Qualified Real Estate Investment Agents Become Easier To Find

cias logoOne of the best things about turmoil in any industry is it usually results in overdue changes and innovation.

The real estate market is no exception.

In the boom years, many first time and relatively inexperienced real estate investors turned to their local Realtor for guidance. And sadly, many of those agents did not have the necessary training or education necessary to help their clients follow an investment philosophy based on anything other than market appreciation.

Needless to say, when the market began its unprecedented tumble, those investors, as well as many of the Realtors who helped them crashed with it.

To ensure against this ever happening again, the Certified Distressed Property Institute have created an educational program to help properly train Realtors in real estate investment analysis and strategies.

Agents who graduate from this program will become Certified Investment Agent Specialists (CIAS). This designation will not only help educate Realtors, but also help consumers easily find trained, qualified agents to help them in short and long term real estate investments.

I believe a designation like this is long overdue.  And as such, if I miss a day or two blogging this week, it’s because I’m in Austin, Texas, as one of the first one hundred agents in the country to earn it.