Duplex Landlords Get Clean

clean your duplexI spent a good part of my weekend cleaning a rental unit.

It reminded me just how important it is to be crystal clear with duplex tenants before they move in as to what you will accept as being clean when they move out.

I hadn’t been with this one.

As a result, I got to do things like scrub four years of dog nose prints off of windows, use every known bathroom cleaning chemical removing years of bathtub grime, inhale the fumes from two full cans of Easy Off oven cleaner, and scrub the exterior and interior of a refrigerator.

 Well, that and there was one working light bulb left in every fixture that required at least four.

Not to mention, I haven’t even started on the basement yet.

These were great tenants, and I know how much they need their security deposit back.

However, my time is valuable too. And I now find myself wishing I had written a dollar amount in the lease specifically for cleaning the duplex upon move out.

It will definitely be in the next tenant’s lease.