How Did That Minneapolis Duplex Sell So Fast?

exteriorIf you’re in the market to buy a Minneapolis duplex, by now, you know things have really heated up.

And sometimes, duplexes seem to be sold the minute they appear on the MLS.

How do buyers get through those properties so fast?

If you’re a buyer working with a Realtor who’s a specialist in duplexes, odds are, you already know how.

Duplex specialists always have their own buyers in mind whenever they speak with a prospective duplex seller. After all, the seller’s property may be a perfect fit for someone the Realtor has been working with for a long time.

When this happens, the agent may ask the seller if it’s ok to let her buyer or buyers look at the duplex before it ever hits the market.

While a sale isn’t guaranteed, many sellers see the possibility of the duplex selling before it’s exposed to a wider audience as a way to minimize stress on their tenants.

If a duplex listing agent hasn’t sold the property to one of her clients, it may be a situation where through her years of experience, she has managed to cultivate a network of other Realtors who have expressed to her they have clients looking for a property in a specific area.  In that case, the seller might agree to let the buyers come through before the property is exposed to a broader audience via the MLS.

There is no rule that a property must ever be on the MLS, or be on it for a specific length of time before it’s sold.

It is the owner’s property, to sell as he or she wishes.