Gov. Walz Extends Minneapolis Duplex Eviction Ban

Governor Tim Walz extended his Emergency Executive Order 20-78 COVID-19 Peacetime Emergency yesterday through August 12, 2020.

What this means for Minneapolis and St Paul duplex landlords is the moratorium on evictions and notices to vacate remains in place.

If you’re thinking of selling your duplex, this is problematic as owner-occupants, the largest pool of current buyers, are usually required by lenders to be able to move in shortly after closing.

At this time, even a month-to-month tenant cannot be given notice to vacate.

As has been the case since the governor’s original executive order in March placing a moratorium on evictions, tenants are still responsible for rent. When the governor’s order is either lifted or has expired, property owners may pursue tenants in court for the entire amount owed.

The extension also defers a lender’s ability to foreclose on a duplex owner for not making mortgage payments as a result of lost rental income.