Why You Can’t Get A Great Deal On A Minneapolis Duplex By Calling On A Sign

Great Deal on a duplexI had a phone call today from an aspiring duplex investor.

Nothing unusual in that. In fact, I get a number of these every week.

All of them wanted to know the same thing; was that duplex my sign was in front of still available to purchase and if so, when could I show it to them?

They were confused when I told them there had been an offer on it for months, and we were just waiting to hear back from the bank.

Whether it’s a bargain at a garage sale, or the real estate deal of the century, we all dream of making a pile of money as a result of our efforts.

The trouble is, the only people getting these great duplex deals are the ones working with a Realtor. And even then, duplex buyers are having to compete in multiple offers to get property, or, through the help of their agent, find something not yet available to the public for sale.

Much of the time in a market like this, by the time the sign is in front of the duplex, the property is already sold!