Duplex Chick Looking For Sellers Afraid Of Commitment

Will you marry me?If you’re a Twin Cities duplex owner who’s thinking of selling, but aren’t quite ready for the commitment, consider the possibilities simply signing a one time showing contract could give you…

Like the benefit of keeping your options open, without any kind of exclusivity.

Like the benefit of having your duplex sell, without putting your tenants through a stream of showings.

Or, perhaps best of all, without your friends or neighbors ever knowing it was on the market in the first place.

A one time listing agreement, or “Showing Contract” simply gives a Realtor permission to show and sell the property to buyers they name in their contract with you.

It isn’t a commitment to use the agent to sell the property now or at a future date. Rather, it is an agreement that states you’re willing to sell your Minneapolis duplex, if the terms are right, to one of the Realtor’s clients.

 While the Showing Contract doesn’t commit to a price, it is an agreement between you and the agent’s broker (company they’re with) to pay a commission if the duplex does, in fact, sell. Because these commissions do not require the Realtor to spend a great deal of money marketing your investment property, there is often a savings passed along to the seller.

A one time listing contract is not only a win for you, but a win for the agent as well. I know I am often frustrated when I can’t find the right property for my client on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). The six agents who’ve called me in the last six weeks looking for duplexes for their clients clearly are experiences similar challenges.

It always helps when I know of properties not listed, but the owner will consider selling, that I can either show my own clients or bring to other agents attention.

Get this; I am even willing to market some of these properties to a limited extent. Why? Because having what’s known in Realtor-speak as “pocket listings” is attractive to prospective buyers.

After all, don’t we all want the opportunity to buy that special Minneapolis duplex no one else even got to look at?

If you’re thinking of selling, but haven’t quite made up your mind, please call or email me. I do have qualified buyers looking for exactly the right duplex.

Yours may be it.