What Should You Repair First In Your New Minneapolis Duplex?

bicycle trapped in snowIf you buy and intend to owner occupy a foreclosed Minneapolis duplex, triplex or fourplex, it’s likely that it need some work.

So which unit should you rehab first?

While the answer may seem obvious, new landlords don’t see something standing right in front of them.

You should repair and improve the rental unit(s) first. Especially now that it’s almost October. In Minnesota.


Even though it takes only one or two days, people don’t like to move in winter. More specifically, tenants don’t like to move when the thermometer is in single digits.

Something about getting stuck in the snow, slipping on ice, tracking into the house…

And if your rental unit is empty?

You spend the whole winter paying one hundred percent of the mortgage yourself.

If that was your goal, wouldn’t you simply have purchased a single family home?