Keller Williams Helps Duplex Owners Go Green

going greenYou may have noticed that several months ago the real estate broker’s logo on this page changed.

This happened because I moved my real estate license to Keller Williams Realty.

All Realtors are independent contractors. What this means is we are not “employed” by a real estate company, but rather, are self-employed, independent business owners who chose to affiliate with a company. (It’s much more complicated than that, but this explanation will do for now.)

I elected to move my business headquarters to Keller for a number of reasons. Among these was their cutting-edge technology and training, of which I have seen no equal in the real estate industry.

I am on my home today from the national Keller Williams convention, where the company debuted its latest technological innovation.

With a goal of going green and creating a nearly paperless company, Keller has implemented a program called eEdge, which will allow agents, duplex clients, loan officers and title companies to sign, store and exchange documents electronically through a secure password-protected cloud.

This will eliminate the need for endless faxes, help clients track and easily access important documents, and greatly reduce the time demands of scanning and faxing.

While officially launched, the entire program will be rolled out over the spring months.

I can hardly wait to eliminate paper and files from my office. But I have to wonder, instead of complaining about all the paperwork, will I start saying I have too much screen work?