Minneapolis Housing Market Shows Its Personalities

sybil textlessI’m going to date myself here, but do you remember “Sybil”?

“Sybil” was a book/movie about a woman with more than 13 different personalities– all wildly different from each another.

Like the Minneapolis duplex market.

For example, during the week ending November 27, pending duplex sales dropped 35 percent from the same Thanksgiving holiday week last year.

However, 27 percent of this year’s transactions involved traditional sellers. Much like last year’s 24 percent.

Of course, the average price those properties left the market at, $180,980, shattered last year’s comparatively paltry$118,550.

In fact, the only duplex activity that seemed consistent and normal was the amount of new listings during the week: 21 this year and 22 for the seven days in 2009.

At least the single family home market was predictable. Buyer activity was down 5.5 percent from last year, but that’s been the running number the past few weeks.

The number of newly listed homes fell a similar amount from the 2009 holiday week; slowing 6.4 percent.

Kind of boring, but kind of nice.

Like Sybil.

When she was cured.