Stop By And See A Rare Minneapolis Mid-Century Modern Duplex!

Minneapolis mid century modern duplexWhen’s the last time you saw a mid-century modern duplex…in Minneapolis?

Until yesterday, my answer was “never”.

Why? Mid-century modern architecture of any kind in the Twin Cities is exceptionally rare, and a duplex even more so.  In fact, it’s more commonly associated with places like Los Angeles, Palm Springs, and even Las Vegas.

But guess what?

There’s one on the market. Here. One block, maybe two from the Minneapolis city line.

It needs work but it is one of the better mid-century modern homes I’ve seen in the Twin Cities; duplex or single family.

small side mcmBoth units have fireplaces (one double-sided), much of the original cabinetry, and many original fixtures. While both units have basements, the side with four bedrooms also has a second full bath and kitchenette. The two bedroom unit features a private patio and the original kitchen.

The duplex is located at  6129 France Ave S, in Edina.

It’s listed at $309,900 and should not only cash flow, but have a long term upside as well.

Even though it’s a holiday weekend for many, I’ll be there on Saturday from 1-3 and Sunday from 2-5. So if you’re sick of your relatives, or would just like to see some wonderful architecture and say “Hello”, please stop by.

Mom will forgive you.

After all, I’d be willing to bet you might never get another chance to see a mid-century modern duplex in Minneapolis again.