Minneapolis City Council May Override Mayor’s Veto

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey

Last week Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey vetoed an ordinance proposal that would have given petitioners the power to put a rent control measure on November’s ballot.

This differs from the proposal that, if passed in November, would allow the city council to put a rent control ordinance on the ballot in a future election.

The vetoed ordinance would have given the public the opportunity to write the proposed ordinance that appears on the ballot/

The 13 members of the city council are meeting Friday at 9:30 am, would need 9 votes to override the mayor’s veto. They had voted 9-3 in favor of the charter amendment. Council members Kevin Reich (Ward 1), Linea Palmisano (Ward 13) and Lisa Goodman (Ward 7) voted against it, while Andrea Jenkins (Ward 8) abstained. Andrew Johnson (Ward 12) was absent due to a family emergency.

To have your voice heard, it is important not only to contact those who supported the measure but also those who voted against it. Let them know they have your support.

For contact information for your Minneapolis city council representative, click here.