How Good Manners Can Get You A Great Deal On A Minneapolis Duplex

thank you for calling about that duplexAt the risk of repeating myself, if you have asked me to find you “a great deal on a Minneapolis duplex” and I call, or the Realtor you’re working with calls, please call back.

Even if you’re not interested, call, text or email and say just that.

Not only is the polite thing to do, but, you see, you’re not the only one looking.

There are other agents with other clients who want great deals too. As a matter of fact, we also have other clients who would just love to steal that duplex out from under you.

If you procrastinate, it will cost you money because you will find yourself in a multiple offer situation.

Yes, even in an allegedly bad real estate market, there are a lot of people looking for great deals on duplexes. And the great ones are still few and far between.

Realtors work very hard to unearth opportunities for my clients. And few things frustrate us more than working hard for someone who can’t be bothered to respond.

In fact, it makes us want to quit working for those people and take those great deals to people who get back to us.

Whew. I feel better now. Thanks for letting me vent.