Minneapolis City Council Proposes Rent Control

I just received the following press release from the Minnesota Multi-Housing Association:

“Tomorrow, three members of the Minneapolis City Council will give notice of ordinance and Charter Amendment introductions that include:

  • Just Cause Eviction
  • Pre-eviction filing notice requirement
  • Charter Amendments to enable Rent Control

While the ordinances may move through the City Council this year, the initial analysis is that the Rent Control enactment process may take a minimum of two election cycles (2021 and 2022).

MHA has issued the following public statement:

It is incredible that certain members of the Minneapolis City Council have chosen further chaos. We vigorously oppose this proposal as rent control policies produce New York City-like effects on housing, housing affordability, and access. This backdoor measure is going to demand strict legal scrutiny. It is time to unite the city for safe, affordable, and accessible housing, and Council efforts should focus on providing more rental housing options.”

Look for further information here in the days and weeks to come.