Why Buying A Duplex Is Not Like Going To The Salad Bar

saladbarI’ve had a number of phone calls of the same flavor the last few weeks.

The voices on the phone are interested in seeing one of my duplex listings; could they meet me there after another agent shows them his?

This always leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

MLS listed duplexes aren’t like cottage cheese and onions on a salad bar. You don’t need a separate spoon for each.

Now I’m happy to show any of my listings to any qualified buyer.  But I’ll be the first to say my sellers property may or may not be the flavor you’re looking for.

Let’s face it. Some people like Ranch dressing. Others like vinaigrette.  Some like Craftsmen duplexes, and others like 1960’s built side by sides.

The listing agent you contact may or may not be able to recommend other properties for you to sample if his isn’t right for you. But beware; he may not even specialize in duplexes.

Every Twin Cities Realtor who’s a member can show you any property that’s active on the MLS.  Properties aren’t limited by type, nor by who the listing agent is. A residential home specialist can show you a duplex, single family, fourplex or even a strip mall.

In other words, you don’t need to use a separate spoon for each offering.

In fact, one spoon will get you a better salad.

Agents who specialize in duplexes not only know the inventory that’s on the market, which properties are over priced, which need work,  and most importantly, often know of duplexes that are available for sale, but not yet on the market.

Like shrimp on a salad bar, good properties go fast. The minute a property comes on the MLS that’s right for one of my clients, we see it. And if it’s what we hoped, we write an offer on it; so by the time it hits Realtor.com, it’s already gone.

And buyers working by themselves, or with inexperienced duplex agents, never had a chance.

Smart buyers pick a spoon.

Especially with just 21 days left to earn the home buyer tax credits.