Reminder Minnesota Landlords: CRPs Due Friday

If you’re an occasional procrastinator like me, you’ll consider this plenty of advance notice that your Certificates for Rent Paid (CRP) must be completed and delivered to any residential tenants you had in 2019 no later than Friday, January 31, 2020.

As in by the end of the week.

A CRP is a tax credit given to tenants by the state of Minnesota for their portion of the property tax paid in the year before. Each adult tenant who occupied the property for all or part of 2019 must receive a completed form.

While it’s a relatively easy process and form, there are a couple of new wrinkles this year. Most importantly, married couples must each receive a CRP reflecting they paid rent equally, regardless of who made the rental payments.

To access 2019 CRP instructions or download the PDF form, simply click.