Two Basic Facts Known By Successful Duplex Investors

buy duplexes using leverageLast night, a group got together at my office and played Robert Kiyosaki’s game, Cash Flow.

Even though I work every day in the business of duplex and real estate investment, the game was an important reminder of some basic principles that are easy to forget.

For example, the players who fared the best were those who were the most tolerant of risk. They were the ones least afraid to plunge into an investment opportunity. There took risks the other players weren’t willing to.

Those players also understood the importance of leverage.

While the game allows bank loans to acquire stocks and businesses, in real life real estate is the only investment a bank will lend you money to buy.

Think about it. If you are looking to invest in a duplex, in exchange for coming up with 20-30 percent to buy it, the bank will pay for the remaining 70-80 percent.

And, finally, those players also clearly understood they would never get out of the “Rat Race” based on their salaries alone. They knew they needed other avenues to secure their financial futures.

Isn’t it time we all get started?