You Mean I Need A License For That?

Adorable border collie and her homeIs there ever a reason you don’t need a rental license in the city of Minneapolis? For any kind of house?

What if you’re selling your Minneapolis duplex, do you need one? After all, you’re almost done with the property, right?  How about if you live there?

The answer is yes. To all of the above.

As long as there are tenants, the city of Minneapolis requires any type of  rental dwelling to have a license; whether it’s a single family home, duplex, apartment or rooming house, regardless of or whether or not it’s for sale.

And yes, if the duplex is owner occupied, it too needs to be licensed.

The rental license application fee is $84. The fine for not having a license is $500.

What if you buy a Minneapolis duplex?

Provided the property has been a licensed rental property in the past, your license application fee is the same $84.

As of June 8, 2009, however, the city doesn’t stop there. When the property changes ownership, you are required to pay a $450 “change of ownership inspection fee”.  A truth in sale of housing report doesn’t count, nor does the independent inspection you paid for prior to purchasing it. The city wants to look at it again to make sure it’s in compliance.

What if you’ve decided to rent out your house instead of selling it? Well, as it’s never been a rental property before, the city requires not only the $84 application fee, but an additional $1000 for inspections.

Are you surprised? After all, these are the folks that require us to license dogs.