May 21, 2010

Another Duh! Landlord Moment

It’s spring. For a Realtor, that’s a synonym for busy. As such, I am so focused on my career that sometimes I forget to do things […]
May 18, 2010

Duplex Sales Miss The Mark

Did the tax credit hit the mark and stimulate sales? Looks like a bullseye. For the week ending May 8, the first since the home buyer tax […]
May 17, 2010

Why Rent Credits Are A Bad Idea

With last week’s rain and this week’s sun, lawns in the Twin Cities are growing like crazy. In fact, if you own your own home and […]
May 14, 2010

Duplexes Celebrate Non Conforming Use Week

Sometimes my days and weeks feel like it’s Spirit week in high school. You know those weeks; the ones where you dress up as something different every day to […]