Beware Of The Bad Duplex Landlord List

Rundown DuplexIf you don’t take care of your Minneapolis duplex, not only are you losing maximum rental income and equity in the property, but you also run the risk of ending up on city’s bad landlord list.

What’s the bad landlord list? It’s a public record of landlords who failed to repair their properties and, as a result, had their rental licenses revoked.

In some cases, these landlords may even be prohibited from having a rental license for years.

What qualifies your property to put you on the bad landlord list?

Overgrown grass that’s more than 8 inches tall and overgrown vegetation that hangs over the edge of public sidewalks or alleys.

Trash and debris; either in the yard or due to an inadequate number of trash cans. Abandoned vehicles in the yard, or if your tenants are using the yard for overflow parking, it is a code violation.

Broken windows, graffiti, rotting wood, flaking and missing paint, broken stairs and missing bricks. If you’re missing an address on the property or it’s illegible, it’s also considered a violation.

Anything that is a health and safety risk could put you on the list; including no running water, improper electrical wiring, rat or cockroach infestations, or repairs performed without a permit.

For most of us, it’s difficult to imagine ever letting our duplexes get that far gone.

And yet, how many of us have especially long grass right now?