Why You Don’t Need A Real Estate License To Be A Successful Duplex Investor

Laminated Card - Real Estate License for Agent ProfessionalSometimes new investors see obtaining their real estate license as the key to achieving success as a duplex and rental property investor.

Many think simply having a real estate license will not only allow them to pocket the commission an agent would have earned, but also, give them an inside track on all of the “good deals”.

The trouble is, most of those mysterious, best deals only agents allegedly have access to? They come from hours, days, weeks, months and years of networking, talking with prospective sellers, and in general, making real estate a full time career.

Realtors can’t buy every property we find. And for many of us in today’s difficult lending environment for self-employed people of all professions, financing isn’t even possible.

So what do we do when we stumble across a good deal we’d buy ourselves if we had the money? Pass it along to our best clients.

And for many of us, that’s our investors. In other words, it’s my loyal clients who get the first calls when I stumble upon a great deal; not investors who are part time agents looking to “save the commission” on my hard work.

If you’re thinking of getting started investing in real estate, it pays far more in opportunity to align yourself with a full time Realtor than you’ll ever save in commission.