CRP Deadline Looms for Housing Providers

If you’re a Minnesota housing provider, January not only brings cold and snow. It also brings the annual Certificate for Rent Paid (CRP) deadline.

All residential landlords in the state are required to provide each of their adult residents with a completed form by January 31 documenting the amount of rent each tenant paid in 2022. If more than one adult lives in the unit, each must receive an individual form reflecting an equal share of rent paid.

If owners bought or sold during the year, then the form should reflect rental income only for the months of ownership. The same is true if a tenant was not a resident for an entire year. Rent should be reported in proportion to the length of residency.

The state considers rent paid by medical assistance, government assistance, paid for garage or storage space or utilities rent. Therefore, it should be included in the calculations.

Be sure to keep a copy of the CRP. The state requires you to do so until February 1, 2026.

To download the CRP form for 2022, click HERE.