Minneapolis Investment Realtor Declares Spring

man in yellow fieldIt’s the last week of winter.

Well, OK, so maybe we’ve got a month or three left of snow and cold temperatures.

But when it comes to the Minneapolis duplex market, as of next Monday, it’s spring. As in the spring housing market.

Ask any of us. There’s just something about the Monday after the Super Bowl that makes¬†Realtors phones ring.

What this means if you’re a duplex seller is you don’t have much time left to beat the crowd to the market.

And if you’re a duplex investor, you’re about to face more competition for properties. More buyers always means higher prices.

Though I suppose that’s all relative. After all, the average sales price of a duplex or other kind of investment property is already lower than it’s been in years.

Call me. We’ll slather ourselves with sunscreen and beat the rush.