Free Expert Advice For Delinquent Duplex Owners

free duplex realtorTo my dismay, many distressed duplex owners don’t call a Realtor to help them avoid foreclosure simply because they believe they’ll have to scramble to find the money for her servies.

The real tragedy is because of this mistaken belief, they often lose their duplex foreclosure.

Realtors commissions are paid out of the proceeds of a successful sale. If you’re a traditional seller, with lots of equity in your duplex, then that commission is deducted from your check at closing or the close of escrow.

And if you’re facing foreclosure or a short sale, the Realtor’s fee is deducted from the money the bank gets. And believe it or not, all banks are willing to pay those fees.

So if it costs you nothing, why wouldn’t you call an experienced duplex and short sale expert to guide you through a difficult and often emotional process?