Cold Weather Gives Minnesota Landlords Time To Complete Their CRPS

Minnesota’s recent blizzard and deep freeze have left many landlords stuck inside this week. This means there are no excuses for not having Certificates of Rent Paid (CRP) completed by the January 31 deadline.

In Minnesota, the department of revenue requires that anyone owning rental property, or renting living space to someone must provide the with a CRP if the landlord paid property tax in 2018.

If you sold the rental property, you must still provide CRP’s to tenants that cover the period of time you owned it. Conversely, if you bought a rental property in 2018, you must issue CRPs to current and/or your former tenants for the duration of your ownership.

You must only create one CRP for married couples who rented from you.  Residents who were unmarried should each receive a CRP, even if their names are not on the lease.

Ironically, you must also give a tenant who owes you back rent a CRP for the full amount they either paid or were supposed to have paid in 2018 – even if they still owe you money!

Failure to provide a resident with a CRP by the January 31 deadline can result in fines of $100 per instance, which can add up quickly if you had more than one tenant!

Just click here to complete and download a CRP.