How Walkable Is Your Duplex?

walkability of a duplexAs going green has become increasingly important, I’ve suddenly had some of my duplex buyers  me they didn’t like the “walkability score” of a prospective property.

What’s that?

Well, it’s a score that’s calculated by the web site

They’ve designed a system where they rate properties according to their proximity to things like neighborhood restaurants, grocery stores, public transportation and recreational activities.

Needless to say, duplexes located in more heavily urban neighborhoods tend to generate higher scores than, say, a duplex planted in the middle of a corn field.

Not only does the site rate specific properties, it also ranks neighborhoods and major metropolitan cities around the county.

It’s no surprise that New York is the nation’s most walkable city. However, Minneapolis is ranked 9th; ahead of Los Angeles, which didn’t even finish in the top ten.

In Minneapolis, duplexes in the Calhoun, University, Seward, and many of the southwestern neighborhoods ranked among the most walkable.

If you’re considering buying a duplex, a walkability score be something you factor in your decision.

Odds are your prospective tenants are doing just that.