Make Buying A Duplex A 2011 Goal

2011As the year draws to an end, many of us are busy not only preparing for the holidays, but also goal planning for our business, financial and personal lives for the coming year.

Many of us have experienced financial frustration in the weeks and months of 2010. Our 401ks aren’t getting the return they once did and job insecurity is everywhere.

Perhaps it’s time to find a supplemental form of income or invest somewhere else.

While its reputation has been sullied somewhat with the collapse of the housing market, there truly has never been a better time to consider real estate as an investment.

Interest rates are low.

Prices are low.

And with more and more people losing their homes to foreclosure, there is an even greater demand for rental units than there has been for the last five years.

Yes, its reputation is battered. But remember, it’s still the only investment you can make where someone will lend you the money to buy it.