Colorful Signs Mean Minneapolis Duplex Not A Happy Place

condemnationWe’ve all seen them: orange, yellow, pink, blue–  brightly colored pieces of copier paper boldly attached to the doors or windows of countless duplexes and homes in the Minneapolis area.

What do they mean? Well, unless you park your car and get out to look, we usually haven’t a clue.  We only know it must be bad.  After all, this is Minnesota. We don’t usually like to draw attention to ourselves.

So what are they?

According to the city of Minneapolis, they’re notices placed on buildings as a result of city housing inspections. Each color has its own specific meaning and level of alarm.

Bright Orange – Condemnation.  The building is condemned and residents must move by the date on the placard.

It’s also important to know the water department also uses bright orange stickers to notify occupants that the water will be shut off due to payment delinquency if not paid by a specified time.

Faint Yellow -Warning:  Do Not Occupy.  The building is hazardous and tenants have to move by the date on the sticker.

Bright Yellow- Notice.  This notice states if necessary improvements haven’t been made by the date mentioned on the sticker, the property may be condemned. Occupants may have to move if the repairs aren’t completed in time.

Gold Yellow – Unlawful Occupancy. This notice offers an explanation of the specific reason it was posted in the middle of the page. Reasons may include: too many people living in the property, too many units, no rental licencse or non-conforming units in the building.

Light Gray – Notice to Tenants of No Rental License.  This placard informs you your landlord doesn’t have the required license to run a rental property. If the landlord gets the license, you won’t have to move. Tenants will see another notice posted if they’ll be required to move.

Light Pink – Rental License Revoked, Denied, Non-renewal or Suspension. This flier appears as a result of police/SAFE issues. If the landlord resolves these issues, tenants won’t have to move.

Red – Rental License Revoked, Denied, Non-Renewal or Suspension. Due to code or licensing violations, the landlord’s rental license has been cancelled. If the issues are resolved, the tenants may be allowed to stay.

Light Blue – Rental License Issue. This means the landlord has resolved his issues with the licensing department and the tenants won’t be required to move.

Hot Pink – Final Decision: No License.  In spite of all the notices, the landlord failed to resolve the issues on the property. The city has decided not to grant a rental license, and the tenants need to move by the posted time.

While most of the above are related to rental units, the Condemnation, Do Not Occupy, Notice of Intent and Unlawful Occupancy are applicable to all kinds of property.