The Coolest Real Estate Searches Ever

If you’ve already run out of cute animal videos to watch during the stay-at-home order, you may have noticed Keller Williams Realty is in the midst of a massive revamp of their technology platforms.

Three of the most amazing and useful things that have come out of their efforts involve real estate searches.

First, it is truly a national search engine. You can look for real estate literally anywhere in the U.S. you’ve ever dreamed of moving to.

The second I discovered last night. If you go to my search portal at and enter the name of any national landmark and click Search, all of the properties for sale around that landmark will pop up immediately.

Want to live by the Grand Canyon? Fenway Park? Dollywood? Just put the name of the attraction in, and there are not only all of the properties for sale, but the names of the neighborhoods surrounding it too!

Finally, if you want to take the long way to the grocery store and see what’s for sale along the way, log in to my search and I will send you my app. It will allow you to find out what’s for sale along the way, save what you like and ignore the rest anywhere you go in the country.

Hang in there. We’re all in together.