Can’t Find A Minneapolis Duplex For Sale? Have Your Realtor Check Her Pockets

card in jeans pocketIn a Minneapolis duplex seller’s market, what’s the best thing a duplex buyer can do to help find a duplex?

Ask your Realtor what’s in her pocket.

I’ve written about pocket listings in the past, but it seems worth doing so again.

At any given time, an agent who actively works in the duplex market may be in touch with duplex, triplex or fourplex owners who are at varying states of selling their property.

Some Minneapolis duplex owners may be open to selling their property, but haven’t fully made that decision yet. Others may be in the process of getting the duplex freshened up, painted, and truth in sale of housing repairs tended to. Still others may not be thinking of selling their properties at all – unless the price was right.

Because I specialize in Minneapolis and St Paul duplexes for sale, I have a long list of people who fit any number of these descriptions. If a buyer who is working with me gives me a description of their perfect property and it just happens to match one owned by one of my future sellers, I will do my best to arrange a showing.

In this tight duplex market, I also have many Realtors calling me to ask if I have future duplex sellers for their clients. Of course, having never spoken with their client, I have a difficult time imagining exactly what it is they’re looking for.

More importantly, I’m often so busy trying to find my own buyers the right property, I don’t have time to hunt for their buyers too.

And of course, if it’s o.k. with the duplex sellers, my buyers always get in first. It’s the advantage of working with a duplex specialist.