How Minneapolis Duplex Owners Could Help Pay For Vikings Stadium

minneapolis duplex owners support vikingsI know how the city of Minneapolis could pay for the Vikings new stadium.

They could simply fine all of the duplex owners in the city who currently don’t have rental licenses. After all, there are a lot of them.

The fine for operating a rental without a license in the city of Minneapolis is $500. This is in addition to any costs the owner might incur in the process of obtaining one.

The fee for the initial inspection required on a duplex that either hasn’t had a valid rental license in the last 12 months, or on a property being converted to a rental property is $1000. However, this fee can be reduced by $250 if the owner can present proof of attendance at a fundamentals of rental property management class.

This class is conducted by the Minneapolis Police Department and costs $30 to attend.

After the initial inspection fee, duplex owners are required to keep their licenses current. The annual license fee is $69 for the first rental dwelling unit, and $19 for each unit after that.

All rental licenses in the city of Minneapolis must be renewed prior to August 31.

And if not?

More skyboxes for the Vikings.