DuplexChick.com Now Offers Guide’s To Buying And Selling

duplexIf you’re thinking of buying or selling a duplex now or sometime in the future, you may want to click on the “Home” tab for DuplexChick.com.

On the Home page, you’ll find a number of boxes, or areas, with text in them. In about the middle of the page you’ll find one that reads “Considering Buying” and another that says “Thinking of Selling”.

If you click on either, you will get either my Duplex Buyer’s Guide or Duplex Seller’s Guide. I don’t need your phone number, or any of that stuff; just a valid email address so I can send back a copy of the articles.

The reason I send them as a PDF is they’re long. And, if you’re even remotely green minded, it gives you a way to use them as a reference guide without having to print them out.

Feel free to download them. They are absolutely free and I put a lot of work into creating basic duplex buying and selling guides that were easy to read and understand.

I hope you find them helpful.