Pumpkins Mean It’s Time To Call The Duplex Chick

buying a duplex PumpkinI know the holidays seem far away – but once Halloween gets here, well, you know how fast time flies.

What does that have to do with Minneapolis duplexes?

Well, many of my clients are ex-Minnesotans who are thinking of moving home for all or part of the year. As a result, they want to look at duplexes over the holidays.

The trouble is, especially in a market where duplex inventory is down, there isn’t very much to see.

Now I wish it were as easy as just running down to the duplex store, finding one in your size, trying it on and buying it. But right now, it takes a lot more leg work than that.

Given enough warning, I can probably find exactly what you’re looking for -whether it’s currently on the market or not.

So if you’re coming home in the next several months, drop me a line or call, Soon.

That way, when you get here, I’ll have duplexes to show you.