Fresh Fruit At The Minneapolis Duplex Market

Strawberry heavenI have to admit sometimes it’s tough to come up with blog posts four days a week. So, today, I want to report some exciting, non-scientific news.

There’s finally a fresh shipment of produce down at the real estate market.

Last winter I showed countless properties. Of them all, there were three, all short sales, I absolutely loved. For a variety of reasons, none of them sold. And all went back to the respective banks that held the loans.

I’ve stalked these duplexes ever since; to the point of calling the lenders in order to try to ascertain when they were coming on the market.

It took months, but as of six weeks ago, I knew two of them were in the works.

In the last 24 hours, all three of them appeared on the MLS.

What’s more, a couple I hadn’t even known about also showed up.

I love having nice properties that are good values to show my clients. Trouble is, even in this market, they don’t last very long.

Call me if you’d like to see them. But hurry.