The Best Way To Get Your Duplex Sold Is…

DuhWant to know the number one key to selling your duplex?

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling because you want to move, have a better investment opportunity, or simply have to get out because the mortgage is eating you alive, the method is the same.

And I’m not talking about a fresh coat of paint on the front door; though I’d recommend it and a host of other things to make your investment property more appealing to buyers.

No, you probably won’t hear this one from a home stager or see it featured on HGTV.

This one is more basic and inexpensive.

Give up?

The best way to sell your duplex house is to let people see it.

Duh. That seems obvious.

Doesn’t it?

And yet, out of the five multi-family properties I attempted to show to qualified, motivated buyers today, only two owners made the effort.

In two instances, the buyer and I had ample opportunity to examine the property closely while we were waiting for a listing agent to show up or re-confirm our appointment. Rather than being “wowed” by the inside of the property, my buyer had enough time to discount it because of the outside.

And he won’t circle back.

Sadly, I may not either. And in one case, I have no less than FOUR qualified buyers for the property.

All of our lives are busy. Realtors schedule showings to coincide with a geographic list of properties. We rarely circle back unless the listing was a buyer favorite or unbelievable deal.

But most of the time, those aren’t the duplexes buyers purchase anyway.

They tend to buy the ones that move them on some level- when they walk in.

If you have to offer tenants an incentive to accomodate showings, or you yourself have to go nap in the car so your duplex can be shown, make those arrangements.

I’ve never had a buyer purchase a property either they, or I, haven’t seen.