It’s The Holiday Season – Reserve Your Duplex Chick Early!

run santaNow that it’s cyber Monday, I thought I’d take the opportunity to suggest to all of you who are thinking of looking at duplexes when you head home to Minnesota over the Christmas/New Year’s break to give me as much lead time as possible so I can accomodate you.

As funny as it sounds, I get really booked over the holiday break.

That isn’t like most Realtors, who take November and December off.

Largely because of this blog, I seem to be popular with Minnesotans who, like me, fled for warmer climates years ago and now are considering a move back.

Who can blame them? After all, it’s awfully difficult to get good lefse in Los Angeles.

Anyway, please call or email me as soon as you have your plane reservations in place. There are and will be a lot of good opportunities on the market, and I want to be sure I make time for you to see them all.