How Tenants Can Keep You From Selling Your Minneapolis Duplex

blocked door #2I experienced a bit of frustration this weekend as a tenant stopped me from showing a duplex to a buyer.

The tenant was out of town and didn’t feel comfortable, even if the listing agent was present, letting anyone into her unit. As a result, the listing agent, my buyer and myself had to rearrange all of our schedules to accommodate her return.

Trouble is, the law said we didn’t have to.

While I’ve said it before, it bears repeating. In the state of Minnesota, tenants do not have the right to 24 hour notice if a landlord needs to enter their unit for business purposes. The law says “reasonable attempt to notify”.  Nowhere in state law does it define reasonable attempt.

Of course, this doesn’t mean a landlord should be inconsiderate. Not only does notice keep tenants happy, it gives them the opportunity to tidy up their unit, which ultimately helps it show better.

Many tenants, however, not understanding the process, use this as an attempt to thwart any sale of the property. It’s important, before going on the market, to explain to them that all of the protections afforded them in their lease will remain in effect upon and after the sale.

Fortunately for this seller, it is not a pre-foreclosure situation. Had it been, he would have lost three valuable days on the market, which could have cost him considerably.

Worse yet, had my buyer been less interested, he might never come back.