Why Your Realtor Won’t Show You 50 Minneapolis Duplexes

linden hills duplexMany duplex buyers want to see every duplex for sale in Minneapolis.

Even if the first one they see on the first day they go out looking for duplexes with me is the best one they’ve seen all day, they don’t feel like they’ve seen enough.

This is ironic, especially in the age of the Internet. After all, don’t we all sit at home in our pajamas looking online at duplexes for sale, scrolling through the pictures, and deciding which ones we don’t want to see?

Part of my job as a Realtor who specializes in duplexes is to know the market. That includes both existing and coming inventory well. And it also includes offering counsel as to what is a good buy.

When I sit down and visit with a duplex buyer for the first time and ask questions, I mentally eliminating properties that won’t work for them, based on the information they give me.

For example, if a duplex buyer tells me she’s willing to do cosmetic work to a property, such as painting or stripping wallpaper, I mentally discard the duplexes for sale that I know need more extensive rehabilitation.

If my client says they like built-in buffets and woodwork, I focus my attention on the Craftsman era duplexes where those characteristics are found, rather than the 1960’s side by side duplexes which don’t include them.

And if my client needs three bedrooms in each unit, there really isn’t a point in showing them duplexes with two.

In other words, I don’t show buyers properties that don’t suit they’re needs.

When you work with a duplex specialist, especially one with years of experience, not only will that Realtor help you find a great duplex that’s also a good buy, but more importantly, they will save you time.

And that’s the one thing none of us can never get back.