Why Your Realtor Likes To Feel Used

businesswomanMost people think they only time they should speak with a Realtor is when it’s time to buy or sell a duplex.

They’re wrong.

They should call us often.

And not because we might be lonely. But rather, because we like to feel and actually are, useful.

Realtors are not only familiar with market trends, but because of our daily hands-on involvement with property, we’re also an invaluable resource for information about community happenings, names of good contractors, specialized attorneys and accountants, updated vacancy rates, property management tips, and almost anything else you could need relating to your property.

Best of all, if we don’t have the answer, it’s more than likely we’ll track it down for you.

For free.

Use me. It makes me feel as if I’m contributing something.

I like it. Really

Unless, of course, we’re dating.