A Minneapolis Duplex Isn’t Always About The Numbers

love heartOne of the reasons I specialize in helping people buy and sell duplexes is that each and every one, whether it’s strictly an investment property or a place for the owner to live, is that it is both an intellectual and emotional endeavor.

On the one hand, for both investors and owner occupants, the financial analysis is crucial. If you’re an investor, the property needs to meet your financial goals for a return.

If you’re an owner occupant, the numbers also need to work. Most buyers have a very specific idea of how much they’re willing to contribute in “rent” toward their share of the monthly mortgage payment.

But for both an investor and an owner occupant, the return a property gives your heart can be just as important.

There are times when owning an income property sucks. Period. And it’s times like that when a piece of woodwork, a built-in, a view, can be the inspiration to muddle through.

Make sure your duplex is a good investment. Of course. But it never hurts if it makes your heart sing too.