Duplex Owners Get The Smoke Out

No smokingThere are few things that will cost you more money on a duplex rental turnover than a unit that’s been smoked in.

Yes, I know. Pets inflict their share of damage too. But at least with those you can get a security deposit to help mitigate your losses.

Smoking’s another matter entirely.

Cleaning a smoker’s unit to the point where it no longer smells can be time consuming and expensive; requiring repainting, carpet and blind replacement.

So, is it legal for a duplex landlord to prohibit smoking in the first place?

Yes, because the landlord has the right to set limits on how a tenant may use the rental property– which includes things like pets, noise, and guests.

The easiest time to establish a no-smoking policy is when a lease is first written, whether upon move-in or when an expired lease is up for renewal.

A landlord may also prohibit smoking in common indoor areas, such as laundry rooms, entrances and hallways.

While duplex owners in some parts of the country may also restrict or designate outdoor smoking areas, some states, including Minnesota, limit a landlord’s smoking jurisdiction to indoor spaces. Therefore, be sure to check your local smoking laws.

If a duplex owner is concerned, it is important she do what she can to control smoking in her building.

This can be accomplished by posting “No Smoking” signs, asking¬†people who smoke indoors to refrain from doing so or leave, and using lawful methods for removing anyone who refuses to comply.