What You Should Know About The Duplex Realtor Whose Sign Is In The Yard…

duplex realtorIf you see a “for sale” sign in front of a duplex you like, how do you get in to see it?

Probably just call the agent whose sign is in the yard, right?

But here’s something you should know when you do. That agent represents the seller.

As in acts in the seller’s best interest in all times.

Not in your best interest.

Who’s looking out for what’s best for you, the duplex buyer?

Well, unless you have a Realtor representing you, no one but you.

Most buyers who are just getting started think in order to see a duplex that’s for sale, they need to call the Realtor who has it listed.

The reality is, however, any agent who is an active member of the Multiple Listing Service can show you the property. And if you’ve signed a Buyer’s Representation agreement with that agent, they will be charged with giving you a more objective opinion and acting in your best interests.

This is in addition to hustling and trying to find you a duplex that’s a great fit for you and your needs. This includes alerting you to properties the minute they come on the market, drop in price, and networking with other Realtors to find you something before it even comes on the market.

And those services don’t cost you a thing. Buyer’s agents are paid as a result of the sale of a duplex; usually out of the proceeds of the transaction.  You don’t have to write a check, pay an hourly wage, or even reimburse the agent for gas.

So what if you’re working with a Realtor who’s a duplex specialist to find the right property, and she either has one either actively on the market or unlisted that’s absolutely perfect for you?

Well, in that case, the agent needs to work in both the duplex buyer and duplex seller’s best interests. In Realtor-speak,this  is called “dual agency”, where the agent has to try to find a win-win solution.

If you’re in the market for a great duplex, the best way is to have a Realtor working hard on your behalf.