Southwest Minneapolis Duplex Sellers Disappear

Front Right (5)It occurred to me this morning I hadn’t seen any duplexes come up for sale in southwest Minneapolis for a while.

I wondered if I was missing something. After all, the area south of Lake Calhoun and around Lake Harriet has a healthy supply of the Craftsman duplexes everybody loves, and it remains a popular place to live.

So I did some digging.

Between January 1 and today, there have been just five southwest Minneapolis duplexes that hit the market.

There were 13 in the same amount of time last year.

And 29 over the first five and a half months of 2005.

I can’t believe there aren’t duplex owners who’d like to sell in that neighborhood any more. I know there are people who want to live there! 

Imagine what being the only Linden Hills duplex for sale could do for your asking price.