When You Buy Your Twin Cities Duplex, Watch Out for Minnesota Nice

HotdishOver the years, I’ve been lucky to be able to help a number of people relocating from other states find homes in Minnesota.

Some grew up here and after sojourns on the east or west coasts, were returning to start or be near families. Others grew up elsewhere and moved due to a job transfer or to attend school.

It seems like I consistently hear one complaint. Minnesota Nice…isn’t.

Oh sure, the natives to the state are friendly enough. They wave when they pull in their driveways. They talk about getting together some time, or having the neighbors over for dinner. And then don’t. Everyone’s busy with their lives. Or their families. Or going “up north”.

It’s just flat difficult sometimes to make friends here. I’m not alone in hearing this. In fact, every now and then there are continuing education courses offered for Twin Cities Realtors about how to help our clients overcome this.

At one such event I heard of an organization called I’m Not From Here. They’re a group of people who have moved here from elsewhere and decided to confront the issue head on. They organize events, network and support one another. It’s a great option for people struggling with this issue.

And as for those who just wave and keep driving? Maybe we could actually be “Minnesota Nice”, and have that new neighbor downstairs over for some hotdish.