Have Your Minneapolis Duplex Super Bowl Party – Now

super bowl logoIf you’re thinking of waiting until after the Vikings win the Super Bowl to start shopping for a Minneapolis duplex, don’t.

While most Minnesotans tend to think of spring as coinciding with the Twins‘ home opener the first week of April, and the spring housing market commencing with the opening pitch, Realtors know otherwise.

The spring housing market starts February 8; the Monday after the Super Bowl.

With the $8000 first time home buyer and $6500 move-up buyer tax credits set to expire on April 30, not only will there not be a lot of time to find a property, you’re also going to face a lot more competition.

Some of it is already out there. And increased demand always leads to increases in prices.

I can’t think of any other time in the years I’ve been a Realtor when my business has experienced this much activity during the holidays and -22 degree wind chills.

Imagine what the market will be like when you don’t have to wear Carhartts to look at duplexes. Or, heaven forbid, the Vikings play like, well…the Vikings.