Are Minneapolis ADUs Really A Road To Riches?

The city of Minneapolis’ recent decision to allow the addition of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) has a lot of people talking to me about finding a duplex that’s perfect for […]

Are Minneapolis Duplex Sellers A Hoax?

If you’re a Minneapolis or St Paul duplex owner who’s thinking of selling, it might be a very good time to put your duplex on the market. You see, there […]

Are Minneapolis Duplexes About To Get More Expensive?

You might have noticed there’s a bit of a media buzz about the Twin Cities duplex and apartment vacancy rate. In fact, Marquette Advisors, the local company that tracks such things, […]

Are Minneapolis-St Paul Ripe For Rent Increases?

It isn’t often Minneapolis-St Paul ranks second for anything in national rankings. But according to a recent report from Reis, a company that tracks real estate information nationally, the Twin […]

Are You A Duplex Equity Hostage?

If you’re waiting until the real estate market rebounds to sell your duplex, do you feel a little stuck? Many duplex sellers I visit with do. In most cases, one of three […]

Are You Licensed To Own A Minneapolis Duplex?

When you buy a Minneapolis duplex, one of the expenses you need to plan for is a rental license. The cost of the rental license itself is reasonable; $69 for the […]

Are You Waiting To Sell Because Of Tenants?

One of the most common reasons Twin Cities duplex owners tell me they’re waiting to sell is they are waiting for a tenant or tenant’s lease to expire. And in […]

Aren’t There Any Good Deals on Minneapolis Apartment Buildings?

          The other day I sent a listing for a four-plex to a client. While he’s not actively looking, and this one wasn’t an especially good […]

Ask Oprah About The Minneapolis Duplex Market

If you’re looking for an “Aha!” moment in Minneapolis and St Paul duplex sales for the week ending September 24, 2011, you’ll have to ask Oprah for it. Because I’m not […]

Ask Santa to Help Eliminate Vacancies in Your Minneapolis Duplex

  Although sometimes it seems Halloween marks the start of the holiday season, most of us still think of the Thanksgiving holiday as the big kickoff. It must be something about […]

Ask The Ouija Board: Is The Minneapolis Duplex Market Better?

I saw a Oujia board in the closet of a foreclosure I showed recently.  I should have gone right out while I was thinking of it and bought one. It […]

Baby Boomers Consider Minneapolis Duplexes In Order to Down Size

According to a survey recently done by the Opinion Research Corporation for the AARP, one in four baby boomers (ages 45-64) plans to move from their home in the future, […]

Bailout Bill Helps Minneapolis Duplex Owners Go Green

While it hasn’t received a great deal of media coverage, The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, also known as the $700 billion bailout bill included several incentives for investors […]

Bank Foreclosures and Short Sales: The Best Thing to Ever Happen to Minneapolis Duplex Owners

It’s not news that there are a rash of foreclosures and short sales in the real estate market. Some of this is due to fraud. Some due to spikes in […]

Be Happy: Hire A Keller Williams Duplex Agent

If you’re thinking of buying or selling a Minneapolis or St Paul duplex, and want to be satisfied with the experience, you may want to hire a Keller Williams Realty […]

Beat the Truth In Housing Inspector Before He Shows Up

If you’re thinking of selling your Minneapolis or St. Paul duplex, you’ll be required to have what’s known as a Truth In Sale of Housing report before the property goes […]

Become A Savvy Duplex Investor – Without Spending A Dime!

If you are considering buying a Minneapolis duplex, or just exploring the possibility of real estate investment,  I have an absolutely free way for you to sharpen your skills. On […]

Bed Bugs Bite Minneapolis Duplex Landlords

When I was a kid, my dad often said just before he turned out the lights in my room, “Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.” I’m glad I […]

Before You Buy Your First Duplex

If you’ve been renting for several years, you may be starting to think it would actually improve your budget if you bought a duplex, instead of renting one. So now […]

Beware of Black Belt Craigslist Duplex Sellers

I’ve been finding a lot of wolves in s Sheep’s clothing lately. Not in my dreams, but rather, on Craigslist. Every now and then I scan the list of duplexes […]

Beware Of Duplex Dream Killers

How much do you need for a down payment if you plan to owner occupy a duplex? Three and a half percent. Duplexes qualify for FHA financing. So do single […]

Beware Of Real Estate Investment Prophets

There are two things that seem to come with every booming real estate investment market: Increased interest from people who suddenly realize the value of investing in real estate. Self-professed […]

Beware Of The Bad Duplex Landlord List

If you don’t take care of your Minneapolis duplex, not only are you losing maximum rental income and equity in the property, but you also run the risk of ending […]

Bionic Minneapolis Duplex Sales Distort Market

The Monday holidays always remind me of the Six Million Dollar Man. For those of you too young to remember the television show, the main character was part man, part […]

Blame Ricky Rubio For Your Minneapolis Duplex Property Taxes

I’m looking forward to seeing Ricky Rubio play for the Minnesota Timberwolves. Even though he’s partially responsible for the high duplex property taxes in Minneapolis. OK, to be clear, he […]

Brad Pitt Builds A Duplex

Even Brad Pitt loves duplexes. Two years after the destruction of Hurricaine Katrina in New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward,  Pitt toured the area and noticed absolutely nothing had been done […]

Buy A Duplex, Get A Tax Credit

With just 8 days left to qualify for both the $8000 first time home buyer’s and $6500 repeat buyer’s tax credit, it’s important to remember that a duplex qualifies for […]

Buy A Duplex, Own The Lakers

I must admit, never would have thought about using duplex investing as a way to buy a professional sports team. I might have had I known the history of Los Angeles Lakers owner, […]

Buy A Duplex With Just 5% Down

Want to buy a duplex but don’t have a big down payment? If you’re going to live there, you can always get an FHA loan that requires just a 3.5 […]

Buy A Duplex With No Money Down

Most home buyers are familiar with FHA loans, which historically have been one of the best ways to purchase a home with as little as a three percent down payment. […]

Buy A Duplex – You Won’t Regret It

One of the greatest fears many first time duplex buyers have is they’ll regret selecting the property they ultimately purchase. According to a recent survey by Trulia, they’re right. They’re […]

Buy A Twin Cities Duplex for A Bigger Home

Over the last year, I’ve started to see different kinds of buyer walking through the duplexes I hold open on Sundays. I like to think of them as genius’. Completely independent of one […]

Buy Duplexes Through A Self-Directed IRA

With duplex financing more difficult to get and available properties at unbelievable values, many investors are turning to self directed individual retirement accounts (IRA) as a means of financing their acquisitions. […]

Buy These Minneapolis Duplexes Before They Hit The Open Market

Sometimes, Minneapolis and St Paul duplex sellers get a “to do” list from their Realtor. This list usually includes things like getting a Truth In Housing inspection, touching up paint, […]

Buyers Nod Yes In Minneapolis Duplex Market

Back in the day, oh, say, in around 2005-2006, well-maintained properties that were properly priced were selling at a rapid pace, and with multiple offers. It was almost like an […]

Buying A Minneapolis Duplex On A Contract For Deed: The Good, Bad and The Ugly

Every now and then, duplex buyers tell me they want to purchase a property with a contract for deed. A contract for deed is an alternative means of financing in […]

Calculate Quality of Living In Your Minneapolis Duplex Financial Analysis

There are two phrases I hear over and over again these days: “When will the market rebound?” and “I’m going to wait until it does to sell/buy.” Whenever I hear […]

Calling All Minneapolis Duplex Sellers: We Need Your Help

There are hardly any Minneapolis duplexes for sale, and that has created something of a feeding frenzy. Last week, I had several buyers write offers on properties. In one instance, […]

Can A Duplex Chick In Minnesota Help You With A Duplex In Denver?

Did you know there aren’t any special requirements necessary for a residential agent to sell someone an income property? For example, a Realtor who spends most of his time selling houses […]

Can A Tenant Keep You From Getting the Tax Credit On Your Minneapolis Tax Credit?

A reader recently asked a terrific question regarding the $8000 first time home buyer tax credit: I have been recently considering a duplex as an option for my first home […]

Can A Vacancy Help You Sell Your Minneapolis Duplex?

The other day a seller received notice one of his tenants is moving out. As his property is on the market, he asked whether it was more advantageous to a […]

Can Duplex Investors Do A Short Sale?

Many duplex investors who are upside down on their property believe a short sale isn’t an option for them. Nothing could be further from the truth. So I asked Morgan […]

Can Minneapolis Duplex Market Survive Without The Tax Credit?

As the sand in the hourglass of the $8000 first time home buyer tax credit begins to run out, an article in the New York Times this week reported there […]

Can You Evict A Section 8 Tenant?

If a tenant whose rent is paid in any degree by a Section 8 subsidy, can you evict them for failing to pay their portion of the rent? Yes. A […]

Can You “Foreclose” On A Duplex Contract For Deed?

What do you get when you have tightened lending practices, then add a slow duplex market for traditional sellers? The re-emergence of the Contract For Deed. A Contract For Deed, which is […]

Can You Get A Better Deal Through The Realtor Whose Sign Is In Front Of The Duplex?

Is it true you get a better deal if you contact the Realtor whose sign is in front of a property (the listing agent) than you would using an agent […]

Can You Refuse To Rent Your Minneapolis Duplex To A Packers Fan?

The other day a client told me he didn’t have to rent his Minneapolis duplex to a tenant who was a Packer fan. After all, he maintained, Packer fans are […]

Can You Rent Your Short Sale Duplex?

The other night I stopped by a Minneapolis duplex to see if I could help the owner avoid the potential credit and tax consequences of foreclosure. Guess what I saw in […]

Can You Spot The Changes In The Minneapolis Duplex Market?

The Minneapolis duplex market for the week ending September 10, 2011, was a like one of those puzzles where you see two seemingly identical pictures and are supposed to spot the […]

Can You Wait A Decade To Sell Your Minneapolis Duplex?

One thing all duplex, investment property and single family home owners have in common is a hope for a speedy rebound in real estate prices. This is especially true of those […]

Can Your Friend Manage Your Minneapolis Duplex?

Sometimes, life’s circumstances require a duplex owner to move far from their property. When that happens, owners are faced with a dilemma. Should they sell? Hire a management company? Or […]

Can’t Find A Minneapolis Duplex For Sale? Have Your Realtor Check Her Pockets

In a Minneapolis duplex seller’s market, what’s the best thing a duplex buyer can do to help find a duplex? Ask your Realtor what’s in her pocket. I’ve written about […]

Change the Numbers When You Rent Your Twin Cities Duplex

One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned as a landlord is to make sure that the amount I charge for a security or damage deposit is a different amount […]

Changing A House To A Duplex Not Always Like On TV

If you’ve ever seen the HGTV show Income Property, chances are you may have considered either adding an apartment to your own home, or purchasing a single family home and […]

Citizens League Evictions Policy Webinar Today

Sorry for the short notice. I just learned about this myself. From noon to 1 today the Citizens League is hosting a webinar called “Evictions Policy in a Post Covid […]

Minneapolis Encourages Duplex Tenants To Get Married

Sometimes government rules and regulations just don’t make sense. Take, for example, the city of Minneapolis’ rule on the number of unrelated people who can occupy a rental unit. If […]

Clock Ticking On Minneapolis Duplex Tax Credit

With all the snow on the ground, April 30 seems ages away. But really, it’s only 74 days away. Less than three months to find your first duplex or house […]

C’mon! It’s A Minneapolis Duplex! What If the Tenant Doesn’t Pay the Heat?

    A relatively new landlord contacted me earlier in the week and asked some terrific questions.   In an effort to have the other side of her unit occupied […]

Cold Weather Gives Minnesota Landlords Time To Complete Their CRPS

Minnesota’s recent blizzard and deep freeze have left many landlords stuck inside this week. This means there are no excuses for not having Certificates of Rent Paid (CRP) completed by […]

Colorful Signs Mean Minneapolis Duplex Not A Happy Place

We’ve all seen them: orange, yellow, pink, blue–  brightly colored pieces of copier paper boldly attached to the doors or windows of countless duplexes and homes in the Minneapolis area. […]

Coming Soon: Multifamily In The Twin Cities Metro

Since 2010, there have been nearly 24,000 apartments built in the Twin Cities. Between now and the end of 2019, there will be another 13,000 market-rate and luxury apartments added […]

Completed Duplex Foreclosures Lowest Since 2007

According to a report issued Friday by CoreLogic, completed home and duplex levels are now at their lowest level since 2007. In fact, in February the 54,000 properties lost to […]

Congress Done With Magic Lamp For Minneapolis Duplex Market

We kept rubbing, but it looks like we’re not going to get three wishes after all. The plan submitted to the Senate by Nevada Republican John Ensign that would have […]

Congress Forces Rush to Buy First Minneapolis Duplex

According to the Los Angeles Times, yesterday’s compromise between the House and Senate versions of the stimulus package now features a $8000 first time home buyer tax credit. While details have […]

Congress Threatens To Require Higher FHA Down Payments

Once upon a time, way back in 2005 and 2006, you could buy a duplex with no money down. Then the housing crisis happened. And in an effort to make sure […]

Congressional Package May Not Be Enough To Save Minneapolis Landlords

There has been a great deal of media coverage in recent weeks about the second stimulus package Congress passed. The $900 billion package earmarked $25 billion specifically for rental assistance. […]

Dash for Cash: Hurry and Save Money Buying Your Minneapolis Duplex

    If you’re a real estate investor looking for a property, you might want to hustle a little in order to save some cash. Yes, there are some incredible […]

Deadline Pushes Minneapolis Duplex Market

There are less than 60 days left to qualify for either the first time home buyer or repeat buyer tax credit. That looming deadline may well have inspired the Twin […]

Deal Alert – U of M Duplex

I added a new duplex to my “Five All-Time Favorite Duplexes” list yesterday. It probably also ranks as one of the nicest foreclosures I’ve ever seen. The duplex is located […]

Dear Minneapolis and St Paul Duplex Sellers…

Dear Duplex Sellers, We miss you. ALL of you; whether you’re a bank, upside down on your duplex, or a traditional seller with equity in your property. We know you’re […]

Did the Pandemic Hurt the Minneapolis Duplex Market?

So how’s the Minneapolis duplex market? I get this question a lot. Anecdotally, I can tell you it feels like there’s a shortage of inventory. I’ve been working with several […]

Did You Give Your Friend A W-2 For Managing Your Duplex?

If you’ve been paying a friend, relative or neighbor to manage your duplex, are you planning on sending them a W-2 at the end of the year? Minnesota state law […]

Did You Hear About the Clearance Sale on Minneapolis/St Paul Duplexes?

  I guess everybody realized there’s a clearance sale down at the duplex and house mall,s as MAAR reports another big leap in pending sales activity over last year. Sales […]

Did Your Duplex Come From Sears?

Today’s post is courtesy of Rosemary Thornton, who is universally regarded as the nation’s expert on Sears Homes and kit houses. She is the author of several definitive books on […]

Did Your Minneapolis Duplex Start As A Kit?

Have you ever noticed that a lot of Minneapolis and St Paul duplexes look a lot alike? Drive down Grand Avenue; either in Minneapolis or St Paul and you’ll see them;  […]

Disclosure Rules Differ for Minneapolis Duplexes

Among the many duties a Minnesota Realtor owes her client is that of disclosure. As defined by the state, this consists of sharing “all material facts of which broker/salesperson has […]

Distressed Duplex Owners Can Share Secret

Not long ago I spoke with a Minneapolis duplex owner who was upset I’d spoken with his tenants in order to reach him. The duplex owner was facing foreclosure, and feared I’d mentioned this […]

Distressed Duplex Owners Face Fiscal Cliff

In the coming weeks, amidst the media noise about the “fiscal cliff”, duplex owners who are either struggling to pay their mortgage or behind on payments need to listen closely […]

Distressed Duplex Owners Wishes Granted

Every now and then, Minneapolis duplex owners facing foreclosure get a wish granted. Like Cinderella, they’re always skeptical at best. What’s the miracle? For some unknown reason, their lender decided […]

Distressed Minneapolis Duplex Owners Find Help

If you’re a Minneapolis or St Paul duplex owner occupant and at least three months behind on your mortgage payments due to becoming unemployed, under-employed, or medical challenges, help may be available. The […]

Do Duplex Owners Need Granite?

One of the most common impulses of any first time duplex investors is the desire to over improve their property. What do I mean? After all, don’t most tenants want […]

Do Duplexes Appreciate?

While I don’t discuss it often, one of the best things about investing in a Minneapolis duplex vs a larger multi-family property is the fact that duplexes tend to have a […]

Do Election Years Impact Duplex Sales?

I’ve had many long-term real estate investors over the years tell me they’re not worried about the 2020 real estate market because it’s a presidential election year. I wondered whether […]

Do I Have To Live In My FHA Financed Minneapolis Duplex Forever?

With the federal government offering first time home buyers up to $8000 to buy a home (including duplexes and multi-family homes) by December 1, it’s a great time to consider […]

Do Minneapolis Duplexes Sell During A Pandemic?

Late last week I wanted to look at the facts of what was happening to sales in the Minneapolis and St Paul duplex market. Yes, we’ve all heard house sales […]

Do Too Many Realtors Spoil Your Minneapolis Duplex Investing?

The other day a prospective duplex investor told me he only wanted to work with the listing agent for any property he purchased. His reason? Too many cooks in the […]

Do You Have A Duplex To Sell These Minneapolis Buyers?

With an extreme lack of inventory of Minneapolis and St Paul duplexes for sale, I thought I’d ask whether any of you might have a duplex you’d consider selling to […]

Do You Need An LLC To Buy A Minneapolis Duplex?

Many first-time investors wonder if they should form a Limited Liability Company (LLC) before beginning their search for an investment property. After all, nearly every real estate investing seminar, book […]

Do You Pay More In Interest When You Buy A Duplex?

One of the most common questions I get is, “What’s the interest rate on a duplex?” And as I do with so many of my answers, I always begin with, […]

Do You Save Money When You Call A Duplex For Sale Sign?

When you call the number on a “For Sale” sign in front of a Minneapolis duplex and use the listing agent as your Realtor, can you save money? Many people are […]

Does A Bad Appraisal Equal A Bad Investment?

Is a duplex a bad investment if it doesn’t appraise for the price listed on a purchase agreement? It depends on whether you’re the buyer or the seller. With a flood of […]

Does A Higher Down Payment Change The Name Of A Duplex Loan?

Does the amount of your down payment alone determine the type of  financing you use to buy a duplex? Yes and no. Traditionally, buyers who intend to owner occupy a […]

Does A Minneapolis Duplex Qualify As A First Time Home?

As the mud settles in the puddle of the first time home buyer tax credit, some of the cloudier issues have begun to clear.  The other day a reader asked me to point […]

Does Housing Affordability Suggests Future Rise In Vacancy Rates?

Guess what? It’s still less expensive to buy a house or a duplex than rent one. Last week, Trulia released their Summer 2013 Rent vs. Buy Report, which found that […]

Does REO Mean That Twin Cities Duplex Comes With A Time/Life Music Collection?

  Sometimes talking with a Realtor can be like a conversation with your doctor. The shift in the housing market has resulted in a new language; one that leaves many people […]

Does Size Matter In Duplex Value?

When pricing a duplex to sell, the biggest mistake many Realtors who don’t specialize make is calculating value based on the number of finished square feet in the property. That […]

Does That Third Unit In The Basement Count?

In the last few years, “Accessory Dwelling Unit” or ADU has become a hot phrase among Minneapolis duplex, triplex and fourplex owners and buyers. So what is it? In so […]

Does the Stuff Left in My New Minneapolis Duplex Really Have to Be Stored?

  Last week I explained what you can and can’t do with all the things tenants leave behind, and how Minnesota State Law requires you to store it for 60 days. […]

Does This Minneapolis Duplex Cash Flow? There’s A 1 Percent Chance

If you’re thinking about buying your first Minneapolis or St Paul duplex and want to know how to tell if it cash flows, you may find the one percent rule […]

Does Your Duplex Fantasy Match Reality?

I may be stating the obvious, but if you’re looking to buy a duplex in Minneapolis, it’s important you have realistic expectations. And often, those expectations should be set in […]

Is Your Minneapolis Duplex At 50 Percent?

Have you ever heard of the 50 percent rule about duplexes? Do you know what it is? The 50 percent rule is a general rule of thumb which states that […]

Does Your Realtor Look Like Pinnochio?

If you’ve ever asked your Realtor to list your duplex for more than the market says it’s worth, you’ve asked her to lie. We all have a price we’d like […]

Don’t Be Afraid To Put Tenants Out In The Cold

There are a lot of misconceptions about investment property ownership in Minnesota. The two that I hear most often, however, are that a landlord must give a tenant 24 hours […]

Don’t Cheat On Your Minneapolis Duplex Agent

One of my buyers cheated on me last week. He called another agent about a property the agent had listed. After he told me he’d see only me! It could cause […]

Don’t Count On Reduced Property Taxes When You Buy A Foreclosed Duplex

If you want to get a muddy answer, call your local property tax assesor and ask what the city or county’s policy is on resetting the market value on a […]

Don’t Forget To Send Out Your CRPs!

If you currently own rental property in the state of Minnesota, it’s that time of year. Property owners have until January 31, 2017, to complete and distribute Certificates of Rent […]

Don’t Forget Your CRPS!

It’s January in Minnesota. That not only means it’s cold and snowing, but also that it’s time for housing providers to complete and deliver Certificates of Rent Paid (CRPs) to […]

Don’t Let Your Tenants Suffer Burnout

We’re living in economically challenging times. As a result, most of us are cutting back on “extras”.  For some, that means opting to stay home and watch cable rather than […]

Don’t Pay Off That Minneapolis Duplex!

One of the most common things I hear new investors say is their goal is to buy a duplex, pay it off, and live off the cash flow. This is […]

Don’t Use A Crystal Ball To Buy A Minneapolis Duplex

In the last month, several people have asked a question I haven’t heard in a decade: “How much do you think the value of this property will go up in the […]

Dreams Come True For Minneapolis Duplex Buyers And Sellers

During the last full week of August, both Minneapolis buyers and sellers saw their wishes come true. After all, prices are up, making sellers happy, as are sales. As the […]

Drum Roll Please…Prices Up In Minneapolis Duplex Market

In the 8 or so months that I’ve been compiling statistics for the Twin Cities duplex market, I have a first. Drum roll… The average off market price of small multi-family […]

Duplex Buyers Keep It Local

On June 27, Minneapolis duplex shopping is coming to a neighborhood near you. That’s because the folks who govern the local MLS have decided search districts like Nokomis, Southwest and Mac-Groveland are […]

Duplex Buyers Pose A Math Question

When a buyer writes an offer on a duplex at its list price but asks the seller to pay their closing costs, is that the equivalent of a full price […]

Duplex Buyers Should Increase Savings

Sometimes, federal banking regulators have some really bad ideas. Like the one they’re considering now; requiring a minimum down payment of 20 percent for any kind of duplex or home loan. That […]

Duplex Chick Gets A Facelift

You may have noticed things look a little different around here. Well, at least if you go to my home page at www.duplexchick.com, they do. In May, Duplex Chick was […]

Duplex Chick Improves Property Search

You may not have notice, because it’s a behind the scenes technology change. But, Duplex Chick recently got a new engine behind its Property Search link. In addition to being able […]

Duplex Chick Looking For Sellers Afraid Of Commitment

If you’re a Twin Cities duplex owner who’s thinking of selling, but aren’t quite ready for the commitment, consider the possibilities simply signing a one time showing contract could give you… Like […]

Duplex Chick Needs Your Help!

I’m hoping I can count on you to help me out with a competition I’m in at my office. Several other Realtors and I are racing to be the first […]

Duplex Chick Wishes For Duplex Do-Over

I’ve been talking about endings with a lot of beginning duplex buyers lately. The reason is I see many headed for the same mistake I made; making cash flow their number […]

Duplex Financing Even If You’ve Had A Foreclosure

If you sold a house or duplex via a short sale, or even lost a property to foreclosure, you may already be able to buy again. Even after the worst […]

Duplex Foreclosure Data Looks Good: Or Does It?

If we’re looking for signs the Minneapolis duplex and housing markets are getting better, today’s Realty Trac  report gave us the definitive yes and no answer. Realty Trac’s foreclosure statistics for […]

Duplex Foreclosure Data Makes You Dizzy

Reading news about the duplex and single family home sales makes my head spin. Today alone I read the following headlines: “Overdue Mortgages Number 6,082,000”. “Report Reveals Delinquency and Foreclosure […]

Duplex Foreclosure Doesn’t Mean Free Rent

I recently received an irate phone call from a Minneapolis duplex owner’s tenant, informing me he no longer had to pay rent, as the property was in foreclosure. Like him, many tenants […]

Duplex Foreclosure Report A Sign Of Things to Come?

Our friends over at RealtyTrac just released their Foreclosure Market Report for August, and the news was mixed. While the number of Default Notices issued nationwide was down 33 percent […]

Duplex Foreclosure Reports Inspire Movie Madness

[youtube][/youtube]When my alarm went off this morning, NPR informed me RealtyTrac released its Midyear 2010 U.S. Foreclosure Market Report. And I wanted, with evey fiber of my being, to get […]

Duplex Foreclosures Make Halloween Comeback

The duplex market is like a horror movie. After all, judging by all of the good news the media has featured about a recovering real estate market, you’d think the […]

Duplex Foreclosures Taxable: For Now

As the duplex foreclosure crisis wears on, one of the most important things we often forget is traditionally, the forgiveness of mortgage debt through a short sale or foreclosure is […]

Duplex Investing: Why Breaking Even Isn’t Bad

Depressed duplex values of the last few years have spoiled us. In fact, we’ve become so accustomed to double digit cash on cash returns that when a property produces anything […]

Duplex Investments Surge In 2011

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), sales of investment properties jumped in 2011 to the highest levels since 2005. Last week, NAR released their annual report, 2012 Investment and […]

Duplex Investors Chip In A Quarter

According to the 2013 National Association of Realtors (NAR) annual Investment and Home Buyers Survey, last year the share of investment property buyers actively purchasing real estate remained at its […]

Duplex Investors Required To 1099 Starbucks

Hidden in the text of last year’s health care bill was a small section that had nothing to do with health care and everything to do with owning duplexes. Starting […]

Duplex Landlords Get Clean

I spent a good part of my weekend cleaning a rental unit. It reminded me just how important it is to be crystal clear with duplex tenants before they move in […]

Duplex Listings Fly Downhill

If you look at a graph of the number of new Minneapolis and St Paul duplex and single family home listings over the last year, it looks like the best […]

Duplex Market Breaks Resolutions

The New Year represents a fresh start to many things; weight loss goals, taxes, duplex sales… And if duplex buyers and sellers resolved to make 2011 better than 2010, they’ve already […]

Duplex Market Has Something Up Its Sleeve

Was it a rite of spring? Or a magic act? Either way, the Minneapolis duplex market managed to pull a rabbit out of its hat the week ending March 27, […]

Duplex Market Packs On The Pounds

If market activity were the equivalent of Christmas cookies, the Minneapolis duplex market would have managed to not gain a bunch of weight the week before the holiday. Seventeen duplexes and small […]

Duplex Market Rewriting History

History dictates that when traditional duplex sellers dominate the marketplace, prices go up. And when foreclosures and short sales are plentiful, prices decline. At least, that’s how it’s been in […]

Duplex Market Shows Signs Of A Cure

There’s reason for hope in the duplex market. According to CoreLogic, the number of properties lost to foreclosure nationally fell 31 percent from September one year ago. There were 83,000 […]

Duplex Market Tries To Remember How

Whenever I haven’t done something for a while, I usually find I’m a little rusty at it and it takes some practice to get back in the groove. The same […]

Duplex Market Will Drive Ya Nuts

The Minneapolis duplex market reminds me of a puzzle my family had when I was growing up. Called Drive Ya Nuts, it consisted of 7 nuts. The object of it was to […]

Duplex Mortgage Defaulters Might Be Worth The Risk

I saw an article in USA Today yesterday I thought might be of interest to Minneapolis duplex and single family home owners who have either already gone through foreclosure, or […]

Duplex Mortgage Delinqencies Increase, Improve In Minnesota

Amidst the noise of the holidays, Lender Processing Services (LPS) somewhat quietly issued a news release detailing performance statistics about the 40 million mortgage loans their company helps service. Perhaps they […]

Duplex Mortgage Delinquencies At 5-Year Low

There’s good news for prospective duplex and single family home owners this week as Equifax reported the total balance for seriously delinquent mortgages is at a five year low. In […]

Duplex Owners And Gut Instincts

A new duplex investor and owner occupant recently asked if she could refuse to rent to a prospective tenant because her intuition told her something wasn’t right. Unfortunately, state and federal […]

Duplex Owners Can Let The Meter Run

There are two types of duplexes; those where the tenants pay the utilities and those where the landlord does. And because two comparable properties cash flow differently because of the […]

Duplex Owners Check Into Rehab

If your Minneapolis duplex needs rehab, and Hazleden isn’t what you had in mind, you may want to explore a Rental Rehabilitation Loan from the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency. Rental […]

Duplex Owners: Could You Do Me A Favor?

If you’re a duplex, triplex or  apartment building owner who’s behind on mortgage payments and facing foreclosure, please do me one favor. Call a qualified tax professional and pay whatever […]

Duplex Owners Enjoy The Sun

It may be the coldest winter in memory, but most Minneapolis and St Paul duplex landlords are extraordinarily sunny when I speak with them. And why not? After all, vacancy […]

Duplex Owners Facing Foreclosure Learn Meaning of Fear

I’ve heard it said that the word FEAR is an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real. And if you’re facing foreclosure, it’s a helpful acronym to remember. A property owner […]

Duplex Owners Get The Smoke Out

There are few things that will cost you more money on a duplex rental turnover than a unit that’s been smoked in. Yes, I know. Pets inflict their share of […]

Duplex Owners May Not Have Recourse

If you’re a duplex home owner facing a short sale or foreclosure, one of the most important items to consider in your decision-making process is whether your state is a […]

Duplex Owners Prepare For Winter

One topic duplex buyers and I have been talking about lately is the seasonality of rental property. See, as much as we all hate thinking about it, winter isn’t too […]

Duplex Owners Should Do One Thing In The Fall

If you own a duplex in a city where it snows, early September is a time you should be thinking about your leases. As in, are all of your tenants […]

Duplex Rates Plummet With Stock Market

With last week’s end to the home buyer tax credits and yesterday’s inexplicable 1000 point slide on the stock market, historians might think it would be a good day to check tall buildings […]

Duplex Sales Are Tapioca

Real estate transactions in the Twin Cities area were pretty bland the week ending November 20, 2010. Pending single family home sales were down slightly; by 4.1 percent. There were 579 […]

Duplex Sales Are Up

If you’re a Minneapolis or St Paul duplex seller, things are looking up. Way, way up. For the week ending October 5, 2013, the 25 duplex sellers who accepted offers […]

Duplex Sales Cause Fireworks

Minneapolis and St Paul duplex sellers set off fireworks during the week of the fourth of July, when a whopping 48 of them put their properties on the market. Of […]

Duplex Sales Changing Seasons

This week’s Minneapolis duplex market report is a little late, but as they say, better late than never. The good news is, the week showed signs of spring. For the […]

Duplex Sales Explode

Wow. The final average, off-market list price for a Minneapolis or St Paul duplex the week ending September 21, 2013, was $212,871. Compare this to the average sold price from […]

Duplex Sales Go On Vacation

Minneapolis duplex sales took a break along with the rest of us over the holidays. Just ten duplexes, triplexes or four unit property sellers signed purchase agreements. That’s a drop of 44.4 […]

Duplex Sales Inch Forward

Things were better than the same time last year in the Minneapolis and St Paul duplex market; if only by inches. For example, there were 26 duplex sellers who accepted […]

Duplex Sales Leave Realtors Looking For Something To Do

I don’t know what Realtors will do with all our free time when a bank doesn’t have to be involved in the negotiations in the sale of a duplex. But it looks like […]

Duplex Sales Make You Want To Stay In Bed

Some days, it’s tough for Realtors to get out of bed. Today was one of those mornings, knowing as I did that the National Association of Realtors would be releasing […]

Duplex Sales Miss The Mark

Did the tax credit hit the mark and stimulate sales? Looks like a bullseye. For the week ending May 8, the first since the home buyer tax credits expired on April […]

Duplex Sales No Day At The Park

If home sales were a slide in the park, this would be fun. With today’s release of the Standard & Poor’s/Case-Shiller Home Price Index, we climbed the ladder of hope on the […]

Duplex Sales Pose A Riddle

Hey, I don’t make up the data on Minneapolis and St Paul duplex sales, I only interpret it. And today? Well, I’m befuddled. During the week ending June 30, 2013, […]

Duplex Sales Remain Upbeat

Things are looking up in every way in the Minneapolis and St Paul duplex market. For example, there were 20 property owners who accepted offers during the week. Of these, […]

Duplex Sales Remind Us Why They’re Different

This week’s market statistics for Minneapolis duplex sales go a long way toward demonstrating what’s different about duplexes than other kinds of investment properties. What is that? Owner occupants. A […]

Duplex Sales Repeat Themselves

Minneapolis duplex buyers and sellers saw more of the same the week ending October 26, 2013. There were 22 sellers who accepted offers during the week. Of these, 68.2 percent […]

Duplex Sales See More Of The Same

The playing field has begun to level for traditional Minneapolis and St Paul duplex sellers when challenged with the aggressive pricing of distressed properties. The market appears to be stabilizing; […]

Duplex Sales Slip As Prices And Delinquencies Rise

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), existing home sales slipped one percent in June from May’s three-year high. While a dip of  1.2 percent to an annual rate […]

Duplex Sales Stay Upright

Sometimes the Minneapolis duplex market is a bit like walking down an icy sidewalk. You may not look gracefull or pretty while traversing it, but if you don’t fall down, […]

Duplex Sales Take Holiday Nap

While Thanksgiving came “late” this year, the Minneapolis and St Paul duplex market apparently took a nap after eating too much turkey. There were 13 small multifamily property owners who […]

Duplex Sales Temperature Hits Single Digits

Minneapolis and St Paul duplex sales stayed in the deep freeze the week ending January 25, 2014. There were just 8 duplex sellers who accepted offers during the week. All […]

Duplex Sales: There Are Simply Too Few To Sell

According to a report issued today by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), pending home and duplex sales declined in December, but have stayed above levels from the year before […]

Duplex Sales Up And Away

What goes up, must come down. But for the Minneapolis and St Paul duplex markets, it appears what’s been down must come up. For the week ending May 25, 2013, […]

Duplex Seller Asks, “Keller Who?”

If you’re thinking of selling your duplex, which is more important… the Realtor you list the property with or the company whose name is on their sign? The other day, […]

Duplex Sellers And Tenants Afraid Of The Dark

Many duplex sellers and their tenants believe there’s a monster under their beds. Sellers fear deciding to sell their duplex will either scare off the tenants they already have, or […]

Duplex Sellers Appear Out Of Nowhere

I did a cartoon double-take this morning when I saw the number of new Minneapolis and St Paul duplex, triplex and fourplex listings for the week ending August 10, 2013. […]

Duplex Sellers Come Up For Air

According to the most recent report from Black Knight Financial Services’, only one in ten Americans is currently under water with their properties. This is down from one in three […]

Duplex Sellers Don’t Have To Be Behind To Qualify For A Short Sale

One of the most common misunderstandings among prospective duplex sellers in today’s market is in order to qualify for a short sale, you must be behind on your payments and […]

Duplex Sellers Finally Make An Appearance

Apparently, many Minneapolis and St Paul duplex owners have decided it’s time to sell. There were 37 new duplex, triplex, and fourplex listings that came on the market during the […]

Duplex Sellers Get Energy Burst

Sometimes, the well runs dry. And after six years of consistently blogging about Minneapolis and St Paul duplexes, triplexes and fourplexes, in late May and June, mine did just that. […]

Duplex Sellers Get Happy

When I saw 27 new Minneapolis and St Paul duplex, triplex and fourplex listings come on the market for sale the week ending June 8, I had to keep myself […]

Duplex Sellers Give A High Five

Five doesn’t sound like a big number. But it is when you convert it applies to new Minneapolis and St Paul duplex listings for the week ending August 16, 2014. […]

Duplex Sellers Given Caution Sign

One of my biggest concerns for duplex sellers as we head into 2013 is what’s been driving rising prices in our market recovery. Prices are up thanks to two factors: […]

Duplex Sellers In A Photo Finish

If the Minneapolis and St. Paul duplex markets were a horse race,  the first weeks of May in 2013 and 2014 would be neck and neck headed for the wire. […]

Duplex Sellers Look For Early Thaw

I might be hallucinating after a long, relentless winter, but it’s beginning to feel like spring in the Minneapolis and St Paul duplex market. During the week ending March 1, […]

Duplex Sellers Look For Ghosts

When selling a duplex, owners and the Realtors representing them are required to disclosure to potential buyers any “material facts” which may adversely impact their use and enjoyment of the […]

Duplex Sellers Love Shortages

Want to know how short we are on duplexes for people to buy? According to the Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors, in 2012 there were 1212 duplexes sold in the […]

Duplex Sellers Love Spring

Equity Minneapolis and St Paul duplex owners are coming out of hibernation as the spring housing market brings warm rays of rising prices. During the week ending April 26, there […]

Duplex Sellers Open Presents Early

I have to tell you, it’s hard to sit down and blog with all of the holiday festivities. The season hasn’t seemed to slow Minneapolis duplex, triplex and fourplex sellers […]

Duplex Sellers Revist The Past

I’ve recently had to blow the dust off a conversation I used to have with Minneapolis and St Paul duplex sellers long ago. The topic? Capital gains tax and depreciation […]

Duplex Sellers Say “Show Me The Money”

It’s a great time to buy a duplex. Judging by the number of calls I’ve been getting, many duplex buyers have already figured this out. What most have forgotten, however, […]

Duplex Sellers Shift Gears

There was a shift in the Minneapolis duplex market the week ending October 20, 2012. A lot more new inventory came on the market during the week than did one year […]

Duplex Sellers Top Santa’s “Nice” List

The holiday season has Minneapolis duplex sellers feeling like Santa’s favorites. After all, for the week ending December 1, 2012, the average final list price pending sales of Minneapolis and […]

Duplex Sellers Want To Move On

We’ve all heard of pent-up buyer demand. It’s what economists talk about when economic conditions prevent consumers from buying what’s usually durable good due like a duplex, house, washer, dryer, […]

Duplex Short Sales Gaining On Foreclosures

RealtyTrac, the nation’s leading authority on short sales and foreclosures, announced yesterday they have spotted a shift toward short sales in the distressed property market. In January 2012, there were […]

Duplex Short Sales Make Tax Chicks Happy

The name of this blog is Duplex Chick. Not Accountant Chick. To that end, please heed the following disclaimer: if you’re a duplex home owner facing a short sale or foreclosure, […]

Duplex Short Sales: The Best Buys On The Market

With all the news about duplex foreclosures, and the great deals people are getting buying foreclosed properties, what’s often overlooked are the tremendous values available in the short sale market. […]

Duplex Short Sales: Where Plenty Of Time Might Not Be Enough

I had a phone call today from a duplex owner in distress, wondering whether he still could do a short sale even though the sheriff’s sale had already taken place. […]

Duplex Shortages Mean It’s A Great Time To Sell Your Minneapolis Duplex

This year we’ve become accustomed to news that Minneapolis duplex sales were up. After all, with historically low interest rates, low vacancy rates, and undervalued inventory, why wouldn’t it be […]

Duplex Tax Credits Enter The Home Stretch

As we race like Kentucky Derby entries toward the finish of the first time and repeat home buyer tax credits, word came from the Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors  that new […]

Duplex Tenant Quality Looking Up

I’m sure it bothered you. (Sarcasm intended.) Well, now you can say you have. CoreLogic’s recently released Renter Application Risk Report indicates the quality of potential renters has improved in […]

Duplex Values Are Up – Is It Time To Increase Your Insurance?

If you think real estate is a bad investment, consider this. The median price for a duplex, triplex, or fourplex in the seven-county metro area in 2012 was $138,350. That […]

DuplexChick.com Now Offers Guide’s To Buying And Selling

If you’re thinking of buying or selling a duplex now or sometime in the future, you may want to click on the “Home” tab for DuplexChick.com. On the Home page, […]

Duplexes Celebrate Non Conforming Use Week

Sometimes my days and weeks feel like it’s Spirit week in high school. You know those weeks; the ones where you dress up as something different every day to celebrate something which may […]

Duplexes For Sale in Short Supply

When there’s a gasoline shortage, the average price per gallon goes up. When there’s a water shortage, people hold on to what they’ve got and prices go up. And when […]

Eight Reasons To Owner Occupy A Minneapolis Duplex — Now!

Even though being a Realtor is, in actuality, having a career in sales, I have to confess to being a terrible sales person. It must be a result of growing up […]

Eight Ways to Paint Your Minneapolis Duplex Green

It’s not easy going green. Oh, we all know there’s a push to do it. But let’s face it. It’s downright expensive. Where are you going to get the money? […]

Eight Ways To Screen Prospective Tenants for Your Minneapolis/St Paul Duplex

One of the biggest challenges landlords face is finding great tenants who not only pay their rent on time, but also take care of your property, communicate with you and […]

Empty Shelves at the Twin Cities Duplex Store

As a Minneapolis or St Paul duplex buyer, sometimes it’s hard to understand there aren’t as many duplexes out there to see as there are bottles of shampoo on the […]

Equity Duplex Sellers Take Charge

Minneapolis equity duplex sellers rule! Or at least they did for the week ending March 23, 2013. Of the 21 Minneapolis and St Paul duplex sellers who received and accepted […]

Even With A Squeegee, There’s Just No Way To See The Minneapolis Duplex Market Clearly

  While Tuesday’s are generally the day MAAR likes to look at the market in the rear view mirror, the statistics available this week and next will look more like […]

Every Minneapolis Duplex Cloud Has A Silver Lining

There’s a lot of doom and gloom in the air today, and not all of it has to do with last night’s Viking loss. Some of it has to do […]

Everything About Minneapolis Duplexes Is Coming Up Roses

Ethel Merman may as well have been belting about the Minneapolis and St Paul duplex market the week ending March 28, 2015, when she sang “Everything’s Coming Up Roses”. There were 22 […]

Evictions Banned For the Rest of 2020

The White House announced yesterday the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) will halt evictions through the end of the year. The order temporarily prevents as many as 43 million […]

Facing Duplex Foreclosure? Call A Distressed Property Expert

It’s funny how when we’re not feeling well, we know to go to a doctor who’s a general practitioner. When we need open heart surgery, however, we also know we need […]

Facing Duplex Foreclosure? There’s Always Hope

I spoke with a duplex owner facing foreclosure the other day. He’s in the last three months of his redemption period and time is running out. I tried to reach […]

Fall Minneapolis Duplex Market Looks Like Summer

Fall may have officially begun on September 22, but for the week before, the Minneapolis duplex market continued to behave as if it were summer. There were 19 duplex, triplex and […]

Fannie and Freddie to Help Minneapolis Duplex Owners

Are you upside down on your small multi-family property due to the decline in values in the real estate market? Hang on. Some help was on the way. It seems […]

Fannie Changes Her Mind: Back Up to 10 Mortgages

In my efforts to cover the housing components of the ever-changing stimulus package, I left some important news unreported this week. Fannie Mae changed positions on the number of mortgages […]

Fannie Mae Gives Duplex Investors Independence

Fannie Mae gave Minneapolis duplex investors an early holiday gift yesterday when it announced a change in guidelines to now allow cash-out refinancing within six months of a cash duplex […]

Fannie Mae Makes Nice To Minneapolis Duplex Investors

One of the reasons today’s real estate market is so challenging for investors is the 20 to 25 percent down payment most lenders require to be willing to finance a property. It […]

Fannie Mae Plays Santa For Investment Property Owners

Last week Fannie Mae released a study that read like an investment property or duplex owners Christmas list. The survey reads not only like a forecast of the rental market in […]

Fasten Your Seat Belt: Minneapolis Duplex Sales On Wild Ride

I was so startled this morning by the figures I was seeing for the Twin Cities duplex market that I almost fell out of my chair. Maybe Minnesota should make […]

FHA Changes Duplex Loans

Whether it’s a sign of an improving economy, or less risk tolerance, FHA loan limits for duplexes will be reduced as of January 1, 2014. For much of the housing […]

FHA Duplex Loans About To Get More Expensive

If you’re thinking about buying a Minneapolis duplex with an FHA loan, you should act now or it will cost you money. If you sign a purchase agreement after March […]

FHA Increases Lending Limits for the Twin Cities

After all, what better way to start building an investment property portfolio than to put just 3.5 percent down? There’s recently been one problem with this approach, however.  FHA caps […]

FHA Loans Give Twin Cities Duplex Owner Occupants An Edge

One of the many advantages for home buyers in today’s tumultuous housing market are the generous FHA loan caps for multi-family properties in the Twin Cities metro area.   Wait? You […]

FHA Lowers Duplex Mortgage Insurance Premiums

Last week, the Obama administration announced some important changes if you’re thinking of buying and living in a Minneapolis duplex. The changes involve Federal Housing Administration (FHA) insured duplex loans. As you […]

FHA Makes Conventional Duplex Loans Sexier

OK, so there’s not a lot about obtaining a mortgage to buy a duplex that’s truly sexy. But FHA’s recent decision to not only increase the mortgage insurance premiums it […]

FHA Raises Limits: Gives Duplex Buyers More Power

One of the biggest challenges of the Minneapolis and St Paul duplex and small multi-family market in 2019 was FHA lending limits. Since the tightening of lending criteria during the […]

FHA Rejects Duplex Short Sales

If you’re behind on your duplex payments, and are considering a short sale, you may need to act fast. Specifically, local attorneys who specialize in negotiating short sales have begun […]

FHA Ruins Minneapolis Fourplex Party

In a lending market that requires an investor to put 25 percent down on a four unit property, and an owner occupant just 3.5 percent on the same building, it […]

FHA Says Minneapolis Duplex Buyers Can Spend More

You may recall that back in October, the limits for the amount of money you could finance using an FHA loan to buy a Minneapolis duplex were reduced. The temporary […]

FHA Suspends “Anti-Flipping” Rules on Twin Cities Foreclosure Duplexes

Back in the olden days — when gas was cheap and property went up in value…as long as 18 months ago…the federal government’s department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) […]

FHA Tells Minneapolis Duplex Buyers Not To Spend So Much

At the risk of becoming the Duplex Chick who cried “wolf”, FHA loan limits on Minneapolis and St Paul duplexes are about to change. A lot. It’s important to remember that […]

FHA Wins Minneapolis Duplex Financing Wars Again

It sounds presposterous, but a client actually had a computer glitch significantly delay his purchase of a duplex the other day. As he was using FHA financing, the glitch involved a software problem […]

Find Me A Deal on a Twin Cities Duplex!

People always ask me to call if I find a good deal on a property. During the peak of the market (which was the valley for investors who stopped to a […]

Find Money in the Bedrooms of Your Minneapolis Duplex

  I spent much of the weekend showing duplexes. Nothing unusual in that really. But what was noteworthy about these excursions is I was once again reminded of the importance of bedrooms. […]

First Aid for the Accidental Landlord

Many sellers in today’s slower real estate market find themselves hemorrhaging severely as a result of either an unsold home after they’ve relocated, or the deep wound of covering two […]

First Time Landlord of A Twin Cities Duplex? Don’t Forget the Paperwork

With the change in the current housing market, many would-be sellers are turning to renting their homes in lieu of a sale. And, they often forget one thing that many […]

Fishing For Twin Cities Duplex Deals

One of the things I cannot emphasize enough about today’s foreclosure-laden real estate market is the inordinate amount of patience it requires. In fact, the only metaphor I can come […]

Five Benefits of Buying A Twin Cities Duplex on a Contract for Deed

A contract for deed is a type of owner financing. It usually requires the buyer to make payments over time, with interest on the unpaid balance; just like a bank. […]

Five Reasons You Should Buy A Duplex Instead of A House Right Now

Washington Post financial columnist and NPR commentator Michelle Singletary recently wrote a column entitled “Five Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy A House Right Now”. I normally love Michelle Singletary and […]

Five Red Flags to FHA Financing Your Minneapolis Duplex

There was a time not long ago that a property had to be nearly perfect upon purchase in order to pass the strict inspection involved in an FHA First, let me […]

Flip This Duplex? Or Not?

“And the soffits had clearly been converted to squirrel condos.”

For Duplex Design, Check Out A Houzz

I have a confession. I’m not much for duplex decorating. And yet, I suddenly and rather inexplicably have found myself hopelessly addicted to the web site and app Houzz.com. Whether […]

For Some Duplex Owners Being Broke Is A Good Thing

Do you always have to pay depreciation recapture and capital gains tax when you sell your duplex via a short sale or lose it to foreclosure? I spoke with three […]

Forebearance vs. Foreclosure: Why You Have Time No Matter What Congress Does

In the last month several people have reached out to ask what their options are should Congress fail to pass legislation that extends the bonus unemployment compensation, making them unable […]

Foreclosed Homeowners Looking For Places To Live

There was some good news in the apartment sector of commercial real estate this week. According to Reis, a company that tracks performance and vacancy rates in apartment buildings, vacancies […]

Foreclosure Decline Deceptive

Last week it was reported Minnesota experienced an 18.1 percent decline in single family, duplex and multi-family in foreclosures and related activity in the first quarter of 2011, when compared […]

Foreclosure Freeze Causes Minneapolis Duplex Squeeze

Anyone thinking the banks foreclosure freeze hasn’t had an impact on the availability of Minneapolis duplexes for sale, should consider the market data for the week ending November 5, 2011. […]

Foreclosure or Short Sale in Your Past? You May Be Able to Buy A Duplex

If you lost your home to foreclosure or had no alternative but to do a short sale during the housing crisis that began in 2007, there’s good news. You may […]

Four Reasons to Evict Your Minneapolis Duplex Tenant

The single biggest concern I hear when someone is considering whether or not to purchase their first income property is, “Yeah but, what if I get a bad tenant?”   […]

Freddie Mac Breaks Up Duplex Party

Just when we were starting the party for the return of the Minneapolis duplex market, Freddie Mac called and asked us to turn down the music. In fact, according to […]

Free Expert Advice For Delinquent Duplex Owners

To my dismay, many distressed duplex owners don’t call a Realtor to help them avoid foreclosure simply because they believe they’ll have to scramble to find the money for her […]

Free Investment Property Tax Benefit Seminar Just One Week Away!

Don’t forget to call or email your reservation for the free seminar, “Understanding The Tax Benefits of Rental Property Ownership”, Thursday, January 27, at 6:30 pm. If you’re just considering […]

Free Is Good

Once upon a time, well, not that long ago, most of the landlords I knew used a couple of tried and true ways of filling a vacant unit: print ads […]

Fresh Fruit At The Minneapolis Duplex Market

I have to admit sometimes it’s tough to come up with blog posts four days a week. So, today, I want to report some exciting, non-scientific news. There’s finally a […]

From A House To A Duplex And Back Again

There are two kinds of duplexes in the Twin Cities; those originally built as duplexes, and those that used to be houses. Generally speaking, those that fall into the latter category […]

Fruit As Self Defense

I read a Reurters article the other day about a gentleman in California who since the year 2000, purchased nine single family homes. All of them are now being foreclosed […]

Get A Loan At Closing To Repair That Foreclosed Minneapolis Duplex

One of the challenges many first time home owners face when buying a foreclosed Minneapolis duplex is the cost of repairing and deferred maintenance or damage.  After all, when you […]

Get ‘Em Out! The How To of a Twin Cities Duplex Eviction

  Last week, we talked about the reasons a landlord can file an eviction action; nonpayment of rent, lease violations, illegal activities or a holdover tenant.   Once that’s established, what […]

Get More Buyers For Your Duplex – Without Spending A Dime

It may come as news to many, but many times, a duplex buyer wants to live in the property they’re purchasing. And many duplex sellers lose the opportunity to sell […]

Get Out More Than You Put In To Your Minneapolis Duplex

I have a client who insists on putting granite counters in the kitchens of every duplex she buys. She argues that upgrade is why her properties stay rented. She may be […]

Glass Half Full In Minneapolis Duplex Market

I try to be an optimist; to see the bright side of a slower duplex market. To that end, let’s call the sixteen duplexes that had purchase agreements signed in the week ending […]

Go Green And Save When You Fix Your Minneapolis Duplex

When I sit down with someone considering buying their first rental property, I always go over not only the potential revenue the property can generate, but also the certain and probable […]

Good News in Twin Cities House and Duplex Sales (Believe It or Not)

  The Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors (MAAR) released its weekly market activity report yesterday. And, incredibly, there was some good news. Seven hundred and fourteen (714) purchase agreements were […]

Got A Duplex Question? Ask!

While most of the time I think I’m pretty good at guessing what Duplex Chick readers want to know about buying or selling a duplex, I’m not always sure I’m […]

Got Duplex Questions? Just Ask

As everybody’s snow bound today, I thought it would be a good time to ask what questions you’d like answered. What is it you would like to know about buying, […]

Gov. Walz Extends Minneapolis Duplex Eviction Ban

Governor Tim Walz extended his Emergency Executive Order 20-78 COVID-19 Peacetime Emergency yesterday through August 12, 2020. What this means for Minneapolis and St Paul duplex landlords is the moratorium […]

Government Shutdown Could Delay Duplex Loans

Sometimes, it seems like a federal government shutdown doesn’t impact our lives. After all, we’re still getting the mail, and most of us are still going to work every day. […]

Governor Signals End To Eviction Moratorium

In a letter to state legislative leaders dated January 7, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz encouraged legislators to enact into law several provisions of the emergency response so the state can […]

Grab A Paper Bag: FHA Changes Rental Income Rules for Loans

    I had a panic attack the other day when a co-worker informed me she just had clients get turned down for a loan because “FHA is no longer […]

Half-Price Sale of Minneapolis Duplexes Continues

  Well, it’s Tuesday; meaning it’s time once again for the Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors weekly market update.   Just as in September, the upward movement continued, posting gains over […]

Happy Duplex News Ignores Something

With all of the recent happy headlines it would be easy to think it won’t be long before we return to the Minneapolis duplex values we saw in 2005 and […]

Happy Minneapolis Duplex Investors Find Loans

A while back, you might have heard investors could obtain financing for as many as 10 duplexes, triplexes or small-multi family properties;  a number that included the investor’s personal home […]

Has The Twin Cities Duplex Market Begun To Change?

I’ve been a working Realtor for 20 years. As a result of that experience, I’ve gotten so I often feel something shifting before I have the data to prove what […]

Have I Taught You Everything You Want To Know About Duplexes?

Sometimes I feel like I live in an aquarium. I swim back and forth, wondering what it is all of you are waiting to read and know about investing in […]

Have “The Talk” – Before You Buy A Duplex

If you’re thinking about buying a duplex with a friend, spouse or family member, the single most important thing to discuss isn’t cash flow, rate of return, or how rich […]

Have You Increased Your Duplex Cash Flow Lately?

Last night I spoke a with a long-term duplex owner struggling to decide whether or not he should sell. His property has a positive cash flow every month, but with children and […]

Have You Saved Enough For Retirement?

The NPR podcast Make Me Smart caught my attention earlier this week with their episode You Can’t Really Retire With A 401k Alone. The mortifying information shared by their guest,  labor […]

Have Your Minneapolis Duplex Super Bowl Party – Now

If you’re thinking of waiting until after the Vikings win the Super Bowl to start shopping for a Minneapolis duplex, don’t. While most Minnesotans tend to think of spring as coinciding […]

Help Duplex Chick Celebrate Grand Opening

If you’re a Minneapolis or St Paul duplex buyer, seller or simply a reader of Duplexchick.com, please feel free to stop by7401 Metro Blvd, Suite 350, in Edina to help […]

Help Is On The Way For Minneapolis Landlords

Details of the federal stimulus bill became clearer last week when it was announced that Minnesota is set to receive $375 million in rent assistance. The federal bill earmarked $25 […]

Help Keller Williams Celebrate Mo’s Birthday

Today is Red Day. What is Red Day? It’s a day when every Keller Williams Realty International office in the United States and Canada goes out into their community and performs […]

Help The Twin Cites Send Truckloads of Help To Houston!

The Keller Williams Realty Integrity offices in the Twin Cities are working together to send a truckload of supplies to help the people of Houston. Please bring donations to any […]

Hennepin County Offers Help To Duplex Owners Facing Foreclosure

If you’re a duplex owner facing foreclosure and aren’t sure of your rights, where to find help, or the process, you can get answers at three free upcoming workshops offered […]

Here’s Johnny! How A Georgia Senator May Rock the Minneapolis Duplex Market

Well, somebody in government gets it. So much so that I think Republican Senator Johnny Isakson of Georgia should be made oh, I dunno – the winner on American Idol. I […]

HGTV Rehabs Minneapolis Duplexes Too

Believe it or not, there’s a home improvement show for duplexes. While it hasn’t gotten a ton of press, if you’re going to be home Wednesday night, you might want […]

Hidden Treasure Lurks In Shadow Inventory For Duplex Investors

I had the opportunity to participate in a webinar with RealtyTrac’s Senior Vice President Rick Sharga the other day. RealtyTrac is a firm that tracks foreclosure trends in 2500 counties […]

Higher Minneapolis Duplex Rents May Inspire Tenant’s Rights

If you are currently a Twin Cities landlord, or are simply thinking of becoming one, pay attention. Vacancy rates in Minneapolis duplexes and multifamily properties are at or near two […]

Hold Your Minneapolis Duplex Dollars Accountable

While luxury living is all the rage in the brand new apartments being built in Minneapolis and surrounding suburbs, following suit with your Minneapolis duplex may not result in riches. […]

Home and Duplex Values Rise

You might have heard the news: according to CoreLogic, which provides residential real estate data, released its December report yesterday. Nationally, home prices, including distressed sales, increased 8.3 percent over […]

Homepath Duplex Financing Requires Glasses

If you’ve spent any time at all on the web researching the financing of investment property, odds are you’ve read Fannie Mae’s Homepath program will allow investors to purchase property […]

Hopeful Signs in Twin Cities Duplex Market

Last night MAAR released its weekly activity report for the week ending August 2.  While it may be too soon for outright optimism, there are a few less reasons for […]

Twin Cities House and Duplex Sales Improve

Last night MAAR released it’s weekly activity report for sales ending the week of July 5. The number of duplexes that received accepted purchase agreements last week was double those […]

House Eyes Minneapolis Duplex Mortgage Reform

The Washington Post reported Saturday that Congress is introducing legislation to help reform the mortgage market. The thinking is had stricter standards been in place, neither the housing boom nor […]

Housing Bill Changes Taxable Capital Gains on Twin Cities Duplexes

In the past, one of the most lucrative tax loopholes for real estate investors was the provision that allowed an owner to move into a rental or investment property, and […]

How A Contract for Deed Can Cause A Bank to Foreclose on Your Minneapolis Duplex

With the tightening credit standards and increased down payment requirements in today’s mortgage industry, many sellers have become willing to provide financing for prospective buyers via a contract for deed. […]

How A Duplex Short Sale Can Force You To Pay Taxes On Your Vacation

Remember when duplexes appreciated with such regularity that you could actually take out a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) or refinance and pull out the extra equity? For example, […]

How A Minneapolis Duplex Can Help You Beat The Multiple Offer Blues

I stumbled into a story on MSHNBC the other day that reminded me why there has never been a better time to become the owner-occupant of a Minneapolis duplex. The […]

How A Minneapolis Duplex Realtor Is Like A Book On Tape

The other day a client told me he couldn’t write an offer on a property because he had to go home and read. When I asked what piece of literature […]

How Baseball Can Teach You All You Need To Know About Duplex Investing

I learned how to buy a duplex or investment property from a Minnesota Twin. Now, this has nothing to do with stealing second or grand slam. Not even metaphorically. But […]

How Can That Minneapolis Duplex Be Sold And Be On The MLS?

One of the most confusing things for many buyers looking for a Minneapolis duplex is how a property can appear to be available on whatever web site they’re using to search the Multiple […]

How Cheap Are Minneapolis Duplexes?

I read a fascinating article earlier in the week. CNBC reporter Diana Olick shared a report compiled by John Burns Real Estate Consulting that measured the affordability of housing in […]

How Congress Could Stop You From Buying A Duplex

What does the end of the federal government’s fiscal year have to do with buying a Minneapolis duplex? Your ability to get a loan. If you’re thinking about owner occupying […]

How Did That Minneapolis Duplex Sell So Fast?

If you’re in the market to buy a Minneapolis duplex, by now, you know things have really heated up. And sometimes, duplexes seem to be sold the minute they appear […]

How Do I Get Today’s Low Interest Rate on My Minneapolis Duplex?

Interest rates for both conventional and FHA mortgages are at 4.875 percent today, which means my phone is ringing with excited buyers. How can they buy a property and be […]

How Do You Sell A Duplex At 18 Percent?

If you’ve been paying attention at all to duplex mortgage interest rates, you know that they are historically low. We’ve all seen and heard the ads for rates well below […]

How Does My Realtor Get Paid When I Buy A Minneapolis Duplex?

Most Minnesotans understand when they sell their property using a Realtor, the seller is charged a commission by the agent’s broker (usually the parent company, such as Coldwell Banker Burnet) and the […]

How Does Your Minneapolis Duplex Agent Sleep?

If you ask me to come over and give you a price opinion on your Twin Cities duplex, do you want me to lie? I could. But I won’t. Some […]

How Duplex Owners Can Feed Their Tenants To The Alligators

How much notice do you need to give a tenant that you’re coming over to fix a dripping faucet or a Realtor is coming to show your duplex to a […]

How Duplex Owners Facing Foreclosure Can Get Cash In Their Wallet

I wish every Minnesota duplex or investment property owner facing foreclosure knew this one thing: the amount the bank bids at the sheriff’s sale is the amount they want to redeem […]

How Good Manners Can Get You A Great Deal On A Minneapolis Duplex

At the risk of repeating myself, if you have asked me to find you “a great deal on a Minneapolis duplex” and I call, or the Realtor you’re working with […]

How Hiring Just Any Realtor To Sell Your Duplex Could Cost You A Lot

This morning, a duplex seller shared with me the “comps” another Realtor had given him for his duplex. “Comps” are the comparable properties that have sold in the area in […]

How Investors Can Benefit From The $8000 Tax Credit

What’s in the $8000 first time home buyer tax credit for seasoned investors? Plenty. Syndicated real estate columnist Kenneth Harney reports that the IRS has interpreted the tax credit rules to […]

How Long Will It Take For Your Duplex Home To Be Worth What You Paid?

When I visit with Minneapolis duplex home sellers these days, one of the most common phrases I hear is, “We’re going to wait to sell until the duplex market comes back”. […]

How Minneapolis Duplex Owners Could Help Pay For Vikings Stadium

I know how the city of Minneapolis could pay for the Vikings new stadium. They could simply fine all of the duplex owners in the city who currently don’t have […]

How Much Did That Minneapolis Duplex Sell For?

There are several questions I get asked repeatedly in my job. One of the most common is, “What did it sell for?” I usually hear this when a client was […]

How Much Down Payment Do You Need To Buy A Minneapolis Duplex?

I wish duplex loans were like socks. Then there would be a “one size fits all” answer to the question, “How much money do I need to put down to buy […]

How Much Is Too Much For A Security Deposit in My Minneapolis Duplex?

When I lived in California, moving into a rental unit required almost as much in a down payment as buying a house. Landlords often asked for not only the first […]

How Much Is Your Duplex Worth?

Determining the value of a duplex before offering it for sale shares very few of the rules used to price a single family home for the market. What do they […]

How Much Should You Put Down On A Minneapolis Duplex Contract for Deed?

With today’s tightened lending standards, many investors are having a difficult time finding financing. As a result, the contract for deed has once again emerged as a viable option. I have had two […]

How Much Tax Will You Pay If You Sell Your Minneapolis Duplex?

Every now and then I have to check the spam folder in my email to make sure something important hasn’t ended up there by accident. While doing just that the […]

How Much Would That Duplex Rent For?

One of the things that’s difficult about buying duplex foreclosures is there’s no one there paying rent. With no established rental income, and usually, no previous owner to ask, how […]

How Not To Evict Your Friends

If you’ve ever considering living in a multifamily property or house and renting the other units or rooms to friends as a way of covering your mortgage, consider this a […]

How Not To Flip Out Over That Cute Duplex

Let’s face it. Some of the duplexes and single family homes on the market right now are a little, uh…skanky. Some of you are thinking, so? With a FHA 203k construction […]

How Saving On Your Minneapolis Duplex Gets Expensive

Have you ever tried to save a little and had it end up costing a lot? For example, if you’re thinking of selling your Minneapolis duplex, and just don’t want […]

How Selling A Duplex Contract For Deed Makes You Money

If you’re upside down in your Minneapolis duplex, it might be worth considering owner financing through a contract for deed as a way to recoup some of your losses. How […]

How Tenants Can Keep You From Selling Your Minneapolis Duplex

I experienced a bit of frustration this weekend as a tenant stopped me from showing a duplex to a buyer. The tenant was out of town and didn’t feel comfortable, even […]

How The Fear Monster Ate Your Minneapolis Duplex

I’m a good Realtor. I make sure that I never sell a property that has monsters hiding in the closets or under the beds.   I’m very brave. I lead […]

How The IRS Can Be A Minneapolis Duplex Seller’s Best Friend

I’ve recently met with several prospective duplex home sellers who, facing a slower real estate market, were surprised to find the IRS could save the day. In each case, the […]

How The Tax Bill Impacts Minneapolis Duplex Owners

Now that we’re a month past the passage of the new tax bill, what exactly does it mean to Minneapolis duplex owners and investment property landlords? First, if you own […]

How To Avoid Long Duplex Vacancies

What’s the one thing you can do to make sure you don’t spend more time with a vacant unit on your hands than you can afford? Lower the rent. Yes, […]

How To Avoid Minneapolis Duplex Repair Phone Calls

One of the fears many duplex investors express to me is of a middle-of-the-night phone call about something breaking. Of course, while there are always plumbers and repair people happy to correct […]

How To Be In Foreclosure AND Sell Your Minneapolis Duplex For A Profit

If you’re a Minneapolis duplex owner who is losing his investment property to foreclosure, did you may be able to sell it for a profit? In Minnesota, when a duplex owner is delinquent […]

How To Buy 2-3 Minneapolis Duplexes With Less Than 10% Down

If you’re a new investor looking to achieve financial independence through real estate, you may be able to achieve your goals more quickly simply by using the right loans in […]

How to Buy A $450,000 Property With Just 3% Down

I showed a gorgeous duplex in southwest Minneapolis to some first time home buyers last weekend. It was one of those big, sweeping properties many of us have often driven […]

How To Buy A Duplex — After Your Foreclosure

Ready for some big news? On Friday, the Federal Housing Administration (better known as FHA) announced they will allow borrowers who’ve gone through foreclosure, short-sales, deeds-in-lieu or bankruptcy to reenter […]

How To Buy A Duplex In A Safe Neighborhood

One of the most common characteristics many first-time duplex buyers tell me they’re looking for in a property is that it be located in a safe neighborhood. I understand their […]

How To Buy A Twin Cities Duplex and Finance the Repairs in a Tough Lending Market

One of the biggest hurdles buyers face when considering a foreclosure property is the amount of repairs many require simply to be inhabitable. After making the down payment, where does […]

How To Buy Two Minneapolis Duplexes With Just $19,500

Last week I heard something that seemed too good to be true. A client told me he could buy a Minneapolis or St Paul duplex to live in using U.S. […]

How to Charge Application Fees For Your Minneapolis Duplex

One of the best ways for a landlord to reduce the risk of having non-paying tenants is to run a credit report through a company like ASP Screening when they […]

How To Compare Duplex Apples And Oranges

If you’re considering buying an investment duplex in Minneapolis or anyplace else, which is the best measure to determine whether or not it cash flows? The cap rate? The gross […]

How to Determine Rent and Vacancy Rates for Your Twin Cities Duplex

I get asked a lot of questions in my job; questions like, “How much rent could I get for a three bedroom unit? Are studio units more popular by the […]

How To Earn $250 In 3 Hours – Take A Minneapolis Property Management Class

If you own a rental property in the city of Minneapolis, you are required to have a rental license. Yes, even if you live in one of the units. This […]

How To Fill A Minneapolis Duplex Vacancy In A Changing Market

Over the past few weeks, a number of Minneapolis housing providers have called to ask what platform or media other Minneapolis and St Paul duplex owners are using to attract […]

How To Fill A Vacant Duplex

My Duplex Chick duplex “for sale” signs occaisionally do interesting things. Like attract buyers. And tenants. It seems the 2.7 percent vacancy rates in the cities of Minneapolis and St Paul have […]

How To Find A Down Payment For A Duplex Someplace You Forgot

If you’ve ever thought about buying investment property you may have stopped short when you realized you had no idea where you’d come up with the down payment. Now that […]

How to Find Hidden Cash When You Buy A Twin Cities Duplex

I do a lot of math in my job. Which is funny, considering my history with high school algebra. Whenever I find a duplex I think may be of interest to a client, […]

How To Frustrate A Minneapolis Duplex Buyer’s Agent

While it may seem like an easy job, buyers agents actually do a great deal of work in coordinating showings for their clients. First, they coordinate windows of mutual opportunity […]

How To Get A Great Deal

A recent scan of the pending and closed duplex transactions in the Twin Cities since the start of the year stunned me. Now, nothing scientific here, just some observations. I […]

How to Get Others To Fund Your Retirement

Let’s conduct an experiment. Call your investment advisor and open an IRA or 401k. Then take $9000 out of your savings account and give it to him or her to […]

How To Get Paid $3000 To Short Sale Your Duplex

I had a duplex owner call yesterday who is staring down the barrel of foreclosure. And the government is willing to pay him up to $3000 to do a short sale. […]

How To Get Paid $34,000 To Buy A Minneapolis Duplex

In all the excitement over the first time home buyer $8000 tax credit, I’d almost forgotten that really, there’s even more money available for first time Minneapolis duplex buyers. How […]

How To Get Paid To Avoid A Duplex Foreclosure

Do you know how much the bank bid on your Minneapolis duplex at the sheriff’s sale? You should, because it could make you money. In the midst of this sour […]

How To Get Tenants To Help You Sell Your Minneapolis Duplex

Good tenants can be hard to find. Great ones even harder. As a result, one of the biggest concerns many Minneapolis duplex owners have many misperceptions about the inconveniences choosing […]

How To Help Your Duplex Sell: Even In A “Bad” Market

The other day, I saw a Minneapolis duplex where approximately 15 quarts of motor oil had been sprayed on the walls and floors. For the record, that is not a great […]

How To Keep A Good Tenant Without Going Broke

One of the greatest fears many Minneapolis duplex owners have is losing a good tenant. A good tenant is usually defined as someone who pays rent on time, keeps their […]

How To Keep From Freezing While Using The BRRRR Method for Creating Real Estate Wealth

If you’re at all familiar with BiggerPockets.com, then you’re familiar with the BRRRR method of building real estate wealth. For those of you who simply think I’m referring to buying […]

How To Keep Tenants Happy When Your Duplex Is For Sale

One of the biggest concerns many prospective duplex sellers have about putting their duplex on the market is that the tenants will be upset and leave. After all, nobody likes […]

How To Keep Tenants While You Think About Selling Your Duplex

Sometimes duplex owners who are thinking about selling their properties are not only on the fence about selling, but also what to do with tenants who are either under month-to-month […]

How To Learn Real Estate Investing – For Free

If you’ve ever dreamed about investing in real estate, but just weren’t sure how to begin, you can learn for free this Wednesday at the monthly Minneapolis-St Paul Cashflow game. […]

How To Lose Money Selling A Minneapolis Duplex

As the Minneapolis and St Paul duplex market heats up, some sellers may chose to be penny wise and pound foolish and sell their duplex themselves. In a seller’s market, this […]

How To Make An $8000 Down Payment On A Minneapolis Duplex

Remember when Congress abolished seller down payment assistance programs like Nehemiah and Ameridream last fall? At the time, many Realtors saw the move, however well-intentioned, as disastrous to the housing […]

How To Make Duplex Ownership Less Taxing

The start of a New Year is a great time to strategize for all the ways investment property ownership can benefit your year-end tax bill. That’s why CPA PamRicker of […]

How to Make Money Using Irene’s Rule of Real Estate

Since it’s Memorial Day, a time when we remember people we’ve loved and lost, I thought it would be nice to write about Irene and her Rule of Real Estate. […]

How To Make Your Duplex A Dream Getaway- And Get Paid For It

Do you ever hear about something so often in such a short period of time that before long, you’re pretty sure the universe is trying to tell you something? That’s […]

How To Make Your Minneapolis Duplex Short Sale Go Too Fast

If your duplex has been sold at the sheriff’s sale in the state of Minnesota, you still have six months to redeem or short sale the property, right? Not necessarily. […]

How To Make Your Payments And Still Qualify For A Duplex Short Sale

Starting November 1, underwater duplex owners who are not behind on their mortgages may qualify for a short sale if their loan is with Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. Prior […]

How To Never Evict A Tenant

What is the easiest way to never have to evict a tenant from your duplex? Screen them thoroughly before you let them move in. If you’re new to rental property […]

How To Obtain Maximum Tax Advantages For Your Minneapolis Duplex

It’s getting close to April 15, so it’s a good time to consider strategies to maximize your tax savings on your Minneapolis duplex. First, you’ll need to report the income […]

How To Pick The Right Realtor To Help Buy Your First Minneapolis Duplex

Over the last few weeks, a number of readers  from all over the country have about the $8000 first time home buyer tax credit, whether it applies to a duplex or multi-family […]

How To Reduce Property Taxes On Your Minneapolis Duplex

One of the challenges we’re facing as the result of the decline in values of Minneapolis and St Paul duplexes is high property taxes that reflect a market value that’s […]

How To Rehab Your Duplex Without Going To Home Depot

Many duplex owners and buyers believe the only way to make their property worth more is by swinging a hammer and grabbing a paintbrush. They spend hundreds, sometimes thousands of […]

How to Rent That Minneapolis Duplex Fast!

It seems new investors and first-time home buyers have two big concerns about their first duplex: vacancies and the toilet.   Vacancies are a concern of any landlord. The longer […]

How To Scrub Duplex Vacancies

One of the biggest mistakes I see new Minneapolis duplex investors make over and over again is that of over-improving a property. What do I mean? The new duplex owner thinks […]

How To Sell A Minneapolis Duplex In A Pandemic

If you need to sell your Minneapolis or St Paul duplex, you may have been wondering just how on earth you can sell a property in the midst of a […]

How To Sell Your Duplex And Own Investment Real Estate — Without the Headaches of Property Management

Things in life change. For many long term Minneapolis and St Paul duplex sellers, those changes include coming to a time when children, grandchildren, or a simple desire to simplify […]

How to Sell Your Duplex Doing Very Few Showings

Whether you’re a Minneapolis or St Paul duplex owner with a vacancy, or who had planned to sell in the spring, odds are the coronavirus has put your plans on […]

How To Sell Your Duplex Without Writing A Check to the IRS

Now that the market has nearly fully recovered from the economic crash of 2008, many long-term duplex and investment property owners who survived it are considering selling. Most are at […]

How To Sell Your Twin Cities Duplex Without Going Broke From Taxes

There comes a time in many of our lives when we want to slow down and simplify. For many Minneapolis and St Paul duplex owners, this decision often comes with […]

How To Un-Condo That Minneapolis Duplex

In the boom years of the housing market, one of the hot things investors loved to do was buy an apartment building or duplex, rehab and break them up legally, […]

How To Use A “Checkbook IRA” To Buy A Duplex

As I’ve discussed in the past, a self-directed IRA gives its owner the ability to invest in real estate, among other things. To be brief, the IRS allows you to […]

How To Use The Fair Housing Act To Screen Tenants

I am in the process of renting a vacant unit I just got done rehabbing. As I look for a new tenant, I am trying to use my experience with […]

How To Win The Minneapolis Duplex Bidding War – Keep The Big Picture In Mind

A week ago I put a south Minneapolis duplex on the market. Two days later, the seller had ten offers. So it’s true. It is a seller’s market for Minneapolis […]

How To Win The Minneapolis Duplex Sellers Race

Selling your duplex in the spring is like a track event at the Olympics. Countless Minneapolis and St Paul duplex, triplex and fourplex sellers heard the market was hot. So […]

How To Winterize Your Minneapolis Duplex From Vacancies

I don’t know about the rest of the country, but in Minnesota, many duplex owners have realized tenants don’t like to move in the winter. Why do I bring this up […]

How to Write Off Half of Your House When You Buy A Minneapolis Duplex

While most home buyers don’t consider it, there are countless reasons buying a duplex as your primary residence can can be a better finanical decision than buying a single family […]

How Walkable Is Your Duplex?

As going green has become increasingly important, I’ve suddenly had some of my duplex buyers  me they didn’t like the “walkability score” of a prospective property. What’s that? Well, it’s a score […]

How Will We Know We’re At The Bottom Of The Duplex Market?

If you’re going down hill, how do you know you’ve reached the bottom? After you’ve stopped going down. Trying to guess the bottom of the Minneapolis and St Paul duplex market […]

How Your Duplex Forbearance Agreement May Eventually Cost You A lot

Remember, your repayment schedule is determined between you and your lender. If your mortgage is federally backed, then whatever payments you missed will be added as payments to the end […]

How Your Duplex Investment Specialist Can Help You Have Bigger Pockets

Ever heard of the web site Bigger Pockets? It’s a great site full of useful information for both new and experienced real estate investors. From simple, basic investment strategies and […]

How Your Minneapolis Duplex Purchase Can Be Like A Wes Craven Movie

There’s nothing like a good adrenaline rush. That’s why people jump out of airplanes, line up for horror movies, watch the Vikings and fall in love. It’s also what some […]

How’s The Twin Cities Duplex Market?

The Twin Cities housing market is hot. But what about the duplex market? The area continues to be a seller’s market. A balanced market, where buyers and sellers have equal […]

HUD Flips Minneapolis Duplex Rules

Either someone at HUD is really smart, or they’re reading my blog. I’m inclined to think it’s the former. Last week I explained many rehabbers I work with were scrambling […]

HUD Reverses Position On $8000 Duplex Down Payment

Last week, HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan announced a government plan that would allow first time home buyers to use the $8000 tax credit as a down payment via a bridge […]

I Bought A Minneapolis Duplex, What Can I Do With The Tenants?

If you buy a duplex in Minnesota, odds are good you may inherit the previous owners tenants. This can be a good or a bad thing. Sometimes they are paying […]

I Sell St Paul Duplexes Too

I lost out on a duplex listing the other day because I “don’t specialize in St Paul”. This made me chuckle. The seller had the impression that because of the […]

If Every Minneapolis Duplex Seller Took The Summer Off…

If Minneapolis and St Paul residents decided to take the summer off from selling duplexes and houses, by the time school started, Realtors would have nothing left to sell. That’s […]

If The Fed Is Raising Rates, Why Are Mortgage Interest Rates Down?

For months we’ve heard the Federal Reserve will increase interest rates when they meet later this month. In fact, temporary Fed Chair Jerome Powell said just yesterday he fully intends […]

If You Just Can’t Learn Enough About Real Estate Investment…

If you’re like me, you can’t ever seem to learn enough about real estate investing. There is always something new to learn, and that’s why even after all these years […]

If You Need To Reach Me, Please Call

As of this moment, I am not very happy with GoDaddy. It seems they decided since I allegedly hadn’t responded to their request about asking me to convert to Office […]

If Your Duplex Buyer Can’t Find A Bank, Be One

Let’s face it. Due to foreclosures, short sales, job losses and tightened lending standards, fewer prospective duplex buyers can qualify for loans. Ultimately, this translates to fewer potential buyers for […]

If Your Minneapolis Tenant Doesn’t Know Where To Vote, It’s Your Fault

Have you told your tenants how and where to vote? If you’re a Minneapolis duplex owner, you are required to. In 2016, the city of Minneapolis passed an ordinance requiring […]

Increase The Green In Your Pocket By Going Green

The most important words to any real estate investor are “cash flow”. There are three ways you can improve your cash flow in your Minneapolis duplex: buy a different property, […]

Increase Your Duplex Cash Flow Through Short Term Rentals

Over the last few years, many of my investment property clients have told me they have dramatically increased the cash flow on their properties by furnishing a unit and using it as […]

Increase Your Duplex Sales Price Without Spending A Dime

During the recent real estate boom, selling small small multi-family housing (duplexes, triplexes and fourplexes) was almost as easy as simply sticking a “For Sale” sign in the ground and […]

Inflation: Why It May Make Your Duplex Worth Less

If you’ve been thinking of selling your Minneapolis duplex, pay attention. In recent weeks both Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen have indicated that an interest […]

Interest Rates Jump, Decrease Duplex Buyer’s Power

The average rate on a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage jumped to 4.95% on Friday according to Mortgage Daily News. At the start of the year, they were around 3.17%. In January […]

Interest Rates Make Minneapolis Duplex Sellers Jump

I have good news that has many prospective Minneapolis duplex sellers jumping for joy. No, settle down. Prices aren’t back to their 2006 levels. But — interest rates may not only help them […]

Interest Rates – That Little Topic Minneapolis Duplex Owners Keep Forgetting

For a decade now we’ve been hearing about the impending increase in interest rates. Whenever we’ve been told they’re going up they’ve either gone down or stayed the same. Maybe […]

Investing In Minneapolis Duplexes Is Like Fishing

Buying a Minneapolis or St Paul duplex right now is a lot like fishing. When the fish aren’t biting. I had a client contact me over the weekend. He is […]

Investment Property Demand Should Remain Strong

I spent the morning at the Minnesota Real Estate Journal’s 2015 Apartment Summit. The conference showcased eight separate panels of investors, researchers, lenders and multifamily property developers. Much of what […]

Investors Flee Duplex Market

According to the National Association of Realtors, just 15 percent of June’s housing sales were driven by investors. This is the lowest market share they’ve had since October, 2008. On […]

Is A $10 Rent Increase Worth The Hassle?

While talking about rent increases in tough economic times might be like pining for summer in the midst of a Minnesota January, it is nevertheless important to remember the enormous […]

Is A Duplex Property Manager Right For You?

If you’re thinking about buying your first duplex, you might think the best way to make it a low maintenance investment is to hire a management company. After all, they do […]

Is A Minneapolis Duplex Rent Bubble Next?

According to a recent report from Zillow, median rents for duplexes and other rental properties increased 3 percent between January of 2011 and 2012, while during the same period, home […]

Is A Shift In The Duplex Market Imminent?

Last week 15,000 Keller Williams agents descended on New Orleans for the company’s annual Family Reunion convention. I was one of the thousands who experienced three days of intensive training […]

Is A Third Floor Fire Escape Required in a Twin Cities Duplex?

I showed a three story duplex in southwest Minneapolis featuring a deck on every floor. There were stairs leading from the second story deck to the ground, but none from the third […]

Is Foreclosure Relief on the Way for Your Twin Cities Duplex?

President George W Bush signed into the law The Housing Stimulus Bill yesterday. Within five minutes, I received countless emails and phone calls inquiring as to what it all means. […]

Is It 2008 All Over Again?

How are you doing? Are you finding the most difficult thing during social distancing is your mindset? I am. I’ve been a licensed Realtor since 2008. In other words, I […]

Is It A Duplex Or A Unicorn?

The other day while doing a 3000 foot survey of the real estate available for sale in Minneapolis and St Paul, I stumbled into a duplex listed as a single […]

Is It A Good Time To Rent A Minneapolis Duplex? Or Buy?

Today’s Wall Street Journal real estate blog post debated whether or not it’s a good time to sign a lease. With higher vacancy rates due to unemployment, the article suggested rents will […]

Is It Cheaper To Own Than Rent A Minneapolis Duplex?

A reader recently asked me to name cities where it’s cheaper to own a property than rent. That’s a big question, but easy to answer. It’s cheaper to own than […]

Is Perception Reality In Duplex Sales?

Every Tuesday I try to report the cold hard facts about the Minneapolis duplex market, based on the numbers I pull from the regional multiple listing service. And while generally […]

Is That Minneapolis Duplex A Painted Lady?

Woodwork. Investors, owner occupants and single family home buyers all go crazy for woodwork. And for whatever reason, we all think woodwork is found in those grand two story Victorian […]

Is The Duplex Tax Credit About To Make A Comeback?

If you blinked over the weekend, you missed what might be the summer’s biggest news in the U.S. housing market. There was actually a conversation on CNN‘s “State of the […]

Is The Tax Credit On That Minneapolis Duplex Based On Before…or After?

The other day, a reader asked an outstanding question.  He’s in the process of buying a duplex using an FHA 203(k) construction loan and wondered what number his first time home […]

Is There A Reversal of Fortune Coming in the Minneapolis Duplex Market?

  There are some interesting trends starting to emerge in the housing market as evidenced by MAAR’s just released weekly activity report for the week ending November 1.   First, […]

Is There Light at the End of the Tunnel for Seller Funded Down Payments?

There’s reason for a bit of cautious optimism in Washington. On Tuesday, the House Financial Services Committee, which is chaired by Rep. Barney Frank, will review HR 6694. The bill […]

Is There Rent Control In Minneapolis Duplex Owners Future?

Better cash flow and higher resale value are just two of the many important reasons to keep the rents in your Minneapolis or St Paul duplex at or near market […]

Is This Duplex Owner In A Zone?

If you’re thinking of converting your duplex to a triplex, or adding bedrooms to your existing investment property, what city department do you call? Zoning? Building permits? Or, if you’re […]

Is Your Duplex Equity Earning All It Can?

If you purchased a duplex any time since 2007, chances are it’s worth a lot more now than it was. What this means is you now have equity in your […]

Is Your Duplex Equity Earning All It Can?

Many new and seasoned Twin Cities duplex and multi-family property investors decide whether to buy a property based on the cash on cash return they can get in their first […]

Is Your Duplex Manager On The Most Wanted List?

If you’re a Minneapolis duplex or investment property owner who’s in the market for a property manager or staff member, what’s the one thing you must do before you hire […]

Is Your Duplex Radioactive?

You many not know this, but all homes and duplexes in Minnesota can have dangerous levels of Radon in them. Radon comes from the soil. It is the result of […]

Is Your Minneapolis Duplex A Rotten Tomato?

As many of you know, the city of Minneapolis (as well as many surrounding communities) require duplex owners to have a valid rental license. This is true even if you […]

Is Your Minneapolis Duplex Right For A First Time Home Buyer?

A recent news story about the lack of houses for sale for Twin Cities first time home buyers said a lot about the duplex market without ever naming it at […]

Is Your Minneapolis Duplex Worth The Number You Want To Hear?

Is the Realtor who tells you the highest price for your duplex the best agent for the job of selling it? When it comes to getting a listing, some Realtors […]

Is Your Neighbor A Real Estate Investor?

How many Americans are real estate investors? Would you be surprised to learn almost as many as own ROTH IRAs (28.5 million) or shareholders in money marked funds (29 million)? […]

Isaac Newton’s Theory Of Minneapolis Duplex Sales

Just like Isaac Newton proved the existence of gravity, I can prove there is a shortage of Minneapolis duplexes for sale. Take the week ending January 21, for example. There were […]

It’s A Great Time To Be A Minneapolis Duplex Buyer Or Seller

If you read this morning’s Minneapolis Star Tribune,  you may have seen two articles that may affect your decision to either buy or sell a multifamily investment property in the Twin […]

It’s Cheaper To Own A Minneapolis Duplex Than Rent

There was a story in the Wall Street Journal yesterday that confirmed something I’ve known for a while. Renters have lost their edge on homeowners. In other words, in many […]

It’s Easy to Accidentally Commit Mortgage Fraud

We’ve all read the headlines about real estate scams in the recent boom years resulting in many of the foreclosures in the marketplace today. And, we’ve all heard about mortgage […]

It’s January And That Means It’s CRP Time

If you’re a Minnesota landlord, the end of January means one thing: Certificates of Rent Paid (CRPs) must be given to tenants no later than January 31. A CRP is […]

It’s Spring For Minneapolis Duplex Sellers

Like the first spring day after a long winter, the Minneapolis duplex market inspired hope the week ending April 12, 2014. For the first time in years, 100 percent of […]

It’s The Holiday Season – Reserve Your Duplex Chick Early!

Now that it’s cyber Monday, I thought I’d take the opportunity to suggest to all of you who are thinking of looking at duplexes when you head home to Minnesota […]

It’s Wait And See for the Duplex Market

I’m neither an economist nor a psychic. As a result, I can’t tell you what I think this morning’s proposed government intervention in the nation’s financial crisis will mean to […]

I’ve Got A Secret: My Duplex Is For Sale

If you’re a duplex owner who is considering selling, but are not quite ready to jump in with both feet, you might want to explore doing what’s known as a “Quiet […]

Join Other Twin Cities Duplex Owners to Discuss Today’s Important Issues

Please feel free to join us Tuesday, September 7, at 5 pm central as we resume our weekly Zoom calls where we discuss issues facing Minneapolis and St Paul housing […]

Join Small Landlords To Discuss Proposed Legislation and Rent Control

If you’re a Minneapolis housing provider, chances are you’ve received or seen my ads for the weekly Zoom call with Minnesota Multi-Housing Association’s Director of Government Affairs Marty McDonough. Perhaps […]

Join the Minneapolis Landlord Zoom Meeting – Today at 5

If you’re a Minneapolis duplex owner, you’re probably getting tired of hearing about my weekly Zoom meeting. Trouble is, I’m starting to learn that politics is a long game. And […]

Join Us Tonight For Discussion Of Proposals That Will Impact Landlords!

Just a reminder about tonight’s informational Zoom call at 5 pm. Join myself, Minnesota Multi-Housing Association Director Marty McDonough, and fellow Minneapolis landlords as we discuss: Just cause evictions Eviction […]

Keep Tenants On Your Holiday Shopping List

With just three shopping days left until Christmas, it’s a good time to remember that small gestures, like including your tenants in your gift giving, can go a long way […]

Keeping Granny’s Rent Low Can Save You Money

The other night, I showed a property where one an elderly tenant was home. Her unit, while impeccably maintained, clearly hadn’t been updated since the building was constructed in the […]

Keller Forecasts Long Road To Real Estate Recovery

Forgive my recent infrequent blogging. I am currently at the annual national Keller Williams convention in Florida; soaking up everything I can learn about the real estate market. Yesterday, company co-founder Gary Keller […]

Keller Williams Gets Out The Red

No matter where you live, you may have seen a bunch of Keller Williams agents in red shirts today. That’s because it’s Red Day. Red Day is always on May 10. It […]

Keller Williams Helps Duplex Owners Go Green

You may have noticed that several months ago the real estate broker’s logo on this page changed. This happened because I moved my real estate license to Keller Williams Realty. […]

Kindness Counts In Minneapolis Duplex Vacancy Rates

With national vacancy rates at their highest levels in 23 years, Minneapolis duplex owners are having to resort to innovative strategies to attract and keep tenants. While a fresh coat […]

Know the Duplex Next Door

I had a unique experience the other day while showing properties in one of my favorite “secret” neighborhoods. Well, I don’t know if it’s a secret exactly, but I do […]

Know The Story of St Paul’s Vacant Building List Before You Buy That Fixer Duplex

I was standing with a client in front of a St Paul duplex that was one whale of a deal last week when a neighbor passed. She abruptly informed us the property […]

Lack Of Tax Credit Slows Duplex Sales

I guess we can blame the absence of the first time home buyer tax credit for everything. Duplex sales for the week ending March 5 in Minneapolis and St Paul were down […]

Last of Minnesota’s Eviction Moratorium Ends

The last vestige of the pandemic-induced Minnesota eviction moratorium finally came to an end on June 1. The ban, which had run 9 months past the end of the federal […]

Learn The Latest On Rent Control

If you’ve been wondering whether the Minneapolis city council intends to put rent control on the November ballot, or how St Paul’s most restrictive in the nation rent control ordinance […]

Learn The Secret Of The Minneapolis Duplex Market

Was it really that long ago that “The Secret” was a national phenomenon? You remember “The Secret”; the runaway best-seller DVD and book which purported to share a long-hidden truth […]

Learn What MMHA Is Doing To Help Stop Minneapolis & St Paul Rent Control

Be sure to join us on our weekly Zoom call Tuesday, September 28th at 5 pm for a discussion with the Minnesota Multi-Housing Association‘s CEO  and President Cecil Smith. Smith […]

Lenders Give Delinquent Duplex Sellers A Gift– Sort Of

In an effort to show a bit of holiday goodwill, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac announced they will not foreclosue on delinquent duplex and single family home owners during the holidays. […]

Let A Duplex Put Your Kid Through College

Many duplex buyers I work with are first time home buyers who intend to start a family in the near future. Their goal is to live there until their family […]

Let A Duplex Save Your Energy

One of the most important pieces of information any Minnepolis duplex buyer or seller should have is a good, basic idea of how much utilities either do or should run. Sellers, […]

Let Fannie Mae Buy You A Refrigerator

Last week Fannie Mae announced it is offering a 3.5 percent incentive for buyers who purchase and close on a property they own between January 28 and April 30, 2010. […]

Let Fannie Mae Help You Become A Real Estate Investor

The other day I read a post by a Realtor in the advice section on a popular real estate site stating that FHA financing was not available for duplexes or any other […]

Let Microsoft Rehab Your Duplex

I saw a really easy duplex rehab opportunity yesterday. And it wouldn’t require a hammer, nails, or even a mop. In fact, it could be rehabbed using Microsoft Word. Because […]

Let Oprah Help You Become A Better Landlord

  When Oprah Winfrey retires, pundits will cite the countless ways in which she influenced American culture and expanded our lexicon. One of the words sure to be mentioned in […]

Let Uncle Sam Pay You to Buy A Minneapolis Duplex

If Uncle Sam offered you up to $7500 to buy a house, would you take it?  The U.S. House of Representatives thinks you might. The $819 billion economic stimulus bill passed […]

Let Your Duplex Speak For Itself

If you’re selling your Minneapolis duplex and a buyer’s agent wants to show it to a client, should you be there? No. Buyers want the opportunity to objectively look at […]

Let Your Minneapolis Duplex Go To The Dogs

You would think with all the foreclosures on the market and in the works, it would be tough to find a vacant duplex anywhere. And yet, recent media reports cite […]

Let Your Minneapolis Duplex Send Your Kids To College

I was visiting with a friend the other night who was lamenting the poor returns on the 529 college savings plans he had selected as a mean of planning for his […]

Let Your Tenants Fill Your Vacancy

In today’s affordable housing market, many Twin Cities duplex owners are getting THAT call from tenants. You know the one. It starts with, “I bought a house and am moving […]

Let’s Ask the Magic Eight Ball to Interpret Minneapolis Duplex Sales

  Are we at the bottom of the market? We could look at MAAR‘s weekly activity report this morning for hints. Then again, these numbers are confusing. We might have more […]

Letter Offers Great Ideas to Unlock Minneapolis Duplex Market

I’m feeling a little giddy this morning.  There’s a reason. See, I read a report on the Realty Times web site about a letter sent to the Senate Finance Committee last week. […]

Life, In All Its Phases, Happens in Rental Properties

Sometimes I get so caught up in the numbers side of owning a duplex that I forget my units are someone’s home. As someone’s home, it’s a place where life […]

List A Duplex As A Short Sale: Get A Realtor – FREE!

So if you’re facing foreclosure because you don’t have the money to pay your mortgage, how are you going to pay a Realtor to get the duplex sold as a short sale? […]

Loan Modifications Coming For Duplex Investors

Until now, it’s been difficult for upside down duplex investors to get the government-backed loan modifications available to owned-occupied duplexes and single family homes. In late January, however, the Obama […]

Location, Location, Restrictions – Why You Should Check With Your City Before Listing Your Twin Cities Short-Term Rental

In recent years, many Minneapolis and St Paul duplex and investment property owners have discovered the lucrative niche of offering short-term rentals on popular sites like Airbnb and VRBO.COM. In […]

Looking For A Good Property Manager? Ask The Right Questions

There often comes a time in a real estate investors career when managing his or her own properties isn’t possible. As a result, I am often asked if I can […]

Lose Your Fear of Buying A Minneapolis Duplex

Interest rates are at historic lows. With an unprecedented number of foreclosures, there is a plentiful supply of wholesale-priced duplexes on the Minneapolis market. And still, people don’t invest in real estate. Oh, […]

Make Buying A Duplex A 2011 Goal

As the year draws to an end, many of us are busy not only preparing for the holidays, but also goal planning for our business, financial and personal lives for […]

Make Your Vacation Home A Great Investment

If you already own a home or live in your duplex, you may want to explore the possibility of buying a vacation home for your own enjoyment, and as an […]

Mary Tyler Moore Did Not Walk Past Every Minneapolis Duplex

A bit of a rant… Sometimes I get frustrated with neighborhood “reputations”. There’s a lot of crap on the market right now.  It’s hard to believe, but finding a decent property at […]

May’s Twin Cities Duplex Sales Mixed

You may have noticed something feels different in the Minneapolis and St Paul duplex market. It feels like something changed; even though duplexes are still selling and prices remain strong. […]

Media Reports “Twin Cities Duplex Prices to Fall Until 2009!”

[youtube]http://youtube.com/watch?v=5G4O5AMSevc[/youtube]  Gasp! 2009? Why, that’s a whole year!  Or is it? It’s almost August. Let’s see: August, September, October, November.  Count ’em. Four months. FOUR MONTHS! I’m just having a […]

MHA Offers Simple Explanation of Minneapolis Duplex Tenant Laws

I scanned the Minnesota Multi-Housing Association’s web site earlier this week and happened upon a brochure I hadn’t seen before. Offered free of charge as a download, MHA’s “Apartment Living […]

Millenials Won’t Be Moving Out of Duplexes Soon

Is there a reason investment properties continue to be among the hottest sectors of the real estate market? The answer may be found with millenials. After all, a recent study […]

Minneapolis 2040: Do You Have A Better Plan?

I have to admit to being a bit befuddled by the opposition to the Minneapolis 2040 plan. The city’s proposal, which will be voted on by the city council in […]

Minneapolis Among Top Rental Markets

It’s a great time to be a landlord. According to the recently released All Property Management‘s Rental Ranking Report for the first quarter of 2015, the U.S. home ownership rate […]

Minneapolis and St Paul Duplex Sales Shatter Record

Wow. Just wow. The average sales price of a duplex in the Twin Cities seven-county metro area that sold in February was $422,208. Not only was that the highest average […]

Minneapolis and St Paul Want More Duplexes And Fourplexes In Your Neighborhood

Twin Cities real estate investors and duplex, triplex and fourplex owners…are you paying attention? Planners in both Minneapolis and St. Paul recently released drafts of their comprehensive plans for the cities […]

Minneapolis And St Paul’s Favorite Duplex Era

When I sit down with a prospective Minneapolis duplex buyer, one of the first questions I ask is whether or not they have a preference for an architectural style. Most […]

Minneapolis Bedroom Requirements Come Out Of The Closet

If I asked you to describe a bedroom to me, chances are that early on, you’d include the word “closet”. For most of us, a closet is a necessity in […]

Minneapolis Buyers Face Duplex Shortage

It’s hard to believe, but there’s a shortage of duplexes in some areas of the Minneapolis and St Paul markets. That’s exactly the opposite of what you’ve been told by other Realtors, […]

Minneapolis Buyers Urgently Need Duplexes!

If you’re even kinda sorta thinking about selling your Minneapolis or St Paul duplex, I sure could use your help. I currently have two sets of buyers facing rapidly approaching […]

Minneapolis Charter Commission Rules On Rent Control Vote

In a much-anticipated vote, the Minneapolis Charter Commission decided last week to end the city council’s proposal to allow for an amendment to be on the November ballot which, if […]

Minneapolis City Council Candidate Emily Koski To Speak With Housing Providers

Be sure to join us on Tuesday, September 21 at 5 pm for our weekly Zoom call where we discuss the challenges facing landlords and proposed ordinances on November’s ballot […]

Minneapolis City Council Cracks Down On Short-Term Rentals

The Minneapolis city council quietly and unanimously passed one of the most restrictive short-term ordinances in the country earlier this month. The ordinances restricts property owners to a single Airbnb […]

Minneapolis City Council May Override Mayor’s Veto

Last week Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey vetoed an ordinance proposal that would have given petitioners the power to put a rent control measure on November’s ballot. This differs from the […]

Minneapolis City Council Proposes Rent Control

I just received the following press release from the Minnesota Multi-Housing Association: “Tomorrow, three members of the Minneapolis City Council will give notice of ordinance and Charter Amendment introductions that […]

Minneapolis Duplex and Home Sales: Is The Sky Really Falling?

With yesterday’s headlines that Minneapolis housing values have dropped 9.1 percent it would be easy to make like Chicken Little and worry that the sky is falling. But before you reinforce […]

Minneapolis Duplex Buyers Are Couch Potatoes

Vegetation is something that usually happens during Minnesota winters. Yes, I know it’s green outside and there are plenty of weeds to pull and lawns to mow. But I’m talking […]

Minneapolis Duplex Buyers Busy At The Mall

It’s easy to blame a long holiday weekend for many things: weight gain, too much shopping, and, even, perhaps, a case of sagging Minneapolis duplex sales. Pending sales for the week ending […]

Minneapolis Duplex Buyers Can Now Put Less Down

There was a quiet bit of good news for Minneapolis duplex buyers in the mortgage market this week. PHH Home Loans and two of its mortgage insurance companies removed the “declining […]

Minneapolis Duplex Buyers Can’t Find A Thing

The Minneapolis and St Paul duplex shortage continues. For the week ending, March 2, 2013, there were 17 new duplex, triplex and four unit buildings newly listed for sale. Of […]

Minneapolis Duplex Buyers Can’t Find Minneapolis Duplex Sellers

Did you see the front page article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune yesterday about the shortage of Minneapolis and St Paul duplexes for sale? Yes, I know. The article actually […]

Minneapolis Duplex Buyers Face Empty Shelves

Shopping for a duplex or entry-level single family home in the Twin Cities right now is a bit like shopping at the mall ten days after Christmas. There’s not much […]

Minneapolis Duplex Buyers Find Little To Buy

The story in Minneapolis and St Paul duplex sales continues to be a lack of inventory. For the week ending May 19, 2012, there were 20 new duplex, triplex and fourplex […]

Minneapolis Duplex Buyers Get Ugly Sweaters

If people gave Minneapolis duplexes as Christmas gifts, this year recipients would be getting the equivalent of a whole lot of ugly sweaters. It isn’t that the gift givers have bad […]

Minneapolis Duplex Buyers Need to Become Lobbyists

I don’t usually write two blog posts in a day, today’s events in Washington DC compel me to do so. The Senate just passed the stimulus bill. Now it’s up […]

Minneapolis Duplex Buyers Should Get More Time To Shop

If you feel like you missed out on all the good deals before the expiration of the first time home buyer tax credit, there was some good news out of […]

Minneapolis Duplex Buyers Still Love to Shop

  While consumers reportedly stayed away from the malls before Christmas, lower interest rates seemed to put Minneapolis duplex and single family home buyers in a festive mood.   For […]

Minneapolis Duplex Evictions Are Weatherproof

The other day I was reminded of one of my favorite Minnesota eviction myths. This one in particular always makes me laugh.   Many tenants believe if they fail to […]

Minneapolis Duplex Foreclosure Freeze Thaws

It may be cold outside, but last month, Bank of America rather quietly thawed out its national duplex foreclosure freeze. What does this mean to you? Well, in south Minneapolis and parts […]

Minneapolis Duplex Foreclosures Slow

Last week you may have heard that duplex and single family home activity nationwide was at a 40 month low. This would explain why there are so few duplexes on […]

Minneapolis Duplex Homestead Tax All Relative

In today’s slower real estate market, many duplex home owners who have to relocate due to employment,  expanding families, or other life changes, are exploring moving family members in to their […]

Minneapolis Duplex Investment Property Seminar Tonight

Just a reminder; the Tom Lundstedt investment property seminar is tonight at 6:30 at the Westin Hotel in Edina. Thanks to event sponsor Keller Williams Realty, admission is absolutely free. Just […]

Minneapolis Duplex Investors Learn How To Be Landlords

Whether you’re a new or experienced Minneapolis duplex owner, or are simply thinking about becoming a real estate investor, you may find the Minnesota Multi Housing Association’s (MHA) upcoming class, […]

Minneapolis Duplex Investors Seize Opportunities

Investors have returned to the real estate market. According to a quarterly survey by  the real estate information firm Move.dot.com, one out of every eight home buyers in October was an […]

Minneapolis Duplex Listing Inventory Rises

Sometimes I sense something before I can prove it. For instance, over the last month or two, it’s felt as if there’s been a slowing in the Minneapolis and St […]

Minneapolis Duplex Listings Proove Duplex Chick Isn’t Crazy

In the last week, I’ve been calling traditional Minneapolis and St Paul duplex sellers — you remember them, they’re the people with equity in their properties, and asking if they […]

Minneapolis Duplex Market A Little Sore

As of late, the Minneapolis duplex market seems to have tendinitis in its throwing arm. It aims in the general direction of a recovery, but never seems to find an […]

Minneapolis Duplex Market A Stocking Stuffer

The Minneapolis duplex market was both naughty and nice the week ending December 12, 2009. As a result, there were fewer presents under the Minneapolis duplex market Christmas tree. Pending sales were […]

Minneapolis Duplex Market Better Than Rock Climbing

Working as a duplex Realtor in this real estate market is a lot like being an extreme sports junkie. There are plenty of challenges, moments of fear and then, exhilaration. I […]

Minneapolis Duplex Market Cause Oxygen Deprivation

Ever have a panic attack? You know– the one’s where you can’t breathe or think? I had one when I compiled the market statistics for Minneapolis and St Paul duplex sales […]

Minneapolis Duplex Market Causes Realtor To Duck

Shakespeare wrote, “Don’t shoot the messenger.” So why do I think it’s still a good idea to don a bulletproof vest? Perhaps because I don’t seem to have any good […]

Minneapolis Duplex Market Changes

There were some big shifts in the Minneapolis duplex market the week ending July 14, 2012. For example, for the first time in months and months there were fewer pending duplex […]

Minneapolis Duplex Market Continues To Tighten

If it seems like there’s a shortage of Minneapolis duplexes for sale, it’s because there is. Perhaps it’s because for many weeks we’ve seen statistics like this: For the week […]

Minneapolis Duplex Market Defies Urban Myth

Just like everywhere else, the state of Minnesota has its own folklore and urban legends. There’s the tale of Paul Bunyan and his big blue ox, Babe. We can’t forget the […]

Minneapolis Duplex Market Does It Again

Well, for the week ending April 11, we did it again. Not that it’s anything to be proud of. But just maybe there will come a day when we look […]

Minneapolis Duplex Market Drives Toward Summer

This spring has been a boom for Minneapolis and St Paul duplex buyers and sellers. So I’ve been showing and listing a lot of property. Unfortunately, that means a great […]

Minneapolis Duplex Market Evokes Chicken Little

Sometimes things that happen in the span of a single week in the Minneapolis and St Paul duplex market could cause a person to shout the sky is falling. Of […]

Minneapolis Duplex Market Feels Better

Can I just say I hate viruses? As in computer viruses that attack the laptop I blog about Minneapolis duplexes from. Grrr. Having vented, I now feel better. Thanks. For […]

Minneapolis Duplex Market Gets Skinny

If the Twin Cities housing market were on a diet, it would be featured in a Jenny Craig ad. For the week ending June 19, 645 single family home purchase […]

Minneapolis Duplex Market Gets Skinny

The Minneapolis and St Paul duplex market went on a diet the week ending March 8, 2014. The market was fat one year ago, when 22 duplex owners accepted offers […]

Minneapolis Duplex Market Goes Zen

MAAR issued its Weekly Market Activity Report this morning and by all appearances, housing transactions for the week ending January 30, 2010, remained in their meditative state. Pending single family […]

Minneapolis Duplex Market Headed Toward Balance

Balance, in a real estate market, is when there is a 5-6 month supply of single family home and duplex inventory available for sale in a given market. When this […]

Minneapolis Duplex Market Heads For The Basement

I’m starting to feel like the rain is ganging up on us. The summer has been full of tornado warnings and severe thunderstorm watches that have sent us all scrambling for the basement […]

Minneapolis Duplex Market Hints At Thaw

Believe it or not, in some sectors of the Twin Cities housing market have begun to thaw. In fact, it feels like spring: of 2006. Realtors and our clients are once […]

Minneapolis Duplex Market Is What It Is

The word for today is “is”. As in the Minneapolis and St Paul duplex market just “is”. For example, three months after the expiration of the first time and move up buyer […]

Minneapolis Duplex Market Looks Younger

If the Minneapolis duplex market were a person, I’d suspect it either had some Botox injections or a face lift. In other words, there’s something different about it; it looks better somehow, […]

Minneapolis Duplex Market Makes Its Own News

For the week ending April 23, 2011, there was some good news in the Minneapolis duplex market, some not so good news, and some information that was, well, just plain […]

Minneapolis Duplex Market Meteoric

As the deadline for the $8000 first time home buyer tax credit approaches, its impact on the Twin Cities real estate market continues to be meteoric. According to MAAR, in […]

Minneapolis Duplex Market No Longer In Park

There seem to be a lot more cars in the parking lot of my office late at night these days. And the Weekly Market Activity Report from MAAR explains why. […]

Minneapolis Duplex Market On A Diet

I’m trying to find positives in what’s happening in the Minneapolis and St Paul duplex market, and so I’ve decided to look at the sliding figures like a diet. Pending […]

Minneapolis Duplex Market On A Stick

As the markers of summer’s end approach in the form of back to school announcements and food on a stick, the Twin Cities duplex market shows no sign of letting […]

Minneapolis Duplex Market On The Move

With today’s release of MAAR’s Weekly Market Activity Report, it’s clear there is some movement on the Twin Cities real estate highway. The Realtor’s association reports the number of new single […]

Minneapolis Duplex Market Open For Interpretation

Look at the image to the left and tell me what you see. I don’t know what it is, let alone what it means; kind of like the real estate […]

Minneapolis Duplex Market Open To Interpretation

Sometimes interpreting the Minneapolis/St Paul duplex market is a bit like reading tea leaves. There might be some meaning in the patterns.  But they’re open to interpretation. For the week […]

Minneapolis Duplex Market Plays Red Light Green Light

Just when we thought the light might be turning green in the Twin Cities duplex market, statistics for the week ending November 21, 2009 continued to send mixed signals. The […]

Minneapolis Duplex Market Puts On Weight

Today’s real estate market is kind of like my favorite pair of jeans.  You probably have a pair too. The kind you wear regularly; because they’re comfortable, easy. They always […]

Minneapolis Duplex Market Race Heats Up

On your mark. Get set. Go! As the summer drew to an end, the race to qualify for the $8000 first time home buyer tax credit before the November 30 […]

Minneapolis Duplex Market Ready For Ripley’s

While the world’s smallest man didn’t buy or sell a Minneapolis or St Paul duplex the week ending June 25,2011, the market was, nonetheless, may have been enough of an oddity […]

Minneapolis Duplex Market Rebounds

The good news is the Minneapolis duplex market seems to be behaving like Dennis Rodman: catching up with most missed shots. For the week ending April 4, 2009, pended multi-family […]

Minneapolis Duplex Market Reverses Itself

OK, I’m officially going to call it a blip. For months now Twin Cities duplex sellers with equity in their properties have dominated every category of duplex sales. For the […]

Minneapolis Duplex Market Shrinks

If you’re considering taking advantage of the $8000 first time home buyer tax credit to buy a duplex, you’d better hustle.  Not only is time running out, but so is […]

Minneapolis Duplex Market Sick of Winter

Winter doesn’t seem to be quite done with the Twin Cities housing market, as it appeared to slip on the ice for the week ending February 13. Pending single family […]

Minneapolis Duplex Market Something To Sing About

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrnoR9cBP3o[/youtube]Mary Poppins said, “A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down.”  Since she was generally a pretty happy chick, I’ll go with her advice. For the week ending […]

Minneapolis Duplex Market: Sometimes It’s Good to Be Down

The last few years we’ve heard countless reports about the down numbers in real estate: sales are down, prices are down and, perhaps most importantly, all of us have been reported to […]

Minneapolis Duplex Market Stabilizes…For Now

For the moment, the Minneapolis duplex market appears to be stable. Before we all go singing “Ding, dong, the witch is dead”, let’s see what happened the week ending January […]

Minneapolis Duplex Market Statistics Refuse To Celebrate Holidays

While the Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors apparently isn’t releasing market statistics for the week ending December 21, 2009, I nonetheless have numbers to report in the duplex and small multi-family […]

Minneapolis Duplex Market Stays Hot

Historically low-interest rates and spring’s Covid-19 stay at home order appear to have helped prolong summer’s hot market for Twin Cities small multifamily properties in spite of the onset of […]

Minneapolis Duplex Market Still A Blockbuster

It seems all of the pieces are starting to fall into place to write a blockbuster script about an action-packed housing market recovery. Interest rates remain low. Prices are down. The government […]

Minneapolis Duplex Market Stops And Goes

The Minneapolis duplex market sent mixed signals during the week that ended on August 27. The average list price for a duplex, triplex or four-plex that left the market due […]

Minneapolis Duplex Market Studies Itself In The Mirror

The Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors released its weekly activity report last night, and it turns out that January of 2009 and 2010 are almost mirror images of one another. […]

Minneapolis Duplex Market Thinks About Getting Trendy

Well, the folks at MAAR seem to be celebrating both MLK Day and the presidential inauguration, so we’re left with taking a look at the small multi-family market activity for […]

Minneapolis Duplex Market Tied

It’s a tie. Most of the time, (in sports anyway), that isn’t necessarily a good thing. But when it comes to the Minneapolis duplex market, it’s an improvement; like wearing one. For […]

Minneapolis Duplex Market Tightens

To many Realtors and first time home buyers shopping for property it feels as if the market has begun to tighten. Both entry-level homes and duplexes are selling in multiple offers. […]

Minneapolis Duplex Market Wants To Be A Jet

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJnzenx73wc&feature=related[/youtube]There is something coming in the Minneapolis and St Paul duplex market. Like the song, in “West Side Story”, I don’t know what it is. But it’s a change, to […]

Minneapolis Duplex Market Warm Spot In Winter Chill

It’s been difficult to tell how the Twin Cities duplex and single family home markets have been performing the last couple of weeks due to the Thanksgiving holidays in 2007 and […]

Minneapolis Duplex Markets Like Night And Day

One of the most difficult concepts for Minneapolis buyers to understand is that right now, there are really two duplex markets. And seeing the differences in them is like looking […]

Minneapolis Duplex Owners Answer “D: None Of The Above”

Sometimes I think I should write questions for “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” See, I get a lot of questions I can’t answer in my job. They range from, […]

Minneapolis Duplex Owners: Don’t Forget The CRP Deadline

It’s once again that wonderful time of year when Minnesota duplex owners and landlords are required to fill out Certificates of Rent Paid (CRPs) for each of their tenants. Fun. […]

Minneapolis Duplex Owners Face Deadline

If you owned residential income property in the state of Minnesota in 2011, consider this a friendly reminder that your CRP (Certificate of Rent Paid) must be issued no later […]

Minneapolis Duplex Owners Get The Lead Out

Most duplex lovers swoon over the old buildings. You know the ones. They may have stained or leaded glass windows, hardwood floors, and even a built-in buffet. Some have a […]

Minneapolis Duplex Owners Have A Theme

I don’t know whether to call it a trend or a theme, but this week my real estate business has had one. First, the pilot light on the furnace in […]

Minneapolis Duplex Owners Hoarde Inventory

First glance at the Minneapolis duplex market statistics for the week ending September 1, 2012, suggest we’re experiencing some sort of hoarding of duplexes for sale. That is, until you look […]

Minneapolis Duplex Owners Lose Valuable Resource

One of the best resources in Minneapolis for restoring duplexes to their original charm and character queitly closed its doors last month. The ReUse Center just off of Lake Street, which […]

Minneapolis Duplex Owners’ Paperwork Due

While the procrastinators among us still have time, those who are more organized might like to get working on their Certificates of Rent Paid (CRP). Minnesota landlords are required to […]

Minneapolis Duplex Owners Recycle Parts For Charity

When the Re-Use Center closed last year, Minneapolis duplex owners lost a valuable resource for replacing hard-to-match items, as well as dispose of gently used but still useful pieces of […]

Minneapolis Duplex Owners See Changing Signs

If you could swear you’re seeing fewer “For Rent” signs in area lawns and windows, you’re right. A report by GVA Marquette Advisors released on Friday announced that Twin Cities vacancy […]

Minneapolis Duplex Owners Should Head For The Basement

The Minnesota Multi-Housing Association should hire Belinda Jensen. I don’t think she knows a thing about renting or owning duplexes. But I think a storm’s a comin’, and somebody needs to […]

Minneapolis Duplex Owners: Tell Your Tenants About Insurance

The recent tornado in north Minneapolis reminded me of how important it is that duplex owners encourage their tenants to get renter’s insurance. While the damage to a duplex or […]

Minneapolis Duplex Owners Throw Money Down The Drain

I’ve been showing a lot of duplexes lately, and I think I’ve noticed a trend. Duplex owners everywhere seem content losing money. How so? Nobody seems to have coin-operated washers […]

Minneapolis Duplex Ownership Requires Fair Play

With the passage of the first time home buyer tax credit, there will be many new Minneapolis and St Paul duplex owners learning to become landlords. One of the most important […]

Minneapolis Duplex Prices Double

Okay, it’s a fluke, but according to the most recent Minneapolis market statistics for the week ending January 5, 2013, duplex prices have more than doubled since last year. The […]

Minneapolis Duplex Prices Go Up

Would you be shocked to hear it’s a Minneapolis duplex seller’s market? Increasing prices are usually a sign of exactly that.  And according to CoreLogic’s July Home Price Index, average […]

Minneapolis Duplex Prices Rise

If you were a Twin Cities duplex owner thinking about selling, there’s likely one category of real estate activity you’re most concerned about: price. The good news for Minneapolis and […]

Minneapolis Duplex Prices Stay The Same

Well, I can’t tell you Minneapolis duplex prices were up for the week ending August 20, 2011. In fact, the average off-market price of $119,548 was just $66 shy of […]

Minneapolis Duplex Prices: We’re Almost There

In the past few days, you may have heard the median sales price for Twin Cities homes during June was all time high of $242,000; exceeding even the high water […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sale May Cause Taxes

For the first time in years, many Minneapolis and St Paul duplex owners are asking themselves, “What are my tax consequences if I decide to sell?” After all, an investment […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sale May End Soon

The buyer’s market is over. Buried in the Weekly Market Activity Report from the Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors was news that The Months Supply of Inventory in the marketplace […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales A Fable

Remember the Aesop’s fable about the tortoise and the hare? You know the one; where the rabbit challenges all the other animals in the forest to a race, and the […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales A Matter Of Perception

Four doesn’t seem like a lot of Minneapolis duplexes, triplexes or small multi-family properties, does it? But that’s exactly how much pended sales for the week ending April 16, 2011 […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales A Real Downer

Remember the Saturday Night Live character Debbie Downer who, no matter what anyone said, parlayed the conversation into bad news or negative information? Well, the Minneapolis duplex market was a […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales A Tough Puzzle

I’ve been puzzled by the Minneapolis and St Paul duplex weekly market statistics the past few weeks. Why? Well, the pieces don’t seem to make a complete picture. For instance, […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales: A Vote for Optimism

  There’s a lot of hope in the air today. And it isn’t limited to the voting booth.   In addition to the election, there is some encouraging news in the […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Act Like The Weather

Since the April 30 expiration of the first time home buyer’s tax credit, the Minneapolis duplex market has acted like it was winter. Sales slowed. New listings slowed. And, well, […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Answers Questions

If you have any doubt whether the bank moratorium on duplex foreclosures or the first time home buyer tax credits had an impact on the amount of new inventory coming […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Are Boring

The week ending February 11, 2012, brought more of the same to the Minneapolis duplex market. In fact, compared to the wild ride we’ve experienced the last several years, the […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales: Are We Happy Yet?

I don’t know about you, but after Wall Street’s news yesterday, I’m watching my economic mood ring, looking for any change in color. Is it turning red? As it does […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Beat Housing Market

We won! We won! OK, so nobody wants to be the leader in year over year home price declines, but I’m looking for a silver lining. If you haven’t heard, […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Become Predicatble

Sometimes, the news in the Minneapolis and St Paul duplex market just isn’t very exciting. Take, for instance, the week ending September 13. In many ways, it was almost exactly […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Bloom

Spring has finally arrived in the upper Midwest. Everywhere you look, lawns have turned greeen, tulips are in bloom and “sold” signs are hanging on properties. For the seven days […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Cause Math Anxiety

It’s Tuesday, which means MAAR released it’s weekly report of real estate activity in the Twin Cities metro area. It also means I spend half the day doing the calculations […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Challenge Vocabulary

Sometimes Minneapolis duplex numbers are difficult to write about. In this market, that’s from both a creative perspective and an emotional one. I’m just flat running out of metaphors, adjectives […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Cheap But Not Free

My apologies for being so late with this week’s Minneapolis and St Paul duplex market statistics. Sometimes life  has a funny way of getting in the way of blogging. But hey, you […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Continue Climb

When it comes to Minneapolis duplexes for sale, there’s good news to report. For the week ending April 14, 2012, Twin Cities duplex sales jumped 25 percent over the same week […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Continue Reporting Good News

Last week’s good news in MAAR‘s Weekly Activity Report continued for single family home sales for the week ending January 31. Want proof? New listings are down 15.3 percent from […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Continue To Be Trendy

At least the Minneapolis duplex market is consistent. Somewhat. The trend of dramatically fewer new duplex listings continued for the week ending November 12, 2011, with just 17 new duplex […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Dip While Prices Rise

What a difference a year makes. For the week ending June 9, 2012, Minneapolis and St Paul duplex sales were actually lower than they were for the same week one […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Do The Same Thing Over And Over Again

To some people, doing the same thing over and over and getting the same results is the definition of sanity. That must mean the Minneapolis duplex market must be pretty sane. […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Double

Minneapolis and St Paul duplex sales are seeing double. That’s because twice as many duplexes sold the week ending May 5, 2012 than did the same week one year ago. […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Duplicate Themselves

The more the Minneapolis duplex sales change, the more they stay the same. Take the week ending April 21, 2012, for example. There were 25 Minneapolis and St Paul duplexes, […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Experience Holiday Countdown

Holidays have a big impact on MAAR‘s Weekly Market Activity Reports. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the 4th of July, Christmas or Thanksgiving. Sales always seem to drop like the […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Explode

The Minneapolis duplex market is blowing up! For the week ending June 15, 2013, 26 duplex, triplex and fourplex owners received and accepted offers on their properties. Sixty-nine percent of […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Follow Pattern

OK, it’s official. The Minneapolis and St Paul duplex market is following a pattern. As in, becoming constant and predictable. Like the graphic they used to show when a TV […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Get Better

The Minneapolis duplex market appears to be healing. Now I didn’t say “healed”, or “cured”, but things DO seem to be improving. For example, for the week ending October 13, there […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Get Hot

The week ending July 12, 2014 saw both the temperature outside and the Minneapolis and St Paul duplex market heat up. Eighty percent of the 15 sellers who accepted offers […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Go Retro

There’s something vaguely familiar about what’s going on in certain sectors of the Minneapolis housing market right now. I’m starting to get a vibe that  feels like old times. If you’re out […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Go To The Movies

Remember the movie The Incredible Shrinking Woman? After being exposed to a mix of household chemicals, the lead character, played by Lily Tomlin, inexplicably begins to shrink. This, of course, […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Go Up North

The Minneapolis/St Paul duplex market took an extended holiday over the week of the 4th, with most buyers apparently choosing to stay “up north” at the cabin for the week […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Head Toward Fall

Let’s get back on track this fall by taking a look at what happened in the Minneapolis and St Paul duplex market the last week of August, 2015. There were […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Headed For The Super Bowl

Like the Vikings, the Minneapolis duplex market seems to have risen from the ashes since last season. Take, for example, the total market domination by traditional sellers. You remember those folks. They’re […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Help Plumbers

Plumbers will probably be happy with Minneapolis duplex sales the last week of June. Because twenty-three Minneapolis and St Paul duplex sellers received and accepted purchase agreements on their properties. Of […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Hold Ground

Sometimes when you’re falling down the side of a mountain, just holding ground is good. And that’s exactly what the Minneapolis duplex market did the week ending December 11. For […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Hop Along

This year, the Easter bunny may have laid a bit of a pre-holiday egg to the Minneapolis duplex market. The number of duplex, triplex and fourplex owners who received and accepted […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales In Exciting Photo Finish!

The Kentucky Derby is still a month away, but the Minneapolis duplex market is acting as if it’s running in a qualifying. For the week ending March 19, the duplex and small multi-family […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Jump 36 Percent

In what is unofficially considered the last week of the winter Minneapolis duplex market, pre-Super Bowl duplex sales and new listings continued to behave as they have for months. In […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Like A Chocolate Shortage

If a store sells 15 candy bars a day, but stocks just 5 more every night, how long will it take before it runs out of candy bars to sell? […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Marvel-Ous

Like comic book super heroes, Minneapolis and St Paul duplex sales took off the week ending May 12, 2012. Thirty-three cape-wearing duplex, triplex and four unit building owners accepted offers […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Neck And Neck

If Minneapolis and St Paul duplex sales were a horse race, the second week of June in 2014 would win by a nose. Last year there were 26 duplex, triplex […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Need A Kardashian

Minneapolis duplex sales numbers are tough to write about. In fact, if the weekly statistics were a reality show, this week they’d be the most boring hour on television.  For the […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Need A Publicist

I can’t believe there aren’t any headlines or special news bulletin interruptions. After all, what is a balanced real estate market? One where there are an equal number of duplex buyers […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Need Another Tax Credit

This morning the National Association of Realtors reported its June index of purchase agreements for existing homes was down 19 percent from the same month one year ago. The two regions […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Need Rain

The Minneapolis and St Paul duplex market continued to suffer a drought of new inventory the week ending July 21, 2012. While there were 31 new listings for the week, […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales: Nothing To Buy

Something’s happening in the Twin Cities house and duplex markets. New duplex listings for the week e000 firstnding January 9, 2010, were down 36 percent from their market one year […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Offer Clues

Mrs. White, in the library, with a candlestick. Signed purchase agreements up 53.8 percent from a year ago, sales of homes under $250,000 up 40 percent over the same stretch […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Offer More Of The Same

Sometimes it seems like the more things change, the more they stay the same. Take Minneapolis and St Paul duplex sales, for example.  For the week ending May 14, 2011, there […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Produce A Rainbow

It would be easy to look at the data for the Minneapolis duplex market the week ending October 8, 2011, and decide all of the rays of sunshine we’ve seen […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Provide No Answers

When I compile the weekly duplex market statistics for the Twin Cities, I try to spot trends. Is the market picking up? Is it slowing down? Where are prices going? […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Pull An All-Nighter

Well, it’s the Continuing Education deadline for Realtors is today. As a result, there’s a mad scramble around the office as we procrastinators try to finish up the last of our state […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Reflect Tax Credit

There were fewer Minneapolis and St Paul duplex, triplex and four unit apartment building sales for the week ending April 30, 2011, than there were for the same week last year. […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Require Double Take

Clean your glasses and wipe your computer monitor, because you’re not going to believe your eyes when you read the news about the Minneapolis and St Paul duplex market. Duplex sales are […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Require Shades

Outside, the temperature may be dropping as we head into fall, but the Minneapolis duplex market is heating up. In fact, I had to check my sales thermometer twice this […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Rewrite Themselves

Sometimes Minneapolis and St Paul duplex sales seem to have unwritten rules. Take, for example, the week ending April 13, 2013. There were 18 duplex, triplex and fourplex owners who […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Round The Bases For Home

As the $8000 first time home buyer and $6500 repeat buyer tax credits round the bases for home,  the Twin Cities housing market appears to be staging a late inning rally. […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Send Mixed Messages

Which do you want first? The good news? Or the bad? Chances are you’ve already heard the bad on CNN or MSNBC. The monthly Standard & Poor’s/Case-Shiller National Home Price […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Shift Gears

Minneapolis and St Paul duplex sales moved from second to third gear the week ending April 28, 2012. Nowhere is this more evident than in the market share of short sale and bank […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Show No Signs Of Slowing

The duplex sales engine kept rolling at a healthy clip for the week ending September 27, as pending sales of property were again up 144 percent over the same time last […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Slow

Minneapolis and St Paul duplex sales were down for the week ending August 17, 2012. There were 19 duplex owners who received and accepted purchase agreements. During the same week last […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Still Cold

In spite of a new year and historically low temperatures, Minneapolis and St Paul duplex buyers and sellers acted as if it was late 2013 during the second full week […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Survive Holiday Freeze

The week between Christmas and New Year’s appears to be one of the most consistent for the Minneapolis and St Paul duplex market. After all, in 2013, there were 9 […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Take Early Holiday

During the week ending November 6, 2010, pending Minneapolis duplex sales apparently heard Christmas music in the stores and took an early holiday; plummeting 55.8 percent from their mark during the same week […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Take Off

If you’ve been waiting for Minneapolis and St Paul duplex values to skyrocket before putting yours on the market, your time may have arrived. After all, the average list price a […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales The Same. But Different.

If you were to look at two pictures side by side; one of Minneapolis duplex sales for the week ending June 18, 2012, and the other for the same week […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Too Hot

Looking for a Minneapolis or St Paul duplex to buy is a little like being stuck in your house during this recent heat wave with a broken air conditioner. No […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Trend Changes Again

Just when I think I’m on to the latest trend, things change. Just like the Minneapolis and St Paul duplex market just did. For the previous four weeks, we saw […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Trends Continue

For the week ending August 6, 2011, the trends we’ve seen for most of the summer in Minneapolis duplex sales continued. There were 20 duplex listings whose owners received and […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales: Trick? Or Treat?

Like late night trick or treaters, first time home buyers appear to be filling their pillow cases full of Halloween houses before the expiration of the $8000 tax credit. Proof? […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Up Again

It’s Tuesday. Which means it’s time once again for the Weekly Market Activity Report from our friends over at the Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors. For the week ending June 13, […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Warm For Fall

As we drift into fall and temperatures start dropping, the Minneapolis and St Paul duplex market continues to generate heat. For the week ending September 29, 2013,  there were 25 […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Weekend At The Lake

MAAR released its weekly activity report today and, once again, due to Labor Day falling late this year, it skews any comparisions of the first weeks of September for 2008 and […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sales Work Through Vacation

Sorry for my absence. I needed a little time in the sun. I’m happy to report, however, that in my absence, Minneapolis and St Paul duplex sales went charging on […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sellers An Endangered Species

In recent months, you’ve probably heard from countless Realtors and national media talking heads that it’s a great time to sell your house or duplex. If you’re like me, you […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sellers Apply Sunscreen

February’s the time of year when many Minnesotans flee the state in search of warmer climates. Apparently this year, all of the Minneapolis and St Paul duplex sellers went with […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sellers Catch On

After countless elbow nudges and hints, is it possible Minneapolis and St Paul duplex owners have finally caught on and decided to sell? For the week ending March 30, 2013, […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sellers Catching On

Minneapolis and St Paul duplex sellers – you got the hint! Maybe. For the week ending January 19, 2013, there were 30 new duplex listings that came on the market. […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sellers Come Out In Numbers

The biggest news in the Minneapolis and St Paul duplex market for the week ending September 6, 2014 is the absolutely robust number of new listings that came on the […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sellers Do Happy Dance

Minneapolis duplex sellers who don’t need to ask a bank if it’s ok to sell their property are BACK! Well, at least for the week ending July 30, they were. Traditional […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sellers Don’t Make Sense

The Minneapolis and St Paul single family home market looked a little down the week ending January 4. After all, new listings dropped 18.7 percent from the same week last […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sellers Drive Like Danica

If last year’s Minneapolis duplex market and this year’s were race cars, 2013 would have just lapped 2012. For the week ending April 6, there were 24 Minneapolis and St […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sellers Get Paid

It appears during the week ending May 18, 2013, Minneapolis and St Paul duplex sellers and buyers came out in droves. Twenty-four of the sellers already on the market accepted purchase […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sellers Giving Thanks

Minneapolis and St Paul duplex sellers have a lot to be grateful for this Thanksgiving. For the week ending November 12, 2012, there were 11 Twin Cities duplex, triplex and […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sellers Have Hoarding Problem

Apparently, Minneapolis and St Paul duplex owners have some deep emotional ties to their investment properties, because they’re not putting them on the market to sell. New duplex listings for the […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sellers Have Long Wait For Rebound

There has been a lot of encouraging real estate news in the media lately. While this is wonderful, it has lead a lot of  prospective Minneapolis duplex sellers to believe […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sellers in Short Supply

The Minneapolis and St Paul duplex market continued to suffer from a lack of inventory during the month of March. There were 62 duplex owners who successfully sold their duplexes, […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sellers Love 2012

What a difference a year makes in the Minneapolis duplex market. In the second week of August, 2011, there were 24 duplex owners who accepted purchase agreements on their properties. […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sellers Make A Comeback

The last few years duplex sellers in Minneapolis and St Paul were almost as endangered as black rhinos. Duplex owners found themselves upside down, in an environment with little lending options […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sellers Make News

There was big news in the Minneapolis and St Paul duplex markets the week ending July 13, 2013: there were twice as many new listings as there were one year […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sellers Make News

There was big news in the Minneapolis and St Paul duplex markets the week ending July 13, 2013: there were twice as many new listings as there were one year […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sellers Missing

Where are the traditional Minneapolis and St Paul duplex sellers? You remember them, right? They’re the ones who don’t have to get a bank’s permission to sell their duplex. Because […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sellers Pretend It’s Spring

Winter has officially arrived in Minnesota when the ground freezes. It could be said, however, that the Twin Cities duplex, triplex and fourplex market declares winter’s arrival when the number […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sellers Race For Gold

Right now, the Minneapolis duplex market is a little bit like buying your way on to a winter Olympic team for a country that doesn’t have any snow. There just […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sellers Rush To Beat Tax Credit

Thank God that shipment of newly listed single family homes and duplexes hit the market just in time for the expiration of the first time and repeat buyer tax credits. […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sellers See Life In Winter

Some Minneapolis duplex sellers often hibernate at the first sign of winter. The irony is, many duplex buyers do not. For the week ending November 2, 2013, there were 21 […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sellers See Signs Of Spring

It’s finally starting to feel like spring in Minneapolis and St Paul. During the week ending March 22, 2014, however, this spring’s duplex market felt a lot like last year’s. […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sellers Shake Off The Rust

It’s been so long since I had this kind of news that I actually had to sandblast off the rust in order to be able to type the next sentence… The number of new duplex, […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sellers Should Stay Indoors

Should we plan a party? Why? One word. Double. Before we celebrate in the streets, it’s important to note this year’s average was greatly influenced by pended sales in the […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sellers Sleep Better

Wake me. I must be dreaming. Minneapolis duplex sales just went up. For the week ending October 9, 2010, 29 duplexes pended on the Twin Cities MLS. That’s four more […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sellers Spin Sales On Their Fingertips

If the weekly Minneapolis duplex sales statistics were a basketball game, traditional sellers would be the Harlem Globetrotters, while  lender-mediated duplexes played the Washington Generals. There were  18 Minneapolis and St Paul […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sellers Stick With Tradition

Thank goodness for traditional Minneapolis duplex sellers. You know who they are. They’re the ones who have equity in their duplexes and as a result, don’t have to get a […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sellers Stick With Tradition

Thanksgiving is about traditions. And when it came to Minneapolis duplex sales for the week ending November 26, the real estate market was too. Eight duplex owners received and accepted […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sellers Still In Charge

The Minneapolis and St Paul duplex market kept humming along the week that ended on June 6, 2015. In that time, 23 Twin Cities duplex, triplex and fourplex sellers accepted […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sellers Take A Snow Day

It may be a snow day in the Minneapolis, but whether duplex buyers are looking at properties in snow shoes or arriving via sled dog, they are still buying them […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sellers Take Control

If there was a moment in time when the Minneapolis duplex market began to shift from a buyer’s to a seller’s market, it might have been during the last week of October […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sellers Take Over

It’s official. Minneapolis and St Paul duplex owners know it’s a great time to sell a duplex. So much so that duplex sellers with equity contributed a whopping 74 percent […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sellers Work Through The Holidays

Before we dash into 2012, we need to take a look or two over our shoulders at exactly what happened in Minneapolis duplex sales at the end of 2011. For […]

Minneapolis Duplex Sellers Work Through The Holidays

While many people are busy with holiday preparations, the Minneapolis and St Paul duplex market kept working. In the week ending December 7, 16 duplex, triplex and fourplex owners accepted […]

Minneapolis Duplex Short Sales: Can You Wait For A Great Deal?

One of the most frustrating transactions in today’s real estate market for buyers, sellers and Realtors is the short sale. As discussed here before, a short sale is when a property is […]

Minneapolis Duplex Short Sales May Be Your Prince

With just hours left to take advantage of either the $8000 first time home st  buyer or $6500 repeat buyer tax credits, you may find the inventory of decent dupelxes offered […]

Minneapolis Duplex Short Sales May Get Shorter

One of the biggest obstacles to recovery in the real estate market is the glut of short sales on the market. See, the very term, “short sales” is something of […]

Minneapolis Duplex Shortage Brings Sellers A Financial Winfall

When I tell clients there is a limited supply of duplexes, triplexes and small apartment buildings on the market in Minneapolis and St Paul, they often look at me as […]

Minneapolis Duplex Shortage Continues

Following last week’s celebration of an increased number of Minneapolis duplexes for sale, things returned to their “shortage” status this week. The number of new duplex listings on the Twin Cities […]

Minneapolis Duplex Shortage Continues

You may have heard there’s a shortage of duplexes for sale in Minneapolis, St Paul and the surrounding suburbs. The rumors are true. Last month, there were only 205 active […]

Minneapolis Duplex Tax Credit Extension Just A Bill

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEJL2Uuv-oQ[/youtube]With news out of Washington last night that the Senate decided to extend the $8000 first time home buyer tax credit as well as expand it to include  some repeat buyers, […]

Minneapolis Duplex Tenants May Become Harder To Find

Let’s talk about something we haven’t discussed in a while: vacancy rates. First, the vacancy rate is the percentage of built units in an area that are currently vacant and […]

Minneapolis Duplex Theme: Make More Money!

Sometimes it seems like there’s a theme when I meet with Minneapolis and St Paul duplex owners who are thinking of selling. The past few weeks have been a very […]

Minneapolis Duplex Vacancies Up: Sort Of

Minneapolis duplex and apartment vacancy rates saw a slight increase in the fourth quarter of 2011, according to Marquette Advisors. (The report doesn’t measure duplexes specifically, but lumps everything into […]

Minneapolis Duplexes Continue To Be Scarce

As of today, there are 209 active duplex, triplex and fourplex properties actively listed on the Minneapolis and St Paul MLS within the seven county metro area. To put things […]

Minneapolis Duplexes Get Harder To Find

OK, would everybody PLEASE put your duplexes on the market? Call me crazy, but I have a long list of buyers and, believe it or not, there’s not enough good duplexes out there […]

Minneapolis Duplexes Hibernate In Winter Too

Whether it’s a single family home or duplex, new listings for the week ending December 26, 2009, appear to be in for a long winter’s nap. MAAR reported today that […]

Minneapolis Duplexes Make Like Waldo

OK, where are all the Minneapolis and St Paul duplexes that should be getting bought and sold? Maybe they’re hiding with Waldo. It isn’t that people aren’t looking to buy. […]

Minneapolis Duplexes Run Negative Campaign

I think all the Minneapolis duplex buyers were busy filling out absentee ballots the week ending October 23; because they sure weren’t out buying properties. Just 18 duplexes received purchase agreements. […]

Minneapolis Duplexes Sell In Twos

For the first time in ages, there were more new Minneapolis and St Paul duplex, triplex and four-plex listings that came on the market for the week ending February 25, […]

Minneapolis Duplexes Take Up Skydiving

The Minneapolis duplex market for the week ending October 16, 2010, was a bit like falling out of an airplane at 10,000 feet. We were a bit higher than last […]

Minneapolis Duplexes – Why Energy Efficiency May Be The New Granite

If you are a Minneapolis rental property owner, instead of upgrading your units with granite countertops, it may be time to go green. Last month, the Minneapolis City Council approved […]

Minneapolis Duplexes With Negative Cash Flow A Thing Of The Past

I was reading through some old topic threads on a real estate web site the other day and saw a Realtor comment that, “Duplexes are hard to cash flow”. The post was […]

Minneapolis Duplexes Worth A Little Bit More

With the release yesterday of the first quarter 2012 Case-Shiller Home Price Index, Minneapolis and St Paul duplex sellers got a bit of good news. The index showed that Minneapolis […]

Minneapolis Equity Duplex Sellers Take Charge

What a difference one year in the Minneapolis and St Paul duplex market makes. Last year, in the second week in March, banks still dominated the duplex sales and new […]

Minneapolis Explores Giving Tenants Right of First Refusal

In the midst of a pandemic, the Minneapolis City Council has seen fit to continue studying a proposal that if passed, would require landlords who want to sell the right […]

Minneapolis FHA Duplex Buyers May Need More Down

If you’ve been waiting until after the holidays to buy a duplex, it may prove you may want to get out of the mall and into my office. Why? It […]

Minneapolis Holiday Duplex Sales Beat 2007 Mark

Shoppers may have avoided the malls during the 2008 Christmas season; perhaps because low interest rates and bargain basement prices lured them away to shop for Twin Cities duplexes.   […]

Minneapolis Housing Market Shows Its Personalities

I’m going to date myself here, but do you remember “Sybil”? “Sybil” was a book/movie about a woman with more than 13 different personalities– all wildly different from each another. Like the Minneapolis […]

Investment Property Sales Decline in 2008

The National Association of Realtors announced today that the combination of investment and vacation home sales dropped to just 30 percent of all new and existing home transactions in 2008. […]

Minneapolis Investment Property Sales Experience Heat Wave

Sometimes little improvements are everything. For example, ten degrees doesn’t usually mean much. Until it’s -14 degrees anyway. When the temperature climbs to -4, it feels like a heat wave. […]

Minneapolis Investment Realtor Declares Spring

It’s the last week of winter. Well, OK, so maybe we’ve got a month or three left of snow and cold temperatures. But when it comes to the Minneapolis duplex […]

Minneapolis Landlord Zoom Meeting Tonight

If you’re a Minneapolis duplex owner and are either unclear as to what the city council’s proposed ordinances mean to you or are frustrated by the governor’s eviction moratorium, learn […]

Minneapolis Landlords Get A Break Too

The Federal Housing Finance Agency, which oversees Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, announced earlier in the week that the two mortgage insurance entities will give multifamily property owners a break […]

Minneapolis Landlords Get Good News

Apartment vacancy rates in the Twin Cities just dropped to a two-year low of 4.2 percent, according to GVA Marquette Advisors. According to GVA’a “Apartment Trends” market report, this is […]

Learn What Proposed Minneapolis Rent Ordinances May Mean For You

Just cause evictions, credit and background restrictions, eviction moratoriums, tenants opportunity to purchase and rent control! If you’re a Minneapolis landlord, with all of the ordinances and legislation both passed […]

Minneapolis Landlords Work To Be Heard

If you were one of the 100 landlords who attended tonight’s Zoom call, or one of the many who tried to join and found the call was full, here is […]

Minneapolis Looks To Restrict Tenant Screening and Background Checks

If you’re a landlord in Minneapolis, and you read this morning’s Minneapolis Star Tribune and saw the headline, odds are you’re upset this morning. I’m not referring to any news […]

Minneapolis May Allow Grandma To Live In The Garage

Granny flats. Mother-in-law apartments. Non-conforming units. We’ve all seen them. Many of us have either thought about adding them or gone ahead and done so without addressing the city’s required […]

Minneapolis Multifamily Sector Fares Better Than Most

While apartment buildings and small multi-family properties might be not be identical twins, they are, nonetheless, siblings. That’s why a report issued by National Association of Realtors research economist George Ratiu  last […]

Minneapolis Named Best Place To Buy

Last week the web site Trulia.com ranked Minneapolis/St Paul number one on its list of America’s Top Ten Cities To Buy Vs. Rent. To come up with their rankings, Trulia […]

Minneapolis Passes Accessory Dwelling Unit Zoning Code Amendment

The Minneapolis City Council passed a zoning code amendment on December 5, 2014, which allows accessory dwelling units (ADUs) citywide on lots with single family homes or duplexes. An ADU, […]

Minneapolis Plans To Lift Investor ADU Restrictions

Got a tall, vacant attic? A big, dry basement? Have you thought about adding another unit but stopped when you learned what it took to rezone a Minneapolis duplex? Then […]

Minneapolis Real Estate Market Gains Weight

The Minneapolis real estate market is like someone who just can’t stop eating. No matter how much it needs to not put another piece of chocolate in its mouth without […]

Minneapolis Real Estate Still The Best Investment

Last month Bankrate released its latest Financial Security Index poll, and discovered one fourth of the respondents said they would rather invest in real estate with money they won’t need […]

Minneapolis Reminds airbnb Landlords They’d Like Their Share

Did you make a fortune using your Minneapolis home or duplex as an Airbnb or VRBO rental during the Super Bowl? Many Twin Cities residents did and have found the short-term […]

Minneapolis Rent Control Battle Begins

The Minneapolis City Council has scheduled a public hearing for February 24 to discuss their proposed Rent Control Charter Amendments before the Policy & Government Oversight Committee. There are two […]

Minneapolis Rent Control Efforts Still Underway

With November’s elections seeming more distant in the rearview mirror, it might be easy for Housing Providers to think the battle against rent control in Minneapolis and St Paul is […]

Minneapolis Rent Control Hearing Set for February 24th

The Minneapolis Policy and Government Oversight Committee will hold a public hearing on rent control Wednesday, February 24th at 1:30 pm. Minnesota state law prohibits rent control unless it is […]

Minneapolis Requires Owners to License Relatives

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported last week that the city of Minneapolis has changed the rules for “relative homesteading”. Relative homesteading is when an individual owns a second home, and allows […]

Minneapolis Short Sale Duplexes: Who Gets The Rent?

Believe it or not, some distressed duplex sellers have told me they would rather suffer the potential tax consequences and black mark of foreclosure on their credit report than save […]

Minneapolis Single Family Home Sales Decline

If there’s news to report about the Minneapolis and St Paul duplex market for the week ending September 7, 2013, it actually isn’t about investment properties… It’s about single family […]

Minneapolis Spring Duplex Market Is Here

While the weather may not reflect it, the Minneapolis and St Paul spring duplex market has arrived. Nowhere was this more evident the week ending February 21, 2015, than in […]

Minneapolis Spring Duplex Market Warming Up

There may be snow on the ground, but buyers and sellers in the Minneapolis and St Paul duplex market believe it’s spring. In the week ending March 14, 2015, there […]

Minneapolis & St Paul Landlords – Emergency Aid For Tenants

If you’re a Twin Cities duplex owner, your tenants may be facing financial challenges due to the coronavirus pandemic. Of course, when tenants can’t pay rent, sooner or later it […]

Minneapolis & St Paul Pass Short-Term Rental Ordinances

Minneapolis and St. Paul duplex, triplex and apartment building owners have discovered an additional and often lucrative income stream: short-term rentals. Whether it’s renting out a one bedroom unit for a […]

Minneapolis Threatens Duplex Rationing

These days, there are so few new Minneapolis duplex listings coming on the market that I’m convinced some one’s going to have to start giving out ration coupons. Really. There’s […]

Minneapolis Tops The Nation In Rental Demand

We may not win Super Bowls or Stanley Cups in the Twin Cities, but we are tops in one very important number. The Minneapolis-St Paul metro has the tightest vacancy rate […]

Minneapolis/St Paul Duplex Markets Open To Interpretation

Sometimes the Minneapolis and St Paul duplex market looks like a Jackson Pollock painting; all-over the place. In the small multi-family property market for the week ending June 12, 40<