The Minnesota Multi Housing Association reports Minnesota Governor Tim Walz signed Chapter 8 of the Special Session today. The chapter includes Article 5, which means starting tomorrow, June 30th, Minnesota leases can either be non-renewed or terminated in the case of lease violations except for non-payment of rent.

In other words, it’s a way to get rid of tenants who have been abusing housing providers’ ability to evict problem tenants for any reason. Evictions may begin 15 days later, on July 15th.

Housing providers may also give notice of an eviction action to tenants who are behind on rent and refuse to apply for federal Covid-19 rental assistance. Landlords must give written notice to tenants that they are beginning the process 15 days before. It must include notice that the moratorium has ended, the total amount of rent and late payments that are past due, as well as information as to where tenants can apply for help (renthelpmn.org or call 211).