Is Your Duplex Manager On The Most Wanted List?

Duplex Manager Criminal BackgroundIf you’re a Minneapolis duplex or investment property owner who’s in the market for a property manager or staff member, what’s the one thing you must do before you hire them?

Do a criminal background check.

The state of Minnesota  requires landlords do a background check on every manager already employed or applying for a job, who will have access to tenants units.

Background checks are done by the superintendent of the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Aprprehension (BCA).

If an applicant or employee has a conviction for first or second degree murder, manslaughter, second or third degree assault, ciminimal sexual conduct, kidnapping, arson, harassment or stalking, he or she may never be employed as a residential manager.

If someone was convicted or third degree murder, second degree manslaughter, criminal vehicular homicide, fourth or fifth degree assault, theft, burglary, false imprisonment, terrorist threats, they cannot be hired within 10 years of their conviction.

The same holds true if the prospective property manager has been convicted of attempting one of these crimes.

So what if you’ve already hired someone and didn’t do a background check?

You still have the right to run one. Just contact the Minnesota BCA for the form.

And if you don’t?

Imagine trying to explain why you didn’t after your employee commits a crime against one of your tenants.