Why The Duplex Market Won’t Get Better Until You Sell

duplex frontAre you a Minneapolis duplex owner with equity who would like to sell, but have decided to wait out the market?

If so, you’re like countless other Minneapolis and St Paul duplex sellers.

And it scares me to think that one day, you’ll all decide at the same time to sell your duplex, flooding the market and driving down prices.

Of course, odds are that won’t happen.

Still, things won’t truly get better until some of you do decide to sell.

Duplexes owned and sold by traditional sellers typically sell for 30 to 40 percent more than those that involve a bank in the negotiations.

Until those kinds of Minneapolis and St Paul duplexes start hitting the market, values won’t go up as aggressively as most people sitting on the sidelines would like.

There continues to be a shortage of Minneapolis duplexes for sale, and if you’ve been thinking of selling yours, it’s a great opportunity¬†to showcase yours.